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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
OpenAFS 1.7.32
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (Darwin)


Jeffrey Altman (25):
      Windows: Restrict redir trace buffer to 10240KB
      Windows: Refactor AFSParseName related name parsing
      Windows: AFSParseName always set FileName output
      Windows: AFSParseRelatedName always use related name
      Windows: Reparse Policy vs DFSLinks
      Windows: Freelance whole volume rdr invalidate
      Windows: set hard dead timeout not conn timeout for probes
      Windows: do not forget cm_SyncOpDone
      Windows: Do not sync callbacks when only need locks
      Windows: registry enum do not request write perm
      sys: pioctl_nt translate WinErr to Unix
      Windows: AFSEvaluateTargetByName NULL ptr assignment
      Windows: Avoid deadlock during pending delete cleanup
      Windows: Prevent MDL leak on Cc*Mdl* failure
      Windows: cm_UpdateIFInfo consolidate syscfg_GetIFInfo calls
      Windows: replace lana_OnlyLoopback() calls
      Windows: introduce cm_MarkServerDown
      Windows: No network, no probe
      Windows: power management suspend/resume changes
      Windows: preserve prior vlserver list on dns failure
      Windows: report AllocationSize in 1KB increments
      Windows: FileStandardInfo Link count
      Windows: SetDispositionInfo vs Link Count
      Windows: ChangeLog 1.7.3200 (1.7.32)
      Windows: Version 1.7.3200 (1.7.32)

Michael Meffie (1):
      vos: cross-device link error message

pete scott (8):
      Windows: LocateName skip DFS Link only last component
      Windows: Obtain File Attribs for DFS Link target
      Windows: !overwrite IOMgr populated FileInfo data
      Windows: FileInfo too small INFO_LENGTH_MISMATCH
      Windows: FilePhysicalNameInfo query AFS prefix
      Windows: Remove trailing slash on non-root directories
      Windows: Use the allocation size from the service
      Windows: Check for RO and Open Target in rename


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