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        on  Wed Dec 7 23:53:00 2016 -0500

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
OpenAFS 1.8.0pre1


Adam Megacz (1):
      make bozo honor -rxbind correctly

Alejandro R. Sedeño (1):
      Linux: use DEFINE_MUTEX for afs_linux_alloc_sem on newer kernels

Anders Kaseorg (43):
      Linux: Fix prototypes for sys_setgroups_stub and sys32_setgroups_stub
      Linux: Fix prototypes for afs_xsetgroups and sys_setgroupsp and friends
      rxi_NatKeepAliveEvent: Shrink excessive stack buffer
      Linux: Fix AFS_NORETURN violation with osi_AssertFailK
      Linux: install_session_keyring: key_alloc flags are unsigned long
      Linux: Reduce key_alloc flags confusion
      Treat Linux 3 as Linux 2.6
      Linux: 3.2: Use set_nlink to update i_nlink
      Linux: osi_TryEvictVCache: Don’t skip the first dentry if D_ALIAS_IS_HLIST
      volume_inline.h: Down with assert, again
      afs_linux_pag_from_groups: Stop checking for NOGROUP sentinel
      Linux: Fix build with CONFIG_UIDGID_STRICT_TYPE_CHECKS (user namespaces)
      Linux: afs_fill_super: Call bdi_destroy on the failure path
      Linux: Get rid of !STRUCT_KEY_UID_IS_KUID_T case
      Fix buffer length validation in ktc_GetToken and knfs
      aklog: Fix segfault on aklog -path
      Linux: Refine openafs-client.service dependencies
      Treat Linux 4 (and greater) as Linux 2.6/3
      Linux 4: struct address_space no longer has backing_dev_info
      libadmin: #define UBIK_LEGACY_CALLITER 1 in afs_kasAdmin.c
      make distclean: clean doc/xml/*/Makefile
      rfc3961: prototype _krb5_internal_hmac
      src/kauth/krb_udp.c: Remove redundant NULL check for array address
      tests/opr/time-t.c: Use labs instead of abs for long argument
      Add XBSA_XLIBS to XLIBS after it’s computed
      Squash a frightening number of warnings from XBSA-related code
      tests/opr/jhash-t.c: Fix unsigned constant warning
      tests/volser/vos-t.c: Don’t ignore return value of pipe
      kas: remove @CFLAGS_NOERROR@ in favor of specific pragma
      tests/auth/keys-t.c: Don’t ignore return value of write
      kauth: Resolve date signedness warning in SetFields
      rxkad: Resolve warnings in ticket5.c
      Linux 4.7: Follow key_alloc API change
      tests/util/ktime-t.c: Specify EST offset in TZ Use libtoolize -i, and .gitignore generated build-tools
      src/rxgen/rpc_parse.c: Fix misleading indentation
      src/rx/rx_packet.c: Fix misleading indentation
      src/ubik/uinit.c: Fix misleading indentation
      src/afsd/afsd.c: Fix misleading indentation
      src/gtx/curseswindows.c: Fix misleading indentation
      src/tools/rxperf/rxperf.c: Fix misleading indentation
      Remove NULL checks for AFS_NONNULL parameters
      src/cf/roken.m4: Escape buildtool_roken correctly

Andrew Deason (715):
      vol-salvage: Move global vars into SalvInfo struct
      Remove the global tempHeader/stuff structures
      Windows: vol-salvage SalvInfo fixes
      Avoid thread-unsafe PrintInode in threaded code
      ubik: Abstract buffer matching and pass trans ptrs
      ubik: Fix buffers for reading-during-writes
      ubik: add interface for reading during write locks
      vlserver: Add a struct for trans-specific data
      vlserver: Access cache via vl_ctx
      vlserver: Allow reading during ubik writes
      venus: make cacheout build again
      venus: build cacheout
      ubik: Drop dbase versionLock during I/O and sleeps
      ubik: Protect ubik_servers in urecovery_Interact
      RedHat: Use in
      RedHat: Use git-version in
      RedHat: Update openafs.spec for configure changes
      RedHat: Do not force krb5-config path
      RedHat: Package libafshcrypto libraries
      vos: Show after effects in dryrun mode
      vos: Show effects in single-volume dryrun mode
      cacheout: Improve error handling
      namei: Limit traversal when removing data dirs
      vol: Add VInit cond var and remove busywaits
      namei: Do not remove n_voldir1
      udebug: Always show tidCounter
      DAFS: Do not ignore out-of-range -vhashsize
      DAFS: raise vhashsize limit
      libafs: Fix compile errors in afs_nfsclnt.c
      libafs: Fix pioctl get/putInt alignment issues
      volser: Delete timed-out temporary volumes
      DAFS: document the limits of -vhashsize
      DAFS: Raise LogLevel for per-chain vol stats
      Provide an abstract work queue object
      Provide an abstract thread pool object
      vos release: Force full dump on RO_DONTUSE sites
      vol: Log ignored dirs that look like partitions
      fssync-debug: exec DAFS version if DAFS detected
      LINUX: Build fixes for older kernels
      RX: Adjust all timeouts for RTT
      RX: Force sane timeout values
      LINUX: old kernel warning fixes
      Parallel I/O extensions to namei backend
      pts: Prevent creating negative user ids
      pts: Specifically check for group id 0
      RX: Add rx_InterruptCall
      QSG: DAFS uses dasalvager
      Cleanup VOffline log message for non-DAFS
      DAFS: Fix demand-salvages of attached volumes
      Use termios.h for winsize test where available
      afsd: Pass cacheMountDir to aix_vmount
      UKERNEL: f_fsid is a struct on AIX
      tsm: Make explicit rules for stem-changing targets
      krb5_free_string takes a krb5_context
      RX: Fix old rx_stats incrementors
      DAFS: Do not let VScheduleSalvage_r free vp
      vol: Do not give back not-checked-out vols
      volser: Do not FSYNC_VOL_DONE temporary volumes
      salvager: Do not break cbks when salvaging parts
      Fix util test dependencies
      vos release: Avoid full dump on all sites
      afscp: Always show fetch/store errors
      doc: Fix fileserver synopsis
      viced: Allow checkout of VOL_STATE_DELETED volumes
      vol: Add VGetVolumeTimed
      vol: Add interfaces for registering RX calls
      vol: Interrupt RX calls accessing offlining vols
      viced: Add options for interrupting clients
      afscp: Add -s option
      ubik: Record the last write tid in writeTidCounter
      Use afs_foff_t for file offsets
      doc: Do not process .in files for html
