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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
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Andrew Deason (6):
      doc: Remove reference to NetRestrict wildcards
      doc: Consolidate NetRestrict format docmentation
      doc: Consolidate CAUTIONS notes about volume size
      doc: Fix whitespace errors
      doc: Correct volume size CAUTIONS notes
      doc: Add fs bypassthreshold man page

Derrick Brashear (3):
      rx: abort on missing service
      rxgen: emit opcode defines in header
      rxgen: per-opcode stats

Garrett Wollman (4):
      rx: don't leak a connection hash table in unlikely error condition
      rx: eliminate dead variable sdl in rx_getAllAddr_internal()
      rx: dead initialization in rxi_RestoreDataBufs
      xdr: fix two old FIXMEs related to signed/unsigned arithmetic

Heimdal Developers (3):
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal

Jeffrey Altman (88):
      Windows: afslogon is only an authentication provider
      Windows: roken.h ordering
      Windows: link to afsroken.dll
      Windows: remove unused defines from param.h
      Add HAVE_INT64TOINT32 test in stds.h
      Windows: HAVE_UINTPTR_T
      Windows: export roken allocators
      Windows: Do not permit RDR worker threads to quit
      Windows: misplaced brace in KFW_AFS_get_cred
      Windows: afslogon OutputDebugString
      Windows: afslogon MapAuthError
      Windows: afslogon make error dialog system modal
      Windows: afslogon impersonate when deleting tickets
      Windows: NPLogonNotify secure erase password
      Windows: AFS_Startup_Event must query Debug value
      Windows: Freelance Short circuit all vol updates
      Windows: force vldb lookup if server list is empty
      Windows: [Inline]BulkStat VolSync not accurate?
      Windows: Replicated requires more than one site
      Windows: cm_GetROVolumeID empty server list check
      Windows: Dir Invalidation Notify Current Object
      Windows: ShellExt display error if symlink not AFS
      Windows: ShellExt Add Prop Page only if AFS
      Windows: NPGetConnectionPerformance
      Windows: Remove incorrect assert AFSVolumeInfo
      Windows: Media Protected if create on RO volume
      Windows: ensure TreeLock obtain and release same pointer
      Windows: WiX backup additional registry keys
      Windows: check perms before RXAFS_GetVolumeStatus
      Windows: cm_UpdateVolumeLocation misplaced lock
      Windows: afslogon cast away warnings
      Windows: afslogon major refactoring NPLogonNotify()
      Windows: Remove HELP from afscreds
      Windows: afscreds import lsa before renew expiring
      Windows: afslogon expand short domain names
      Windows: add missing items to 'clean' rules
      Windows: cm_DiscardSCache volumeCreationDate
      Windows: HaveCallback vs OfflineRO Is Valid
      Windows: HaveCallback vs readonlyVolumeVersioning
      Windows: RDR RXAFS_GetVolumeStatus vs 1.1 'l' only
      Windows: cm_HaveCallback optimize .readonly
      Windows: cm_ConnByServer add conn to list after init
      Windows: cm_ConnByServer hold userp->mx only while necessary
      Windows: Modify cm_GetVolServers and cm_GetServerList
      Windows: Add cm_GetVolServerList
      Windows: Apply cm_GetVolServerList() to cm_Analyze()
      Windows: Apply cm_GetVolServerList() to cm_ConnFromVolume()
      Windows: remove unused 'deltas' from cm_CheckServersMulti()
      Windows: X86 DEBUG Interlocked Or and And
      Windows: use spin counts for osi base locks
      Windows: interlocked ops for osi lock flags
      Windows: cm_MergeStatus unknown interface numbers
      Windows: initialize afsStatus and callback structs
      Windows: record mount point string data version
      Windows: not all short rx_Read[v] reads are fatal
      Windows: remove unused CM_SCACHEFLAGs
      Windows: cm_SyncOp waiting logic
      Windows: Redesign of server preferences
      Windows: add cm_IsVolumeReplicated()
      Windows: add cm_ServerListSize()
      windows: add afsroken to afssvrcpa NTMakefile
      Windows: more roken.h include corrections
      Windows: avoid memory overrun during extent release
      rx: rxi_ReceiveDataPacket do not set rprev on drop
      rx: fix abort on missing service
      Windows: Freeing SeQueryInformationToken allocations
      Windows: AFSExFreePool -> AFSExFreePoolWithTag
      Windows: memory leak AFSRemoveVolume
      Windows: memory leak AFSInitPIOCtlDirectoryCB
      Windows: AFSTearDownFcbExtents loop conditional
      Windows: server rankings by RPC statistics
      Windows: Clear peer RPC stats on IP addr change
      Windows: Recompute server rank periodically
      Windows: cm_UpdateVolumeLocation volp locked
      rx: rxi_FindRpcStat must test for empty queue
      roken: rk_strdup rk_wcsdup exports
      Windows: get rid of _strdup and use rk_strdup
      Windows: NOPROBE means probe in background thread
      Windows: No VLDB server blocking probes
      Windows: Correct exceptions in AFSRDFSProvider
      Windows: NPAddConnection3 debugging
      rx: protect against invalid params in rx_Copy*RPCStats
      rx: better rxi_FindRpcStat check for end of queue
      rx: protect against ACKs with serial as prevPacket
      doc: Remove USA vs International from AdminGuide
      doc: Windows Release Notes Integrated Logon
      Windows: 1.7.1600 ChangeLog
      Windows: 1.7.1600 (aka 1.7.16)

Simon Wilkinson (10):
      rx: Constify rx_opaque_populate
      rx: provide mechanism to send a bare abort packet
      roken: Add setprogname to list of imports
      roken: Add setprogname
      roken: Import Windows allocator changes
      Remove redundant header includes
      rxgen: Make input strings const
      auth: Fix GetTokenEx with NULL cellName
      ptserver: Make ptclient build again
      Windows: Rename cm_btree struct data


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