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Author: Andrew Deason <>
Date:   Tue Jun 10 14:47:31 2014 -0500

    doc: Document fs listquota 2TB partition limit
    We have previously documented that volumes over 2TB can result in
    inaccuracies, but this documentation does not say how the 'partition'
    field in "fs listquota" can be inaccurate. It is confusing to see a
    usage of 0% for a partition that you know is being used, so try to
    briefly explain in what way this field is inaccurate.
    The reason we _under_-report the partition usage is that the
    fileserver actually gives back PartBlocksAvail and PartMaxBlocks (not
    "blocks used" and "blocks total"). So 1TB used and 4TB total is
    truncated to 2TB and given back as 2TB free and 2TB total. One we hit
    3TB used we'll report it as 1TB free 2TB total (50%) when the actual
    usage is 75%.
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