      ubik: Replay the transaction log label correctly
      ubik: Log a message when we replay the trans log
      FUSE: Link to afshcrypto and crypt
      vol: Move VOL_CV_TIMEDWAIT to volume_inline.h
      afsd: Remove unused definitions
      Solaris: Support -i in shlib-build
      Only specify CFLAGS_NO* with --enable-checking
      Utilize --enable-warnings for SUNWspro
      vos: Improve release recovery on timed-out trans
      LINUX: Define zero_user_segment
      libafs: Set tvcp->callback before BulkStatus
      SOLARIS: Fix some rx_atomic.h warnings
      roken: Export rk_daemon, not daemon
      tubik: Link with libafsauthent
      vol_split: Recover from stream open failure
      Remove unreached lines
      RX: Always define kernel XDR symbols to be AFS XDR
      SOLARIS: Free vcache mappings on shutdown
      auth: Move <NoAuth> to a named constant
      auth: Return SuperUser identity for localauth
      tvolser: Link libafsrpc after libusd
      Fix AUD_HOST callers
      DARWIN: Fix setpag syscall error detection
      DAFS: Fix VOL_QUERY_VOP error codes
      DAFS: Avoid logging harmless LEAVE_OFF failures
      Add afs init script for Solaris 11
      Add ioctl-based AFS calls for Solaris 11
      LINUX24: Include linux/pagemap.h
      LINUX24: Define afs_linux_can_bypass
      Cache bypass: remove ifdefs under src/afs/LINUX24
      LINUX: Reduce stack depth on recursive symlink res
      LINUX: Avoid unnecessary afs_ShakeLooseVCaches
      HPUX: Put __HP_CURSES back in
      Prefer libHcurses over libcurses
      Link hcrypto before roken
      Remove extra trailing \s in Makefiles
      git-version: Do not specify --ignore-submodules
      LINUX: afs_linux_put_link is void
      SOLARIS: Include sys/varargs.h for kernel stdarg
      RX: No userspace atomic_ops in Solaris pre-10
      merge-pod: Be more compatible with older perl
      RX: Include netinet/ip6.h before inet/ip.h
      RX: Pre-10 Solaris lacks atomic inc/dec
      vol: Windows requires binary fmode for salvaged
      vol-salvage: Only delete bad vnodes during !check
      RX: Avoid retrying calls on busy channels
      afsd: Do not check for /afs if -nomount
      Rx: Do not stop keepalives on ACKALL receipt
      afscp: Fix -s option for writes
      ConvertROtoRW: Use old copyDate for creationDate
      Add PIC variant for libuafs
      HPUX: Disable positional I/O
      vol: Restore inode OS_READ/WRITE
      Makefile whitespace fixes
      viced: Enforce lwps limit for -L
      libuafs: Allow -mountdir to override uafs_Setup
      Fix PIC CFLAGS
      util: Use foo_pic.o instead of pic_foo.o
      LINUX: Fix osi_compat.h include guard
      UKERNEL: Add uafs_setMountDir
      afsd.fuse: Force internal mount dir to /afs
      shlib-build: Fix usage message
      shlib-build: Add -p option
      afsd: Make mountdir check kernel-specific
      Document dropbox permissions
      LINUX: Replace dcache.h for fs.h in config tests
      HPUX: Fix osi_debug.c includes
      Fix budb build rules for tbudb and WINNT
      budb: Fix objdir builds
      cmd: Fix objdir builds
      rx: Reset fd_set in LWP rxi_Sendmsg
      LINUX: Include key-related headers in osi_compat.h
      Revert "LWP: remove ucontext header from preempt module"
      Give a default reason in *sync-debug
      vol-salvage: Fix AskOnline error message
      viced: Check vnode length on read and write
      vol-salvage: calloc volume summary structs
      DAFS: Allow LEAVE_OFF for DELETED volumes
      DAFS: Clear salvage stats on VOL_DONE
      vol-salvage: VOL_DONE deleted volumes
      DAFS: Wait for exclusive ops in VFreeBitMapEntry_r
      DAFS: VnLock after VnWaitQuiescent in VAllocVnode
      vol: Check for blank vnode in VAllocVnode_r
      viced: Set HWHO_INPROGRESS in CheckHost_r
      aklog: Do not include XCFLAGS twice
      RX: Avoid timing out non-kernel busy channels
      salvager: Do not abort on large volume IDs
      viced: Actually print client CPS
      salvager: Fix volume parsing on 64-bit
      DAFS: DFlushVolume outside of vol glock
      libafs: Do not osi_FlushPages for dirs
      vol: Make VLockFile arguments consistent
      vol: Handle large volume IDs in VLockFile
      vol: Correct VolumeNumber for large volume IDs
      viced: Check vnode length on dir ops
      Fix ihandle.c indents
      DAFS: Do not VDeregisterVolOp_r while exclusive
      ihandle: Ensure FDH_REALLYCLOSE really closes
      salvager: Fix conversion from stdio calls
      namei: Log ListViceInodes write failures
      salvager: Do not AskOnline nonexistent volumes
      DAFS: Do not record vol ops for DELETED vols
      salvager: Give back volumes when exiting early
      DAFS: Correct FSYNC_VOL_QUERY_VOP checks
      DAFS: Allow the volumeSalvager to checkout volumes
      salvager: Stop asking for DAFSness on SYNC_FAILED
      ihandle: One more indentation fix
      libafs: Indent afs_call.c ifdef maze
      SOLARIS: Correct ioctl syscall error handling
      libafs: Consolidate afs_DaemonOp code
      SOLARIS: Perform daemon syscalls as kernel threads
      Revert "ihandle: Ensure FDH_REALLYCLOSE really closes"
      viced: REALLYCLOSE origfdP after CoW
      Always set LIB_roken when we find libroken
      vol: Add timeouts to SYNC server select() calls
      afs: Avoid memory leak on recursive write flock
      afs: Retry unlock after afs_StoreAllSegments
      Correct strftime callers
      salvager: Error volumes on GetInodeSummary errors
      salvager: Do not AskDelete on GetInodeSummary fail
      afsd: Trim trailing slashes on Linux mntent
      XDR: decouple from system XDR implementation
      DAFS: Do not give back vol to viced after salvage
      volser: Avoid assert on ViceCreateRoot failure
      DAFS: Request salvage on detach for volser
      RX: Include sys/file.h for rx_lwp.c
      Fix some configure header prereqs
      vfsck: Fix roken fallout
      pam: Use POSIX getpwnam_r on Solaris
      pam: Check for null upwd from getpwnam_r
      pam: Use PAM_CONST more often
      tsm41: Reformat function definitions
      AIX51: Fix PAGs
