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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
openafs 1.7.10
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (Darwin)


Andrew Deason (3):
      Rx: Add missing rx_packet.h includes
      Rx: Avoid lastBusy/PEER_BUSY discrepancy
      rx: dec rx_nWaiting on clearing RX_CALL_WAIT_PROC

Ben Kaduk (1):
      Remove dead code from rxi_FindIfnet()

Jason Edgecombe (1):
      DOC: Factored common text out of the vos_backup and vos_dump man pages

Jeffrey Altman (16):
      Windows: Refactor AFSValidateEntry
      Windows: correct afsredir log entries
      Windows: report error on panic
      rx: remove peer burst elements from rx/test
      Windows: AFSValidateProcessEntry, ullProcessId 64-bit
      Windows: Do not delete in CleanupFile if error
      Windows: missing brace in RDR_CleanupFileEntry
      Windows: Flush data and then drop locks
      Windows: Remove PurgeContent param AFSVerifyEntry
      Windows: _._AFS_IOCTL_._ hidden and system
      Windows: pioctl use GetFileAttributes
      rx: conn_call_lock leak
      Windows: Hold PagingResource across ExtendingWrite
      Windows: Drop Fcb Resource across SetEOF and SetAllocation
      Windows: 1.7.10 change log
      Windows: Version 1.7.10 (1.7.1000)

Michael Meffie (1):
      doc: distributed files are under dest

Peter Scott (1):
      Windows: AFSProcessOverwriteSupersede CcSetFileSizes

Simon Wilkinson (20):
      rx: Get rid of some uneccessary temporary vars
      rxgen: Tidy up server side freeing
      rx: Handle negative returns on packet reads
      rx: Remove needless braces
      tests: rx needs roken
      rx: Remove unused ACKHACK macro
      rx: Remove trailing else from RX_KERNEL_TRACE
      rx: Tidy up function scope in rx.c
      rx: rxi_AckAll isn't an event handler
      rxperf: Build again
      libafsrpc: Export connection accessor fuctions
      shlibafsrpc: Add additional XDR functions
      rx: Hide struct rx_peer from the rest of the tree
      rx: Hide internal packet functions
      rx: Remove the unused packet skew code
      rx: Remove packet burst elements from peer struct
      roken: Add rk_getprogname to Windows mapfile
      rx: Tidy up currentPacket handling
      rx: Rework code which pulls packet from recv queue
      rx: Remove surplus call to FindPeer


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