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Sun, 29 Jan 2012 17:40:49 -0800 (PST)

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 tagged by  Derrick Brashear
        on  Sun Jan 29 20:38:00 2012 -0500

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
tag 1.7.5
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (Darwin)


Derrick Brashear (1):
      rx: add and export a public keepalive toggle

Jeffrey Altman (77):
      Windows: Define times in terms of AFS_ONE_SECOND
      Windows: Bad DV invalidate only when new DV not 0
      Windows: remove unused AFSRequestExtents()
      Windows: RDR_CleanupFileEntry restrict extent claw back
      Windows: Explicit permission check on extent release
      Windows: Use AuthGroups for extent request error reporting
      Windows: AFSRequestExtentsAsync retry with alt authgroup
      Windows: AFSRetrieveValidAuthGroup FILE_READ_DATA
      Windows: AFSCleanup extent processing
      Windows: cm_BufWrite() must wait in cm_SyncOp()
      Windows: avoid race in cm_GetNewSCache
      Windows: kauth search for kerberos iv port first
      Windows: use waiters counter instead of osi_TEmpty
      Windows: add osi_TWaitExt(), fix osi_TWait()
      Windows: osi_sleepInfo tid type
      Windows: osisleep do not tamper with queues
      windows: osi_TSignalForMLs simplify
      Windows: replace strdup with xdr_alloc in callback processing
      Windows: Make idle dead timeout very long
      Windows: Symlink resolve failure error
      Windows: afsredirlib log messages
      Windows: init scache DV=CM_SCACHE_VERSION_BAD
      Windows: protect dir ops by CM_SCACHESYNC_STOREDATA
      Windows: protect merge status against dscp == scp
      Windows: add DV and error status to dir enumerations
      Windows: additional AFSValidateEntry logging
      Windows: AFSInsertHashEntry can fail
      Windows: avoid deadlock if bulk error during enum
      Windows: avoid race during Fcb cleanup
      Windows: RequestExtents avoid bufWrite if rdr held
      Windows: Request extents readability
      Windows: STATUS_OBJECT_PATH_INVALID == invalid parent directory
      Windows: Add AFSFileCleanupResultCB
      Windows: Add AFSFileEvalResultCB
      Windows: AFSDirEnumResp and AFSDirEnumEntry changes
      Windows: renames that overwrite existing target
      Windows: AFSFileUpdateResultCB ParentDataVersion
      Windows: do not flush dirty extents without permission
      Windows: More specific error values
      Windows: Do not prime the service directory cache
      Windows: Permit renames of open files
      Windows: reorg open handle counts and Fcb->NPFcb->Resource
      Windows: Return Dir Data Version from AFSCleanup
      Windows: correct log messages in AFSCleanup
      Windows: Directory Enumeration, DVs, and TreeLocks
      Windows: AFSParseMountPointTarget buffer overrun
      Windows: use local var for interlocked result
      Windows: Avoid file server rpcs on deleted files
      Windows: dir buffers out of date - mark them as such
      Windows: afs root is always a directory
      Windows: AFSParseName edge cases
      Windows: restrict service to 2 cpus by default
      Windows: disable memory extent interface
      Windows: deadlock bet. DirEntry lock + DirectoryNodeHdr.TreeLock
      Windows: cm_EndCallbackGrantingCall refactoring
      Windows: prevent race assigning Fcb in AFSInitFcb()
      Windows: Redesign daemon thread queue management
      Windows: cm_buf refcnt must hold buf_globalLock
      Windows: improved idle dead time handling
      Windows: failover and retry for VBUSY
      Revert "Windows: disable memory extent interface"
      Windows; release BIOD after status merge
      Windows: fix fs setcrypt help message
      Windows: VIOC_GETUNIXMODE = smb_IoctlGetUnixMode
      Windows: store data verification mode
      Windows: make lock reader history debug only
      Windows: Refactor and consolidate afsredir invalidation
      Windows: Invalidate all volumes at library init
      Windows: DriveSubstitution handle too small buffer
      Windows: Stop the thundering herd
      Windows: Release Notes for 1.7.5
      Windows: do not panic if afsredir not ready during shutdown
      man-pages: add fs_getverify and fs_setverify
      Windows: change log for 1.7.5
      Windows: Version 1.7.5 (1.7.0500)

Marc Dionne (1):
      rx: Correctly test for end of call queue

Peter Scott (6):
      Windows: Avoid bottleneck on VolumeLock
      Windows: Handle invalid node types
      Windows: Support correct status codes from service
      Windows: Performing async work after cache invalidation
      Windows: Correctly mark extents dirty when using non-persistent AFS
      Windows Asynchronous purging of file content after a DV change

Simon Wilkinson (1):
      rx: Don't adjust non-existent events


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