      Suppress cmp component version error messages
      RX: Remove allocation counters
      auth: Set correct flags in token_extractRxkad
      aklog: Return token when performing 524 conversion
      libafs: Initialize _settok_tokenCell primary flag
      Revert "aklog: Return token when performing 524 conversion"
      viced: Fix host enumeration flags
      viced: Force valid host enumeration flags
      viced: Print a warning when using a deleted client
      viced: Release all hosts in h_Enumerate*
      pam: Password is const in setcred
      pam: Fix password torching const-ness
      Fix --without-krb5
      Build libafscp when we lack kerberos
      viced: Transfer host ref in h_FindClient_r
      viced: Avoid ref leak on origin callback break
      doc: Fix 'vos endtrans' copyright
      libafs: Use vcount, not maxvcount to trim vcaches
      libafs: Drop xvcache for AllocCBR
      Add missing LIB_roken references
      viced: Do not try to reuse deleted client
      viced: Improve deleted client log messages
      libafs: Correct afs_LoopServers flags
      libafs: Get rx conn ref with afs conn ref
      libafs: Put back GetCapabilities user reference
      libafs: Do not write-lock afs_xserver on ICBS
      libafs: GiveUpAllCallBacks at shutdown again
      libafs: Flush vcaches in afs_shutdown
      dasalvager: unlink fsstate.dat when standalone
      viced: h_SetupCallbackConn_r in removeAddress_r
      viced: Enable NAT ping on hosts
      doc: Add aklog_dynamic_auth manpage
      viced: Check vnode length on Rename and Link
      viced: Don't VTakeOffline_r without glock
      libafs: Always use anonymous VL connections
      libafs: Implement unixuser RW locks
      SOLARIS: Reset syscalls on mod_install failure
      cmd: Fix parsing positional args
      tests: Correctly pass string args in superuser-t
      tests: Use symbolic constants in command-t
      tests: Make -flag the first parm in command-t
      libafs: memset dirHeader->hashTable
      volinfo: PrintFileNames is namei-only
      afsd: Fail gracefully on mtab open failure
      vol: Do not overwrite specialStatus in attach2
      dir: Fix DRead
      dir: Remove extraneous printf from Create
      Build a separate copy of vlib for dasalvager
      salvager: Clear summary in RecordHeader
      DAFS: Do not attach a specialStatus'd vol
      Remove support for Solaris pre-8
      Remove nonsensical bozon-lock defines
      SOLARIS: Granular multiPage detection
      DAFS: Do not clear salv state on fssync salvage
      vol: Don't always FDH_REALLYCLOSE on linktable ops
      Add a few missing .gitignore entries
      afs: Ensure afs_calc_inum yields nonzero ino
      uss: Suppress more warnings from lex.yy.c
      afs: Use cell for md5 inode numbers
      afs: Use afs_calc_inum everywhere
      afs: Consolidate afs_calc_inum
      afs: Use 64-bit inode numbers
      Add documentation for AFS::ukernel
      doc: Add support for section 3 man pages
      Add afsload
      Add AFS::ukernel libuafs perl bindings
      util: Include pthread.h in afsutil_prototypes.h
      UKERNEL: Avoid using parameters named "new"
      Revert "afs: Use 64-bit inode numbers"
      afsd: Add the -rxmaxfrags option
      libafs: Remove unused volume "states" flags
      libafs: Avoid duplicate afs_Analyze in bulk stat
      libafs: Add afs_conn refCount imbalance safeguard
      libafs: Rate-limit hard-mount waiting messages
      SOLARIS: Do not release NULL root vp on unmount
      volinfo: Include nfs.h
      ihandle: Actually assert active fdPs are not AVAIL
      ihandle: Fix IH_REALLYCLOSE for positional I/O
      ihandle: OPEN fdPs are not counted in ihP refcount
      ntohs ubik header size
      Remove references to afs_assert.h
      viced: Use xfer indices for xfer data
      viced: Assert valid statistics indices
      DAFS: Add explicit 'valid' field for index maps
      DAFS: Skip hosts with invalid flags on restore
      DAFS: Do not serialize state for invalid hosts
      vol: Only check "logging" on vice partitions
      Remove a few extra trailing backslashes
      aklog_dynamic_auth: Support new SetToken pioctl
      tsm41: Add options for uidpag and localuid
      RedHat: Add xstat_*_test commands to RPMs
      auth: Force correct evenness on rxkad tokens
      auth: Get correct viceid in legacy GetToken
      viced: Do not swallow errors on StoreData recovery
      LINUX: Revert group changes on keyring failure
      LINUX: Fix afs_linux_pag_to_groups signature
      vos offline: Bring volume back online for -busy
      vlserver: Log to VLLog by default, not PtLog
      viced: Check for HOSTDELETED in stillborn check
      volser: Remove ExtractVolId
      Import setenv.c and unsetenv.c from roken
      external: commit imports with --no-verify
      external: trigger git commit-msg hooks on import
      Remove -settime/RXAFS_GetTime client support
      Do OPENAFS_OSCONF before compiler autoconf tests
      Solaris: Specify ARCHFLAGS in CFLAGS
      DAFS: Deal with exclusive-state volume headers
      volser: Remove debugging log messages
      libafsauthent: Remove obsolete HP-UX workaround
      salvager: Implement AskDAFS via SYNC flags
      Add setenv/unsetenv to roken
      Specify pattern rules in addition to suffix rules
      Add "pretty" build option
      regen: Fail on failures
      volser: Preserve needsSalvaged during restore
      vol: Remove O_EXCL|O_TRUNC combinations
      namei: Remove extraneous rmdir
      SOLARIS: Do not build x86 kernel module on 5.11
      afs: Do not use separate array for srvAddrs
      vlserver: Avoid atoi for vol ids
      afs: Leave cellnum alone for explicit mtpt cell
      udebug: Fix endianness when fudging lastYesHost
      SOLARIS: Define BSD_COMP for non-UKERNEL on 5.11
      DAFS: Do not transition to ERROR on trivial errors
      DAFS: Ensure GetVolume errors on ERROR volumes
      DAFS: Log more for VPreAttachVolumeByVp odd states
      DAFS: Avoid unnecessary preattach on FSYNC_VOL_ON
      DAFS: Ensure logging on attach2 errors
      salvager: Create link table with volume group id
      volser: Do not reset copyDate in ReClone
