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Mon, 18 Aug 2014 13:44:28 -0400

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  replaces  openafs-stable-1_6_8
 tagged by  D Brashear
        on  Mon Aug 18 13:43:37 2014 -0400

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
OpenAFS 1.6.10pre1
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (Darwin)


Anders Kaseorg (1):
      Fix buffer length validation in ktc_GetToken and knfs

Andrew Deason (10):
      afs: Raise fake free space reporting
      doc: Clarify some text
      bozo: Ignore ListKeys ka_KeyCheckSum return value
      ptserver: Fix RemoveFromSGEntry hentry memcpy
      budb: Fix objdir builds
      afs: Use common cleanup code for lockctl EINVAL
      LINUX: Drop dentry if lookup returns new file
      LINUX: Avoid premature RO volume lock error
      volinfo: PrintFileNames is namei-only
      volinfo: Include nfs.h

Antoine Verheijen (1):
      Increase size of space for ACL in "up" command.

Ben Kaduk (1):
      bozo: Remove dead code and minor cleanup

Benjamin Kaduk (3):
      Use a separate toplevel target for venus/tests
      Install afscp.h from srcdir, not the build dir
      vol: Fix build with separate objdir

Chas Williams (CONTRACTOR) (6):
      volser: remove commented code
      rx: Remove rx_waitingForPacket
      vlserver: Add auditing to some more RPC's
      afs/VNOPS: reduce stack usage
      afs/VNOPS: use osi_AllocSmallSpace() correctly
      auth: Fix library dependencies so that tests build again

Christof Hanke (1):
      Logfiles: open with O_APPEND

D Brashear (2):
      linux: make reading unixusers from proc actually work
      auth: check for keytab before using in akimpersonate

Derrick Brashear (2):
      volinfo: fix bad format string
      volinfo: fix formating of placeholder printfs

Garrett Wollman (2):
      FBSD: 9.3 has been released, so add config bits and sysname
      FBSD: 10.1 is coming out soon

Jeffrey Altman (3):
      Revert "viced: Avoid issuing redundant TMAY requests"
      Merge tag 'openafs-stable-1_6_9' into openafs-stable-1_6_x
      vol: fix a08c3207255756c825ab69a19e04f79dd879c646

Ken Dreyer (1):
      doc: recommend cleanup steps in "vos convertROtoRW" man page

Marc Dionne (4):
      vol: Fix gcc 4.9 warnings
      Linux 3.16: Switch to iter_file_splice_write
      Linux 3.16: Convert to new write_iter/read_iter ops
      libafs: Speed up afs_CheckTokenCache

Michael Meffie (72):
      pt_util: fix group line check for input files
      volser: fix spurious strcat of volume extension.
      volser: -log restore operations
      vldb_check: remove unused functions
      xstat: fix a malformed debug message
      xstat: use ephemeral ports for xstat_fs_test and scout
      linux: dont ignore kmod build errors
      aklog: double get_credv5 in retry logic
      bozo: remove duplicate prototype
      ubik: fix include quotes
      doc: afs_compile_et formatting fixes
      doc: afs_compile_et -lang short form
      comerr: avoid comma operator
      comerr: long and short form of the -prefix option.
      doc: afs_compile_et -h option
      libafs: check afs_InitReq return code
      volinfo: print errors to stderr
      volinfo: fix volume aux totals output
      volinfo: remove code duplication in HandleVolumes
      volinfo: print namei filenames of index files
      volinfo: refactor -sizeOnly printing
      volinfo: refactor size counters
      Build: check for gencat
      libafs: api to create and free vrequests
      libafs: reduce stack space
      comerr: compile_et -emit option for parallel make
      libafscp: makefile install rule update
      config: parallel-safe param.h makefile rule
      config: use the standard INSTALL_DATA makefile macro
      tvolser: fix makefile clean target
      libadmin: remove duplicate dependency
      libadmin: makefile rule for afs_AdminError.h
      libadmin: use INSTALL_DATA to export headers
      libadmin: rework compilation rules
      libadmin: add header file deps
      libadmin: add missing bubasics dependency
      compile_et macros to generate source and headers separately
      libadmin: separate source and header compile_et rules
      libafs: separate source and header compile_et rules
      auth: fix include quotes for generated headers
      rxkad: fix include quotes for generated headers
      build: separate source and header compile_et rules
      libafs: reduce stack space in VNOPS
      libafs: fix vrequest leak in afs_lookup
      libafs: reduce stack space in LINUX
      libafs: do not allow NULL creds for afs_CreateReq
      libafs: api to create and free vattrs
      libafs: allocate vattrs in LINUX to reduce stack used
      libafs: fix error location code in LINUX/osi_export
      volinfo: refactor volume and vnode handling code
      volinfo: refactor mode variables
      volinfo: avoid exit on errors
      volinfo: fix file size data type
      volinfo: comments
      volinfo: accept vice partition id for -part option
      volinfo: accept -sizeonly for -sizeOnly
      volinfo: fix false good magic line
      volinfo: clean up headers
      volinfo: release volume header ihandles when done
      volinfo: refactor vnode handling
      volinfo: implement -checkout option
      volscan: print vnode metadata information
      volinfo: initialize vnode details
      volscan: option to ignore dir vnode magic
      volscan: index offset output column
      volinfo: show header filenames even if error
      volscan: avoid printing null mount-point cellname
      volscan: hide -mask option
      volinfo: refactor global options
      volinfo: separate volscan binary
      doc: volscan man page
      volscan: fix copyright and licence notice

