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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
openafs 1.6.6pre1
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (Darwin)


Anders Kaseorg (7):
      volume_inline.h: Down with assert, again
      Do not expose afs_assert.h from other public headers
      aklog: Put ${AKLIBS} after ${AFSLIBS} on the linker command line
      Linux: afs_fill_super: Call bdi_destroy on the failure path
      afs_linux_pag_from_groups: Stop checking for NOGROUP sentinel
      Linux: Fix build with CONFIG_UIDGID_STRICT_TYPE_CHECKS (user namespaces)
      Linux: Get rid of !STRUCT_KEY_UID_IS_KUID_T case

Andrew Deason (55):
      viced: Rename fs_rxstat_userok
      afs: Check dv against localhero aincr
      afs: Move SetupVolume tv initialization after loop
      afs: Avoid SetupVolume panic
      afscp: Add -s option
      afscp: Fix -s option for writes
      afs: Avoid tracking file locks for RO volumes
      budb: Do not use garbage cellinfo
      namei: Abstract out OGM functions a bit more
      salvager: Trust inode-based special data over OGM
      afs: Make last_error always useful
      afs: Handle easy GetValidDSlot errors
      DAFS: VRS_r with VOL_SALVAGE_NO_OFFLINE in attach2
      LINUX: Avoid multiple d_invalidate loops
      viced: h_SetupCallbackConn_r in removeAddress_r
      vlserver: Add a struct for trans-specific data
      vlserver: Access cache via vl_ctx
      volser: Do not reset copyDate in ReClone
      Cleanup VOffline log message for non-DAFS
      viced: Enable NAT ping on hosts
      viced: Restrict RXAFS_FlushCPS to administrators
      afs: Do not use separate array for srvAddrs
      DAFS: Preattach, not attach, in FSYNC_Drop
      vol: Avoid getting stuck in ATTACHING in attach2
      vol: Let non-usable volumes attach for non-DAFS
      Remove the global tempHeader/stuff structures
      fuse: Add -oallow_other by default where possible
      afsd.fuse: Solaris 11 support
      fuse: Autodetect Solaris 11 FUSE
      salvager: Do not set fileName on header fixup
      salvager: Do not require MaybeZapVolume fileName
      salvager: Error volumes on GetInodeSummary errors
      salvager: Remove VolumeSummary->fileName
      salvager: Do not fork for single VG salvage
      vol-salvage: Unlock volumes before exiting
      viced: Clear all client CPS on FlushCPS
      afsd: Add the -rxmaxfrags option
      volser: Indicate busy volume with VBUSY
      volser: Restore Vol*ListOneVolume error handling
      volser: Make VolListOneVolume errors consistent
      aklog: Probe for libasn1 on heimdal
      ihandle: Fix fdInUseCount leak on EMFILE
      ihandle: Refactor ih_open to split out ih_attachfd
      namei: Create the IH_CREATE_INIT function
      volser: Use the new IH_CREATE_INIT function
      rx: Always call rxi_StartListener
      vos: Minimize release impact for new RO sites
      Whine if single-DES keys are in use
      Probe directly for com_err.h
      afs: Traverse discard/free dslot list if errors
      afs_AllocDCache: return NULL instead of panic
      afs: Handle afs_AllocDCache errors
      afs_FreeDiscardedDCache: Avoid assert on error
      afs: Add some comments on GetValidDSlot panics

Ben Kaduk (11):
      Enable dvolser and tvolser for FreeBSD
      db_dump.o depends on budb_errs.h
      Check for over/underflow while allocating PTS ids
      Adjust for microtime() ABI on all XBSD
      FreeBSD: VOP_MMAP has been dead since 1996
      FBSD: Remove include directive for nonexistent file
      Catch up to FreeBSD VM object read/write locks
      FBSD: plug refcount leak in pioctl
      Sysname and param.h for FreeBSD 9.2 and 11.0
      Tidy up
      Make process.o depend on process.amd64.s

Benjamin Kaduk (1):
      Fix build for FreeBSD 10.0

Chaskiel Grundman (2):
      Eliminate pointless changes between nbsd50/60 params
      Declare sigwait parameter if it will be used

Christof Hanke (4):
      afsd: check if mountdir is an absolute path
      LINUX: Keyring deal with suse-specific key_type op
      Linux Keyring error handling
      linux-kernel-module: move keyring-specific

Derrick Brashear (5):
      dirpath: update keytab strings in windows
      namei: force-close fd on read or write error
      ihandle: don't keep reallyclosing future fds
      linux: provide read and write ops even when we have aio
      linux: core dump requires write fop

Jason Edgecombe (1):
      Fileserver: Add the /vicepXX/NeverAttach flag to skip mounting a partition

Jeffrey Altman (6):
      afs: FreeDCache test afs_blocksDiscarded
      afs: Introduce afs_WakeCacheWaitersIfDrained
      afs: afs_FlushDCache avoid dup cache drained check
      afs: afs_CacheIsTooFull macro refs wrong constant
      afs: afs_CacheTruncateDaemon wake waiters !too full
      afs: CacheTruncateDaemon work until Cache Drained

Jonathan A. Kollasch (1):
      build tsalvaged, tvolser, and dvolser targets on *nbsd*

Ken Dreyer (2):
      doc: clarify setcrypt defaults
      do not ship uncompressed tarballs

Marc Dionne (7):
      Linux 3.11: Convert from readdir to iterate file operation
      Linux: Fix tmpfs cache support
      Linux: Remove extra "goto out" from tmpfs fix
      Linux 3.11: Adapt to d_count changes
      gcc 4.8: fix warnings
      adminutil: parallel build fixes
      volser: add missing Makefile dependencies

Mark Vitale (4):
      dafs: preattach should wait for exclusive states
      dafs: prevent corruption in large fsstate.dat files
      vol: correct old conditional for IH_CONDSYNC
      salvager: prevent assertion during -orphans attach

Michael Laß (1):
      Use -nofork when starting bosserver via systemd

Michael Meffie (19):
      xstat: length check cm call info
      libafs: use afs_ResetVCache in flush volume data
      libafs: avoid flushing already freed dcaches in flush volumes
      libafs: fs flushall for unix cm
      libafs: initialize hard mount last errors
      auth: avoid excessive stat of cellservdb
      vol: avoid attach retry loops on SYNC_FAILED
      bozo: increase salvage instance poll rate
      bozo: build notifier sample program
      vlclient: add -probe option
      avoid private stdio fields in waitkey
      volser: preserve stats over reclones and restores
      auth: fix cellservdb update check
      bozo: retry start after error stops
      bozo: cap retry delay
      vldb_check: cope with broken names and volids
      vldb_check: print vlentry file offsets
      doc: state klog.krb is obsolete
      build: compile_et rules for parallel make

Simon Wilkinson (7):
      Merge branch 'rxkad-kdf-1.6' into origin/openafs-stable-1_6_x
      libafscp: Actually return callback from FindCallback
      libafscp: NULL return value not pointer
      vlserver: Use correct base value when replacing
      fileserver: Fix NeverAttach support
      viced: Do error translation for InlineBulkStatus
      libadmin: Clear structures according to their size.

Stephan Wiesand (3):
      Revert "build: compile_et rules for parallel make"
      Update NEWS for 1.6.6
      Make OpenAFS 1.6.6pre1


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