      viced: Yell when we GetSomeSpace_r
      afs: Clear VHardMount on ResetVolumeInfo
      Include afsconfig.h before anything else
      fuse: Add -oallow_other by default where possible
      afsd: Parse cacheinfo during argument parsing
      afsd.fuse: Solaris 11 support
      fuse: Autodetect Solaris 11 FUSE
      klog.krb5: cast get_cred_keylen to unsigned
      afs: afs_osi_Read/Write returns negative on error
      afs: Indicate error from afs_osi_Read/Write better
      afs: Remove second argument to afs_GetDSlot
      afs: Do not always ignore errors in afs_GetDSlot
      afs: Cope with afs_GetValidDSlot errors
      afs: Add afs_WriteDCache sanity checks
      afs: Panic on afs_conn refcount imbalance
      afs: Grab a reference to setp in afs_icl_Event4
      DAFS: Atomically re-hash vnode in VGetFreeVnode_r
      Make libjafs buildable again
      vol: Fix VCreateVolume special inode cleanup
      DAFS: Fix SYNC_FAILED VScheduleSalvage_r log
      vol: remove SYNC fatal_error processing
      SOLARIS: Use kcred instead of afs_osi_cred
      Rx: Add missing rx_packet.h includes
      Disable kernel opt by default on Solaris 10 and 11
      viced: Keep H_LOCK while locking host in h_Alloc_r
      RedHat: Fail openafs-client 'stop' on rmmod error
      Rx: Avoid lastBusy/PEER_BUSY discrepancy
      viced: Delete dup host before probing old host
      viced: Correctly update addrs on alt addr probe
      viced: Set h_GetHost_r probefail if MPAA_r fails
      viced: Remove extraneous h_AHTAHT_r in h_GetHost_r
      viced: Relax "h_TossStuff_r failed" warnings
      LINUX: move afs_notify_change to osi_vnodeops.c
      LINUX: Use afs_convert_code in afs_notify_change
      salvager: Do not set fileName on header fixup
      salvager: Do not require MaybeZapVolume fileName
      salvager: Remove PrintVolumeSummary
      salvager: Remove VolumeSummary->fileName
      salvager: Do not fork for single VG salvage
      Rewrite in shell script
      viced: Ignore client loopback alternate addresses
      afs: Never #define away afsd_dynamic_vcaches
      viced: Do not ignore all InlineBulkStatus errors
      afs: Sanity-check some AFSFetchStatus structures
      afs: Log a message on invalid FetchStatus receipt
      afs: Set DWriting when truncating a dcache entry
      afs: Do not limit fetches based on vcache length
      afs: Slight adjustments in afs_GetDCache
      SOLARIS: Correct misplaced osi_machdep.h #endif
      xstat_cm_test: Print all call info stats
      viced: Do not offline volume on successful IH_DEC
      vos: Do not try to remove backup volume id 0
      namei: Abstract out OGM functions a bit more
      salvager: Trust inode-based special data over OGM
      rx: dec rx_nWaiting on clearing RX_CALL_WAIT_PROC
      vol: A GOING_OFFLINE volume should yield VOFFLINE
      vos setaddrs: notice unexpected errors
      vos: Correct comment
      vos: Default to server confdir for -localauth
      ubik: Initialize ubik_callPortal earlier
      fs: Report default storebehind when errors exist
      vol: Avoid VBUSY/VRESTARTING trick for offline vop
      vol: Pay attention to specialStatus after VAVByVp
      vol: Remove redundant vop check in GetVolume
      vol: Free vol header on attach_volume_header error
      Call rx_SetNoJumbo earlier
      Revert "afs: the assert seems to be inverted when using memcache"
      afs: Add some comments explaining 'needvalid'
      afsd: Avoid dir interpolation for memcache
      afsd: Avoid printing cacheBaseDir for memcache
      afsd: Detect -dcache presence correctly
      afsd: Report fakestat correctly
      afs: Do not QueueVCB before osi_dnlc_purge*
      vol-salvage: Indent some ifdefs
      vol-salvage: Unlock volumes before exiting
      DAFS: Preattach, not attach, in FSYNC_Drop
      vol: Avoid getting stuck in ATTACHING in attach2
      FBSD: Add osi_fbsd_checkinuse
      cmd: Avoid premature OptionAsString free
      doc: Remove reference to NetRestrict wildcards
      doc: Consolidate NetRestrict format docmentation
      viced: Rename fs_rxstat_userok
      viced: Restrict RXAFS_FlushCPS to administrators
      cacheout: Perform authenticated RXAFS_FlushCPS
      viced: Clear all client CPS on FlushCPS
      doc: Consolidate CAUTIONS notes about volume size
      doc: Fix whitespace errors
      doc: Correct volume size CAUTIONS notes
      Remove empty Makefile continuation lines
      doc: Add fs bypassthreshold man page
      viced: fsprobe needs MT_LIBS
      vos: Avoid creating volume with the same RO/BK ids
      LINUX24: explicit dir buffers fallout
      rx: Raise minimum Linux atomics version to 2.6
      rx: Initialize kernel rx_atomic_mutex
      afs: afs_strcasecmp args are const
      crypto: Use our strcasecmp in kernel
      afsd: More pthreads damage
      vos: Minimize release impact for new RO sites
      LINUX: Fix osi_proc.c formatting
      LINUX: Hold GLOCK for proc traversal
      Linux: Make dir dentry aliases act like symlinks
      LINUX: Do not lookup immediately recursive mtpts
      LINUX: Always hold afs_xuser for unixuser read
      libafscp: Add afscp_LocalAuthAs
      rx: Remove ADAPT_MTU and MISCMTU
      rx: Formatting fixes
      LINUX24: Remove ADAPT_PMTU code
      rx: Create AFS_ADAPT_PMTU and AFS_RXERRQ_ENV
      LINUX: Fix error queue processing
      rx: Process ICMP unreachable errors
      LINUX: Indent osi_machdep.h maze
      autoconf: add AC_CHECK_LINUX_TYPE macro
      LINUX: Use struct vfs_path on RHEL5
      LINUX: Detect non-vectorized aio functions
      LINUX: Avoid symlink-y resolution limits
      afs: Do not avoid DNLC if fakestat is set
      tests depends on viced
      doc: Add quotes to bos create in DAFS QSG section
      Pretty make output for tsalvaged, lib[u]afs
      doc: Fix Solaris 11 kernel module path
      rx: Split out rxi_NetSendError
      rx: Save errno in LWP rxi_Sendmsg
      rx: Do not include linux/module.h
      rx: More afspag-specific objects
      LINUX: Define printf/uprintf as variadic macros
      LINUX: Avoid 'wakeup' define
      RedHat: Avoid the DKMS escaping silliness