Paul Smeddle (1):
      Make volscan's column delimiter option work

Perry Ruiter (6):
      afs: Delete unneeded duplicate code
      Delete several unused memory management constants
      config: Move AFS_LRALLOCSIZ to afs_args.h
      afs: restructure afs_warn and afs_warnuser
      afs: Define afs_warnall routine
      afs: Suppress duplicate message on Linux

Simon Wilkinson (57):
      fs: Catch pioctl failure in mkmount
      libadmin: Fix a lot of dead assignments in vsprocs
      libadmin: Catch VL_GetNewVolumeId failures
      bosserver: Catch failures to create daemon thread
      ptserver: Rename ubik.c as ptubik.c
      ptserver: Zero ubik header before writing to it
      afsmonitor: Check correct variable is non-NULL
      afsmonitor: Use NULL, rather than (struct foo *)0
      volser: Fix bad readlink usage
      bos_util: Fix buffer overflow
      auth: Fix buffer overflow in afsconf_Open
      auth: Refactor afsconf_Open failure handler
      kauth: Fix overflow when writing ticket file
      pt_util: Catch sscanf failures
      pt_util: Protect against corrupt input files
      libafscp: Can't unlock something we've freed
      Unix CM: Don't free cell, then release lock on it
      dumptool: Remove newlines safely
      afsmonitor: Add missing items to fsOpNames array
      afsmonitor: Fix multiple NUM_FS_STAT_ENTRIES overflows
      afsmonitor: Fix multiple NUM_CM_STAT_ENTRIES overflows
      libadmin: Don't free garbage
      xstat: Add the residency RPC to the list of fs ops
      bucoord: Remove theoretical overflow of ubik array
      rxgen: Don't overflow PackageIndex
      vlserver: Use correct literal in bounds check
      aklog: Fix improper use of readlink
      auth: Don't overflow cell string
      kauth: Don't overflow cell string
      volser: Don't overflow volume name
      libadmin: Don't overflow volume name
      auth: Don't overflow hostName array
      fsprobe: Get rid of unused hostname buffer
      rmtsys: Don't overflow pathname buffer
      vsys: Avoid uninitialised variable warning
      kauth: Handle calls to ka_log with no principal
      kauth: Use strl* functions in ka_log
      libadmin: Don't free garbage pointer
      libadmin: Don't pass garbage to pts_GroupCreate
      libadmin: Don't pass garbage to pts_UserCreate
      readgroup: Make sure user supplies a groupfile
      readpwd: Make sure user supplies a passwdfile
      fstrace: Don't read uninitialised data
      kauth: Don't overflow stack when building username
      util: Avoid overflow in GetNameByINet
      afsmonitor: Fix theoretical overflow of handler string
      aklog: Fix overflows in auth_to_path
      aklog: Avoid overflows in get_afs_mountpoint
      aklog: Protect against overflows from cmdline
      aklog: Fix buffer overflows in next_path
      audit: Fix overflow in file backend
      auth: Don't overflow buffer in CompFindUser
      upserver: Don't overflow file and hostname buffers
      butc: Init volheader before using it for hton
      bos: Change to using char casts for ka functions
      libadmin: Don't double check for required param
      bosserver: Return error if key is bad

Stephan Wiesand (11):
      bos: Change the remaining use of ktc_to_charptr to char cast
      bozo: remove obsolete bnode_Deactivate() prototype
      fs: Fix improper use of readlink
      redhat: Use the right path to depmod
      Make OpenAFS 1.6.9
      fstrace: Don't read uninitialised data on other platforms either
      libadmin: Remove redundant memset call
      cmd: List version in help for commands
      redhat: package volscan
      Update NEWS for 1.6.10pre1
      Make OpenAFS 1.6.10pre1


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