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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
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Andrew Deason (6):
      doc: Add quotes to bos create in DAFS QSG section
      doc: Fix Solaris 11 kernel module path
      rx: Split out rxi_NetSendError
      rx: Save errno in LWP rxi_Sendmsg
      rx: Do not include linux/module.h
      rx: More afspag-specific objects

Chas Williams (CONTRACTOR) (1):
      doc: fix kindle builds of documentation

Jeffrey Altman (51):
      Windows: cm_ExpandSysName for 64-bit processes
      Windows: Add bWow64 param to RDR_InitReq
      Windows: add cm_req_t to RDR_ioctl_t
      Windows: remove reqp param RDR_IoctlWrite/Read
      Windows: make static RDR_ParseIoctlPath[Parent]
      Windows: duplicate ExtentsResource hold
      Windows: Fix memory leak SRXAFSCB_GetCellServ
      Windows: Move afsredir process type check
      Windows: Dir Enum behavior for Symlinks / MPs
      Windows: File Info Query Symlinks
      Windows: AFS_INVALIDATE_DELETE must cancel IO
      Windows: Correct alloc size SetFileExtents result
      Windows: Do not call buf_ClearRDRFlag unlink/rmdir
      Windows: ObjectInformationCB indentation
      Windows: OpenTargetDirectory AFSInitFcb Reparse Test
      Windows: AFSInitFcb assign pFcb->ObjectInformation
      Windows: Add cm_SyncOp to cm_ReadMountPoint()
      Windows: Remove Fcb.Specific.File.LazyWriterThread
      Windows: AFSRequestExtentsAsync and AFSDoExtentsMapRegion
      Windows: Always AFSInitFcb and AFSRemoveFcb
      Windows: AFSPrimaryVolumeWorkerThread AFSRemoveFcb
      Windows: Protect ObjectRefCnts with ObjectInfoLock
      Windows: Fix DV Raced Trace Message Parameters
      Windows: AFSInitFcb Check ObjectInfo->Fcb for NULL
      Windows: clear pending delete upon deletion
      Windows: avoid race set/clear ExtentsRequestComplete
      Windows: PrimaryvolumeWorker do not pause if busy fcb
      Windows: Remove 'bAllocatedFcb' from AFSCreate.cpp
      Windows: Promote DELETED from DirEntry to ObjInfo
      Windows: RDRFunction remove DebugBreak
      Windows: AFSFlushExtents QueuedFlushCount leak
      Windows: AFSMarkDirty() require ExtentsResource held
      Windows: buf_DirtyBuffersExist return value
      Windows: AFSCleanup Flush Data decision
      Windows: AFSCleanup re-organization
      Windows: PrimaryVolumeWorker ObjectInfoLock deadlock
      Windows: ObjectInfo RefCount 0 <-> 1 transitions
      Windows: Treat EIO from file server as fatal error
      Windows: Send all \\AFS\PIPE to afsd_service
      Windows: Makefile dependencies
      Revert "Windows: Media Protected if create on RO volume"
      Windows: mark server reference offline for VOFFLINE
      Windows: Set Server Prefs recalc immediately
      Windows: Do not flush dirty bufs to deleted FID
      Windows: Interlocked ops for cell and scache allocation
      Windows: use cm_GetVolume / cm_PutVolume
      Windows: cm_FindVolumeByName refactoring
      Windows: cm_ConnByServer increment under lock
      Windows: Use MountRoot for Absolute Symlinks
      Windows: 1.7.1800 ChangeLog
      Windows: 1.7.1800.0 Version Number

Ken Dreyer (1):
      doc: fix examples of direct volume access

Marc Dionne (1):
      bozo: fix typo in help text

Michael Meffie (1):
      doc: solaris x86 kernel module path


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