      afs: Use common cleanup code for lockctl EINVAL
      afs: Avoid tracking file locks for RO volumes
      sys: Split up syscall.lo 'echo's
      DAFS: VRS_r with VOL_SALVAGE_NO_OFFLINE in attach2
      Turn on Linux rx error queue and PMTU handling
      rx: Process error queue after noticing errors
      LINUX: Allocate error queue buffer once
      rx: Process all errors received
      rx: Check for peer deadness in rxi_Resend
      LINUX: Ignore 'offender' in error queue processing
      rx: Skip rxi_CheckPeerDead if we are DALLY
      ptserver: Avoid inet_ntoa
      rx: Fix non-TSFPQ rxi_FreePackets
      afs: Log slot for GetDSlot read errors
      afs: Make last_error always useful
      afs: Pass rx connection to print_internet_address
      afs: Never use GetNewDSlot after init
      afs: Handle easy GetValidDSlot errors
      afs: Traverse discard/free dslot list if errors
      afs_AllocDCache: return NULL instead of panic
      afs: Handle afs_AllocDCache errors
      afs_FreeDiscardedDCache: Avoid assert on error
      afs: Add some comments on GetValidDSlot panics
      afs: Do not skip flushing pages for dv-0 files
      LINUX: Dir follow_link should set LAST_BIND
      rx: Generate BUSY packets for error call channels
      afs: Slight restructuring in afs_Analyze
      afs: Handle VNOSERVICE as a timeout
      rx: Lock call for KeepAliveOn/KeepAliveOff
      vol: Let non-usable volumes attach for non-DAFS
      afs: log ICMP errors for downed servers
      afs_open: Deal with afs_GetDCache returning NULL
      ubik: Try to detect VOTE_Beacon errors
      afs: Fix VLRU traversal sanity check
      afs: Apply VLRU safety check for Linux too
      rx: Add rx_GetNetworkError
      ubik: Do not count votes from error'd connections
      volser: Check vnode length on dump
      ihandle: Indent ifdef maze
      ihandle: Add FDH_ISUNLINKED
      viced: Sanity check file link count during CoW
      LINUX: Avoid infinite d_invalidate loop
      afs: Consolidate ShakeLooseVCaches retry init
      afs: Avoid unnecessary panic in ShakeLooseVCaches
      afs: Add a little more info on SLVC loop panic
      viced: Avoid dangling uuid hash table entry
      viced: initInterfaceAddr_r regardless of ICBS code
      afs: Check dv against localhero aincr
      SOLARIS: Avoid areq and auid conflict
      SOLARIS: Look for ncurses in ncurses/ncurses.h
      SOLARIS: Use vn_renamepath when available
      SOLARIS: Avoid open count cleanup for Solaris 11
      ubik: Trivial formatting fix
      ubik: Remove bare global ubik_epochTime
      Improve libroken configure check
      FreeBSD 9.1: Warning fixes
      aklog: Fix allow_weak_crypto warning
      SOLARIS: Use vn_renamepath as early as possible
      afs: Move SetupVolume tv initialization after loop
      afs: Avoid SetupVolume panic
      rx: Honor RXS_PreparePacket errors
      rx: Assert call error for RXS_PreparePacket error
      ihandle: Remove ih_sync_thread
      viced: Improve CallPreamble error messages
      aklog: Search for /etc/krb5/krb5.conf
      aklog: Only try to use krb5-weak.conf if it exists
      volser: Indicate busy volume with VBUSY
      volser: Restore Vol*ListOneVolume error handling
      volser: Make VolListOneVolume errors consistent
      vos: Restore some VNOVOL error messages
      liboafs_ubik: Export DISK_GetFile
      aklog: Probe for libasn1 on heimdal
      LINUX: Avoid duplicate mntget in afs_dentry_open
      LINUX: Avoid duplicate mntget in afs_linux_raw_open
      Make ihandle sync behavior runtime-configurable
      Revert "LINUX: Avoid duplicate mntget in afs_linux_raw_open"
      LINUX: Sometimes let dentry_open handle refcounts
      afs: Do not invalidate all dcaches on startup
      DAFS: Avoid useless attach2 error message
      cacheout: Add -encrypt option
      Make the inode fileserver backend build again
      ihandle: Fix fdInUseCount leak on EMFILE
      ihandle: Refactor ih_open to split out ih_attachfd
      namei: Create the IH_CREATE_INIT function
      volser: Use the new IH_CREATE_INIT function
      budb: Do not use garbage cellinfo
      viced: Clarify comment explaining cba sorting
      rx: Always call rxi_StartListener
      vol: Nuke parent vol special inodes
      Whine if single-DES keys are in use
      Probe directly for com_err.h
      ihandle: Make sure we don't ih_attachfd invalid FD
      salvager: Whitespace formatting
      salvager: Fix in-memory invalid linktable counts
      salvager: Improve comments
      Revert "Atomically collect callbacks to be broken"
      viced: Avoid endless BCB loop
      namei: Set inconsistent linktable linkCount to 0
      salvager: Ignore linktable-only RW volumes
      viced: Improve client error log messages
      vos: Remove pthread send/receive select()
      doc: pts manpage fixes
      doc: Fix udebug -port bullet list
      doc: buserver manpage fixes
      doc: bos manpage fixes
      doc: voldump manpage fixes
      doc: kaserver manpage fixes
      doc: fileserver manpage fixes
      doc: volserver manpage fixes
      doc: Add -help option to fssync-debug manpages
      doc: ptserver manpage fixes
      doc: vlserver manpage fixes
      doc: bosserver manpage fixes
      doc: restorevol manpage fixes
      doc: fs manpage fixes
      doc: vos manpage fixes
      doc: Make all vos pages =include common options
      doc: afsmonitor manpage fixes
      doc: upserver manpage fixes
      doc: vldb_check manpage fixes
      doc: rxdebug manpage fixes
      doc: volinfo manpage fixes
      doc: kdb manpage fixes
      doc: pt_util manpage fixes
      doc: butc manpage fixes
      doc: Fix livesys output formatting
      doc: Symlink all dafssync-debug pages
      doc: Add 'fs precache' manpage
      doc: Add 'fs nukenfscreds' manpage
      doc: Add 'fs discon' manpage
      viced: Misc argument parsing fixes
      bozo: Fix help message formatting
      ptserver: Fix argument aliases
      Do not hide -enable_{peer,process}_stats
      klog.krb5: Don't hide the -x option
      Exit successfully on -help
      volserver: Exit on arg parsing failure
      volserver: Restore -allow-dotted-principals
