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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
openafs 1.6.8 pre1
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (Darwin)


Andrew Deason (27):
      salvager: Whitespace formatting
      LINUX: Use sock_create_kern where available
      ihandle: Make _ONCLOSE the sync behavior default
      cellconfig: Do not use 'long' for dbserver IPs
      salvager: Fix in-memory invalid linktable counts
      afs: Return raw code from background daemons
      afs: Treat vc_error as a CheckCode-translated code
      afs: Translate VNOSERVICE to ETIMEDOUT
      viced: Improve CallPreamble error messages
      viced: Move host quota calculation
      namei: Set inconsistent linktable linkCount to 0
      salvager: Ignore linktable-only RW volumes
      namei: Ignore misplaced files
      salvager: Handle multiple/inconsistent linktables
      vol: Nuke parent vol special inodes
      libafs: Correct GUACB afs_LoopServers flags
      libafs: GiveUpAllCallBacks at shutdown again
      vol: Interrupt RX calls accessing offlining vols
      viced: Add options for interrupting clients
      afs: Refactor DoLockWarning
      afs: Include FID in DoLockWarning
      afs: Throttle byte-range locks warnings per-file
      viced: Avoid issuing redundant TMAY requests
      viced: Avoid endless BCB loop
      doc: bos manpage fixes
      viced: Improve client error log messages
      viced: Restore some previous log message language

Arne Wiebalck (1):
      make openafs uninstallable even if /afs is missing

Ben Kaduk (2):
      Alias "vos e" to "vos examine"
      Apply cast from cfc9b348 to the else clause

Benjamin Kaduk (11):
      Disable deprecated warnings for krb5 routines
      Search srcdir and objdir paths for rxkad includes
      cmd: Avoid unsafe use of strncat
      Disable some explicit sbrk() usage
      afs_fetchstore: avoid use of uninitialized variable
      afs_fetchstore: re-avoid uninitialized variable
      Remove static const char copyright[]
      Use correct include guard for vol_prototypes.h
      Do not use garbage-collection for DARWIN ObjC apps
      libafs: DARWIN: update for Xcode 5.1
      Make struct CallBack indentation uniform again

Derrick Brashear (2):
      pt_util: gcc warning fix
      unix: giveupallcallbacks at shutdown

Hartmut Reuter (1):
      volser: use also vn_length_hi in dump size calculation

Marc Dionne (3):
      Linux: When revalidating, don't drop in-use dentries
      bos: Do encryption if requested
      Linux: Do drop dentry if lookup returns ENOENT

Mark Vitale (1):
      viced: remove dead code CheckHost()

Michael Meffie (8):
      doc: fix typo in fs setacl
      cleanup potpourri.h references
      vol: fix nextVnodeUnique roll over
      vol: reset nextVnodeUnique when uniquifier rolls over
      doc: fix typo on ka-forwarder man page
      doc: fix typo in volinfo man page
      libafs: reset global icl set pointers on shutdown
      fs: display cell not available on ESRCH

Simon Wilkinson (16):
      rx: Remove needless braces
      ptserver: Remove redundant braces
      vol: Remove unneeded braces
      Unix CM: Purge needless brackets
      rx: Handle negative returns on packet reads
      xdr: Len can never be negative
      vlserver: unsigned values are always >0
      libadmin: read returns an ssize_t, not a size_t
      afsmonitor: Allow CBSTATS collection to work
      vol: Don't assume enum is an int
      viced: Remove pointless braces
      afs: Handle reading past the end of a file
      bos: Don't set up the conenction twice in AddKey
      bos: Don't overflow cellname buffer
      bos: Don't overflow buffer with key data
      bos: Remove theoretical overflow in DateOf

Stephan Wiesand (7):
      RedHat: Use systemd unit files on RHEL >= 7
      RedHat: don't package manpages for binaries not included
      doc: fix releases mentioned in fileserver sync behavior documentation
      doc: improve man pages related to bos restricted mode
      doc: bos setrestricted -mode 0 does make sense
      Update NEWS for 1.6.8
      Make OpenAFS 1.6.8pre1


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