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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
openafs 1.7.27
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (Darwin)


Jeffrey Altman (34):
      Windows: fix cm_ServerEqual bug
      Windows: fix cm_ServerFindByUUID
      rxkad: remove warnings from der-protos.h
      Windows: buf_CleanLocked no callback for deleted file
      Windows: CM_SCACHEFLAG_DELETED use InterlockedOr
      Windows: Do not remove scp from hash table on deletion
      Windows: Do not recycle deleted scache on refcnt 0
      Windows: np AddConnection error code
      Windows: do not return STATUS_RETRY for rx timeouts
      Windows: Cap Cache Size on X86
      Windows: update GetFileVersionInformation fail msg
      Windows: modify PopulateCurrentEntry follow mp rules
      Windows: Delay MP Target evaluation until required
      Windows: Call AFSExeceptionFilter for all exceptions
      Windows: afsredirlib afscommonwrite trace msg error
      Windows: introduce Section Object Resource Trace Subsystem
      Windows: Refactor AFSVerifyEntry AFSValidateEntry
      Windows: Missing try..except in AFSCachedWrite
      Windows: AFSWrite comments
      Windows: Fix trace messages in AFSSetEndOfFileInfo
      Windows: AFSVerifyEntry get rid of bPurgeExtents
      Windows: AFSPerformObjectInvalidate FILE processing
      Windows: Hold Fcb Resource across CcPurgeSection
      Windows: Skip Extent operations if Direct IO
      Windows: Add trace to track setting VERIFY flag
      Windows: Adjust setting of VERIFY_DATA flag
      Windows: Do not leak activeRPC count
      Windows: KFW_AFS_get_cred fail on error
      Windows: AFSCreate avoid race leading to NULL dereference
      Windows: cm_MergeStatus avoid lock recursion
      Windows: Freelance Do not chase mount points
      Windows: fix libafscp build directory
      Windows: 1.7.2700 ChangeLog
      Windows: Version 1.7.27 (1.7.2700)

Rod Widdowson (3):
      Windows: Pin the Cc FileObject during section create.
      Windows: Take FCB resource in presection create.
      Windows: Strip out unused ModWriter Fastio code


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