      volserver: Remove -sleep functionality
      bos: Remove MR-AFS commands and options
      doc: Add 'checkman' tool
      backup: Display general help on -help
      backup deletedump: Change -port to -portoffset
      doc: backup manpage fixes
      rx: Remove obsolete comment
      LINUX: Use sock_create_kern where available
      cellconfig: Do not use 'long' for dbserver IPs
      RedHat: Munge future kernel versions
      Fedora: Handle new kernel variant paths
      RedHat: Fix specfile changelog
      viced: Move host quota calculation
      rx: Clarify error checks for busy channel check
      afs: Fix some dcache-related comments
      afs: Don't clear afs_CacheTooFull prematurely
      SOLARIS: Support VSW_STATS
      DARWIN: Convert crfree back into a macro
      viced: Avoid issuing redundant TMAY requests
      opr: Silence rbtree warning
      Revert "viced: Enable NAT ping on hosts"
      afs: Return raw code from background daemons
      afs: Treat vc_error as a CheckCode-translated code
      afs: Fix afs_CheckCode identifier collision
      afs: Translate VNOSERVICE to ETIMEDOUT
      afs: Pay attention to fetchOps->destroy error code
      afs: Refactor DoLockWarning
      afs: Include FID in DoLockWarning
      salvager: Handle multiple/inconsistent linktables
      namei: Ignore misplaced files
      afs: Throttle byte-range locks warnings per-file
      viced: Restore some previous log message language
      rx: Split out rxi_SendConnectionAbortLater
      rx: Avoid rxi_Delay on RXS_CheckResponse failure
      afs: Raise fake free space reporting
      Fix rx_EndCall error precedence
      doc: Clarify some text
      bozo: Ignore ListKeys ka_KeyCheckSum return value
      ptserver: Fix RemoveFromSGEntry hentry memcpy
      LINUX: Drop dentry if lookup returns new file
      LINUX: Check afs_lookup return code explicitly
      LINUX: Avoid premature RO volume lock error
      afs: Move init_hckernel_init to osi_Init
      rx: Reset lastSendData when resetting call
      LINUX: Avoid d_revalidate failure on mtpt mismatch
      auth: Fix GetNthIdentityOrUser EOF return code
      tests: Fix fmt-t.c warning
      LINUX: Avoid check for key_type.match existence
      systemd: RemainAfterExit in openafs-client.service
      afs: Consolidate fheader initialization
      namei: Remove redundant linktable SetLinkCount
      namei: IH_REALLYCLOSE special inode on delete
      namei: Remove namei_SetNonZLC
      salvager: Don't lie about locked-ness to namei_SLC
      FBSD: Do not vgone() in osi_VM_FlushVCache
      FBSD: Drop afs_xvcache for vgone()
      ubik: Convert DoProbe 'i' to 'nconns'
      ubik: Unlock version lock before udisk_end
      vol: Make FindLinkHandle static and namei-only
      doc: Document fs listquota 2TB partition limit
      namei: Remove icreate tfd hack
      afs: Remove 'slept' from osi_VM_FlushVCache
      afs: Add xvcache-related afs_FlushVCache comments
      afs: Fix some afs_conn overcounts
      RedHat: Update configure options, again
      rx: Ignore responses to nonexistent challenges
      bozo: Constify bozo_Log 'format' argument
      ptserver: Limit length on namelist, idlist
      LINUX: Remove fix_bad_parent
      afs: Refactor GetDSlot parameters
      afs: Warn about afs_conn overcounts
      rx: Normalize use of some MTU-discovery fields
      cacheout: Use authenticated secClass for VLDB
      ihandle: Add a comment on IH_OPEN/IH_REALLYCLOSE
      DAFS: Free header on partially-attached vol salv
      Add asserts to VLock* functions
      SOLARIS: Avoid uninitialized caller_context_t
      afs: Zero uninitialized uio structs
      rx: Zero unitialized uio structs
      rx: Rely on remote startWait idleness for idleDead
      rx: Remove idleDeadDetection
      rx: Remove RX_CALL_IDLE
      rx: Remove RX_CALL_BUSY
      rx: Set lastBusy on RX_CALL_TIMEOUT
      libafscp: Remove comment with dead code
      afs: Use correct output buffer for FSCmd pioctl
      vlserver: Disable regex volume name processing in ListAttributesN2
      vol: Avoid FDH_SEEK/FDH_READ
      afs: Use named constants for mvstat
      afs: Clarify vcache->mvid accesses
      afs: Stop abusing ENOENT
      vol: Log more info on wrong SYNC response length
      LINUX: Fix "unused but set var" autoconf warnings
      objdir build: Normalize COMPILE_ET_* commands
      LINUX: Restore negative dentry caching
      afs: Avoid incorrect size when fetching beyond EOF
      afs: Fix fetchInit for negative/large lengths
      afs: Log weird 'size' fetchdata errors
      afs: Log abnormally large chunk files
      vos: Remove redundant " done" messages
      ubik: Don't clear ubik_lastYesTime on startup
      vlserver: rx_SetRxDeadTime before ubik init
      ubik: Don't RECFOUNDDB if can't contact most sites
      afs: Make ONEGROUP_ENV not Linux-specific
      afs: Create afs_StaleVCache
      ubik: Return an error from ContactQuorum when inquorate
      afs: Create afs_SetDataVersion
      opr: Add opr_StaticAssert
      Revert "Lockless path through afs_linux_dentry_revalidate"
      LINUX: Don't compile syscall code with keyrings
      rx: Add rxi_FlushWriteLocked

Andy Cobaugh (2):
      rpm: Really undefine %dist
      rpm: remove postinstall message from openafs-client

Antoine Verheijen (33):
      DARWIN: Fix processing using rx_ifaddr_* macros in afsi_SetServerIPRank()
      Darwin: Assign correct value to myDstaddr in afsi_SetServerIPRank()
      OpenBSD: Use Darwin version of afsi_SetServerIPRank() for OpenBSD 4.7 and above.
      OpenBSD: Fix use of mstat Length field in osi_vm.c
      OpenBSD: Fix variable name typo in osi_vcache.c
      Move include of sys/types.h in kopenafs.c
      OpenBSD: Remove duplicate assignment of COMMON_INCLUDE in libafs
      OpenBSD: Remove macros definitions for afs_osi_Alloc et al.
      OpenBSD: Fix use of macros for AFS_KALLOC/AFS_KFREE
      OpenBSD: Install no-NFS version of libafs
      OpenBSD: Fix parameters in call to afs_close()
      OpenBSD: Don't call non-existent routines in osi_vfsops.c
      OpenBSD: No ruid/rgid in cred structure.
