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Tue, 4 Sep 2012 06:56:48 -0700 (PDT)

The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit 69f26ece3c4545ecc9099641f7a507796fe9dc77
Author: Simon Wilkinson <>
Date:   Mon May 21 08:57:05 2012 +0100

    Add libtool support
    Add support for using libtool to the Unix build system to build
    both pthreaded and lwp libraries. For purely pthread libraries,
    this just provides convenience macros to invoke the standard GNU
    libtool from the OpenAFS build system. For libraries that have
    lwp variants, we provide an initial wrapper script - lwptool,
    which handles building a non-PIC LWP object before asking libtool
    to build the pthread variants.
    For a given source example.c, example.o is the non-PIC pthread
    object, .libs/example.o is the PIC pthread object, and
    .lwp/example.o is the LWP object.
    To use libtool for a particular library directory, add the line
        include @TOP_OBJDIR@/src/config/Makefile.libtool
    to the file's preamble. Makefile.pthread, or Makefile.lwp should be
    included as normal to indicate whether the libraries in this Makefile
    are pthread only, or should be built for both pthread and LWP objects.
    The variables LT_current, LT_revision and LT_age may be used to control
    the version of the shared objects produced. They have the same meaning
    as that documented in the Versioning section of the libtool manual.
    The LT_objs variable should be set to a space separated list of the .lo
    objects included in the library. Note that there should _never_ be a
    dependency on the .o form of these objects in the Makefile, as this
    breaks parallel builds.
    LT_deps is a list of the libtool dependencies of the library, and
    LT_libs is a list of the external (non-OpenAFS) library dependencies.
    A file called <libraryname>.sym should be created which contains a
    newline seperated list of all of the symbols exported from this
    LWP library names remain the same as always. To distinguish the
    pthreaded static and shared libraries these
    LWP libraries should be linked using
        libexample.a: $(LT_objs)
    	    $(LTLWP_LDLIB) $(LT_objs)
    Shared libraries should be linked using $(LT_objs) $(LT_deps)
    (note that the pattern rules in the included Makefile take care of the
     build rule here)
    If necessary, static convenience libraries can be produced using:
        libconvenience.a: $(LT_objs)
    	    $(LTLWP_LDLIB_static) $(LT_objs)
    PIC convenience libaries can be linked using:
        libconvenience_pic.a: $(LT_objs)
    	    $(LTLWP_LDLIB_pic) $(LT_objs)
    Libtool libraries should be installed using the $(LT_INSTALL_DATA) macro
    Binaries linking agains libtool libraries should be linked using the
    $(LT_LDRULE) or $(LT_LRDULE_static) options, with library paths in the
    built locations relative to the top of the tree. For example
    example_test: example_test.o $(top_builddir)/src/example/
    	$(LT_LDRULE) example_test.o \
    Change-Id: I32b162e8443119e8115febc532c5b5a0ec8fed32
    Tested-by: BuildBot <>
    Reviewed-by: Derrick Brashear <>

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