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Gerrit Code Review
Sat, 29 Sep 2012 06:40:37 -0700 (PDT)

The following commit has been merged in the openafs-stable-1_6_x branch:
commit 54db9af1a87c03d6f00ab70565c9d1f733813fc2
Author: Marc Dionne <>
Date:   Mon Aug 13 20:32:08 2012 -0400

    Linux: bypass: consolidate copy_page macros into a single function
    The copy_page(s) macros are very similar; combine them into a
    single function that can be used for all cases.
    This will make it easier to add some pre-processor logic around
    the kmap_atomic calls to adapt to Linux API changes.
    Tested-by: BuildBot <>
    Reviewed-by: Derrick Brashear <>
    (cherry picked from commit 0a8256a26fafb490b454f2a857b0c15d859572c5)
    Change-Id: I6835a024428b26a8cd8d073f6304d0d0b3042b24
    Reviewed-by: Derrick Brashear <>
    Reviewed-by: Ken Dreyer <>
    Tested-by: BuildBot <>

 src/afs/afs_bypasscache.c |   63 +++++++++++++++++---------------------------
 1 files changed, 24 insertions(+), 39 deletions(-)

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