      Move check for unspecified CFLAGS in
      OpenBSD: Change code optimization setting
      OpenBSD: Make OpenBSD 4.7 param headers consistent
      OpenBSD: Add support for OpenBSD 4.8
      OpenBSD: curproc has moved in OpenBSD 4.8
      OpenBSD: Remove user.h from dir.c for OpenBSD 4.8
      OpenBSD: Eliminate complaint about built-in malloc.
      OpenBSD: Complete implementation of afs_osi_TimedSleep
      Replace uintptr_t type cast with uintptrsz in afs_vcache.c
      OpenBSD: Add <sys/queue.h> header for <sys/lockf.h>
      Remove pre-existing assert macro in hcrypto header.
      OpenBSD 4.6/4.7: Define curproc for rx_atomic.h.
      OpenBSD: Add support for missing routine memmove() in kernel.
      OpenBSD: Add config headers for new(er) OS versions.
      OpenBSD: Replace "vnodeop_desc" with "vops" in kernel module.
      OpenBSD 5.3: Replace use of copyinstr for setting mount point name.
      Increase size of space for ACL in "up" command.
      OpenBSD: Add support for OpenBSD 5.4
      OpenBSD: Remove obsolete parameter in call to osi_VM_FlushVCache()
      OpenBSD: Clean up use of LK_CANRECURSE in call to lockmgr()

Arne Wiebalck (7):
      Update 'vos shadow' man page
      packaging: remove largefile-fileserver option from spec file
      RedHat: support building on ELRepo kernels
      make openafs uninstallable even if /afs is missing
      Log shutdown progress
      libacl: use initialized memory
      rx: initialize memory before use

Asanka C. Herath (2):
      Windows: Backup and restore configuration across installs
      Windows: Build against KerbCompatSDK instead of KFW

Asanka Herath (1):
      Windows: Set NTDDI_VERSION when setting _WIN32_WINNT

Ben Kaduk (116):
      FBSD: properly register our syscall
      More FBSD syscall tweaking
      FBSD: in lookup, when ISDOTDOT, unlock dvp
      Revert "FBSD: in lookup, when ISDOTDOT, unlock dvp"
      Complete change from dcb40c9fb8 for FBSD
      Fix build on systems with .y.o rules
      FBSD: band-aid vnode locking in lookup
      FBSD: fix dumb panic when we can't pfind rxk_Listener
      FBSD: lock interlock around v_usecount accesses
      FBSD: correct and simplify vcache eviction routines
      FBSD: close race in afs_root
      Fix build for archs with -lcrypt
      FBSD: warning cleanups
      Catch up on FBSD releases
      Fix FBSD build after warning cleanups
      FBSD: clean up rx_socket teardown
      Zero rx_multi_lock before initializing it
      FBSD: StopListener glocking fixup
      Bring FBSD 7.X client back to life
      FBSD7: Don't sleep with the glock
      FBSD: remove vestiges of Giant
      FBSD: remove prtactive
      Remove stale FreeBSD packaging
      Remove outdated rc file for afsd on FBSD
      new files for FreeBSD packaging at 1.6.0pre3
      Unbreak make dest for FBSD
      Rename libcom_err to libafscom_err
      FBSD: VIMAGE support
      Enable gencat for i386_fbsd_*
      Also install for i386_fbsd
      FBSD: do not install kdump
      FBSD: do not FlushAllVCaches
      Install for i386_fbsd make dest
      FBSD: Remove include directive for nonexistent file
      FBSD: cast pointers appropriately
      FBSD: Use correct path for ufsmount.h include
      FBSD: use better casts in vop_advlock
      libafs: switch to hardcoded source names with CRULE
      FBSD: update to using
      FBSD: in libafs, define LIBAFSNONFS
      FBSD: cast lkmnosys appropriately
      Free memory from afs_events
      Tidy up event hash table definitions a bit more
      FBSD: fallout for debug symbols
      FBSD: allow exclusion of kernel symbols
      FBSD: deal with kernel API rename
      FBSD: typo fix
      FBSD: cleanup dvp locking for ISDOTDOT
      Remove dead code from rxi_FindIfnet()
      FBSD: switch afsi_SetServerIPRank implementation
      Catch up on fbsd releases
      Patch up FreeBSD-10 support
      FreeBSD major version numbers are multi-character
      Catch up to FreeBSD non-MPSAFE deorbit
      Add configure option to not install kauth
      Fix build for separate objdirs
      Catch up to FreeBSD KPI for vfs_cmount
      butc: do not use stack garbage for secobj
      Enable dvolser and tvolser for FreeBSD
      Fix DARWIN build with clang
      Fix build with separate objdirs
      Remove unused variable
      FreeBSD: VOP_MMAP has been dead since 1996
      Apply cast from cfc9b348 to the else clause
      db_dump.o depends on budb_errs.h
      Update windows build documentation
      Use rk_mkdir from libafsroken
      Disable some heimdal bits
      Export RAND_bytes from hcrypto on Windows
      hcrypto: export weak key routine
      Make UKERNEL's panic() a real function, not a macro
      Alias "vos e" to "vos examine"
      Document the prdb (ubik) file format
      Make KeyFileExt comment match reality
      Update the WiX installer to know about afsrfc3961.dll
      Use the string form of key types in asetkey
      Update the asetkey man page for rxkad-k5
      Add support for deriving DES keys to klog.krb5
      Fix typo
      Do not use a non-literal format string
      Verify, not Assert, for the (util) global mutex
      Check for over/underflow while allocating PTS ids
      Catch up to FreeBSD VM object read/write locks
      FBSD: plug refcount leak in pioctl
      bozo: Remove dead code and minor cleanup
      Reorder bosserver startup prior to pthreads
      Convert buserver to libutil's logging
      Adjust for microtime() ABI on all XBSD
      Sysname and param.h for FreeBSD 9.2 and 11.0
      Remove bucoord/expire.c
      Remove klogin
      Sort the rfc3961 library's export symbol list
      Fix typo in rfc3961 namespace-cleaning
      Suppress nonliteral format string warning/error
      bcrypt keys are on the rxkad list, not rxgk
      Add some configure bits for GSS-API
      Add rxgk boilerplate
      Dummy Makefile for rxgk
      Use the RX_SECIDX_* enums in more places
      auditU: also report for rxkad-always-encrypt
      FBSD: adhere to gop_lookupname() semantics
      Avoid a name conflict in a local variable
      FBSD: initialize 'retval' for afs3_syscall
      FBSD: avoid unused-variable warning
      Remove some incomplete struct initializers
      Export heimdal's rand-fortuna PRNG to the kernel
      Move epoch and cid generation into the rx core
      Garbage-collect afs_GCUserData's argument
      Remove rx_SetEpoch, rx_SetConnectionEpoch, rx_SetConnectionId
