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Mon, 5 Mar 2012 12:11:53 -0800 (PST)

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 tagged by  Derrick Brashear
        on  Sun Mar 4 17:16:29 2012 -0500

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
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Andrew Deason (15):
      SOLARIS: Do not build x86 kernel module on 5.11
      afs: Panic on afs_conn refcount imbalance
      SOLARIS: Use kcred instead of afs_osi_cred
      Disable kernel opt by default on Solaris 10 and 11
      viced: Keep H_LOCK while locking host in h_Alloc_r
      RedHat: Fail openafs-client 'stop' on rmmod error
      Rx: Avoid lastBusy/PEER_BUSY discrepancy
      viced: Delete dup host before probing old host
      viced: Correctly update addrs on alt addr probe
      viced: Set h_GetHost_r probefail if MPAA_r fails
      viced: Remove extraneous h_AHTAHT_r in h_GetHost_r
      viced: Relax "h_TossStuff_r failed" warnings
      salvager: Do not abort on large volume IDs
      Rewrite in shell script
      Revert offline-less vos release

Christof Hanke (1):
      linux: fix probing for noop_fsync

Dave Botsch (1):
      Fixes dkms.conf for Redhat Enterprise

Derrick Brashear (11):
      libafs: kill rxevent daemon even in upcall mode
      volser: allow cloning non-rw volumes
      volser: allow clonevol purge id to be new id
      vol: allow clones of readonly volumes
      vos: refactor code
      vos: allow releases without offline time
      libafs: ensure one nat ping connection per srvAddr
      libafs: retry retriable RPCs instead of abandoning
      make openafs 1.6.1pre3
      macos: don't crash on krb5 damage
      openafs 1.6.1pre4

Jeffrey Altman (45):
      viced: lockcount only valid if not expired
      doc: fix AdminGuide
      Windows: fix condition calls to osi_Log
      Windows: avoid duplicate volume update queries
      Windows: be explicit when mapping sharing violation
      Windows: cm_serverLock read required not write
      Windows: do not drop lock unnecessarily
      Windows: change buf_Find*() signature to accept cm_fid_t
      Windows: torture error reporting
      Windows: afslogon.dll is not a file system interface
      Windows: afslogon network provider debug registry value
      Windows: Add version number to event log start pending message
      Windows: log SMB or RDR in use at startup
      Windows: fix locking hierarchy in service
      Windows: smb_ReceiveNTCreateX create smb_fid earlier
      Windows: cm_SetupStoreBIOD use firstModOffset chunk
      Windows: buf_CleanAsyncLocked dirty range only
      Windows: cm_GetSCache do not release unheld lock
      Windows: Wix cell names can be greater than 120 chars
      Windows: buf_CleanAsync is not async; rename it
      Windows: fix buf_Recycle() comment
      Windows: track cm_rootUser connections
      Windows: apply Nat Pings only to cm_rootUser connections
      Windows: memory leak when setting tokens via smb
      Windows: Update Adv Firewall Rules
      Windows: terminate HOSTS/LMHOSTS with newline
      Windows: cm_BufWrite() must wait in cm_SyncOp()
      Windows: kauth search for kerberos iv port first
      Windows: replace strdup with xdr_alloc in callback processing
      Windows: dir buffers out of date - mark them as such
      Windows: restrict service to 2 cpus by default
      Windows: cm_buf refcnt must hold buf_globalLock
      Windows; release BIOD after status merge
      Windows: fix fs setcrypt help message
      Windows: VIOC_GETUNIXMODE = smb_IoctlGetUnixMode
      Windows: buffer DV ranges do not work for directories
      Windows: fix cm_DirOpDelBuffer assert
      Windows: cm_UpdateCell never applies to Freelance mode
      Windows: improved idle dead time handling
      Windows: failover and retry for VBUSY
      Windows: ChangeLog for 1.6.1pre3
      Windows: disable Adv ICF support if not supported
      Windows: Workaround Win7 SMB Reconnect Bug
      unix: always retry RX_CALL_BUSY
      Windows: 1.6.1pre4 change log

Jonathan Billings (1):
      Linux: rpm: Update to include changes to installed files

Ken Dreyer (2):
      doc: add section on direct volume access
      doc: refer to aklog instead of klog

Marc Dionne (2):
      viced: Allow null host for BreakCallBack
      volser: Remove unused variable

Michael Meffie (1):
      Unix CM: reset blacklist on hard-mount retry

Tom Keiser (1):
      com_err: correctly deal with lack of libintl


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