      rx: Named values for securityObjectStats types
      libafs: fix some nits around the symlink VOP
      Remove FOREIGN
      Remove spurious NULL checks
      Fix incorrect uses of abs()
      Namespace-clean some more heimdal symbols
      aklog: swap order of roken and hcrypto

Benjamin Kaduk (173):
      Fix build for FreeBSD 10.0
      ktc: fix up initializer for local_tokens
      Fix vcache/vnode mismatch in lookup for DARWIN
      De-duplicate a couple afs_CheckCode uniquifiers
      rfc3961: Use enctypes, not keytypes
      afs_fetchstore: avoid use of uninitialized variable
      Add a routine to get the size of the current process
      viced/callback.c: Ignore dump write errors even harder
      vol/salvaged.c: Remove unused variable
      Disable deprecated warnings for krb5 routines
      Add braces to avoid a 'dangling else' warning
      Use an explicit symbol for uninitialized vnode types
      Remove some explicit sbrk() usage
      FBSD: catch up to 1997 and include if_var.h with if.h
      Remove unneeded inclusion of <sys/timeb.h>
      Satisfy clang's aggressive strlcpy warnings
      pointers are not castable to unsigned int
      FBSD: Switch the dummy 'data' for mount(2)
      fstrace: only declare 'rval' when it is used
      afs_fetchstore: re-avoid uninitialized variable
      opr: removed the unused static_inline initnode
      Remove static const char copyright[]
      Use correct include guard for vol_prototypes.h
      Do not use garbage-collection for DARWIN ObjC apps
      libafs: DARWIN: update for Xcode 5.1
      Make struct CallBack indentation uniform again
      bcrypt keys are in the rxkad list, not the rxgk list
      pioctl.c: removed unused variable
      aklog: those pesky assignments in conditionals
      Disable kauth by default
      vol: Fix build with separate objdir
      Install afscp.h from srcdir, not the build dir
      Some rx type cleanup for signedness
      rxgen: use unsigned type for max array length
      Use a separate toplevel target for venus/tests
      rx: Do not try to cancel nonexistent events
      Use an unsigned type for bitmask values
      Make kernel hcrypto calloc return zeroed memory
      Fix memset invocation in rx/event-t.c
      Add missing tests to tests/opr/.gitignore
      Sort libtool symbol files
      Use correct syntax for libtool version info
      Normalize names of libtool convenience libraries
      Normalize LT_deps/LT_objs split
      Build and install
      Build and install
      Build a usable
      Make pam conditional on INSTALL_KAUTH
      Deorbit the netscape plugin
      Deorbit separate JUAFS build
      Adjust roken.m4 to allow separate lib and include
      Allow building with MIT krb5 and external roken
      Fix LT_LDLIB_shlib_missing
      Build auth tests with libtool
      Build roken using libtool
      Build venus tests with libtool
      Link aklog against LIB_hcrypto
      Allow external hcrypto
      Build hcrypto with libtool
      Adjust configure defaults for 1.8
      Let mancheck_utils ignore version subcommands
      Tweak AFSDIR_PATH_MAX definition
      Build fixes for recent FreeBSD -current
      Fix disk name initialization in scout
      Build kopenafs with libtool
      Retire Makefile.shared
      Merge pam into the kauth configure option
      Warn at configure time about bitmap-later
      Remove unused -k argument to fileserver
      Remove documentation of 'program'
      Update QuickStartGuide front matter
      Deorbit "Getting started on HP-UX systems"
      Deorbit "Getting started on IRIX systems"
      Reorder "Getting Started" sections
      Drop the non-DA fileserver
      Deorbit upserver from the quickstart guide
      Add a Debian/Ubuntu subsection
      Switch other-linux to built-from-source
      Attempt to make the server install bits current
      Build fix for recent FreeBSD -current
      Remove dead code
      Do not install kauth manpages when kauth is disabled
      Avoid AFS_version conflicts in uafs
      (Partially) unify XDR for libuafs and libafs
      Attempt to make hcrypto parallel-safe
      Build libuafs with libtool
      Make afs_usrops.h more closely resemble reality
      Finish deorbiting libjuafs.a
      Allow compiling with KERNEL and AFS_PTHREAD_ENV
      Update CellServDB to 20141117 snapshot
      Disallow creating users with ANONYMOUSID
      Clean up our cleaning
      Rewrap some long lines in the toplevel Makefile
      Remove Debian packaging
      Remove FreeBSD packaging
      Attempt to clean up tvolser dependencies
      Add AFSCONF_NOCELLNAME error code
      rx: Remove dead AFS_ADAPT_PMTU SUN5 code
      rx: rxi_SendPacketList remove duplicate conditional
      afs: Remove unused constant DCSIZE
      opr: implement the BSD ffs() functions
      Add auditing to GetXStats
      Deorbit IRIX-specific QuickStartGuide bits
      Deorbit HP-UX-specific QuickStartGuide bits
      Deorbit AIX-specific QuickStartGuide bits
      Handle backupDate of zero
      Do not redeclare mutexes for darwin
      Mark Linux 2.4 as unsupported
      Remove osconf conditionals for linux24
      Remove linux22 and linux24 param files
      Remove LINUX24 from src/afs
      Remove LINUX24 from src/rx
      Remove stale conditionals
      Remove linux24 conditionals from mcas/Makefile.osi
      Remove Linux 2.4 compat from RedHat packaging
      vol: use ffs from opr instead of inline
      kauth: fix clock skew detection
      afsio: switch BreakUpPath to strdup
      Ignore return values more harder
      afs: Do not supply bogus poll vnodeops for FBSD
      Avoid unsafe scanf("%s")
      pagsh: do not call set[ug]id()
      Normalize on vp->hashid for hash table usage
      vol: relocate some comments
      Switch to jhash for VNODE_HASH
      vol: Switch to Jenkins hash for volume hash table
      Update asetkey.8 for KeyFileExt
      Document KeyFileExt(5)
      rx: Tidy up rxi_CheckCall()'s mtuout handling
      afs: use jenkins hash for dcache, vcache tables
      Make compile_et output usable out-of-tree
      afs: Increase vcache and dcache hash table sizes
      CODING: permit --enable-checking with clang
      Fix ptserver -default_access parsing
      volser: set error, not code, before rfail
      Make typedKey helpers more friendly to use
      Add filepath entries for rxkad.keytab
      Provide a buildtool_roken make variable
      Update extra-iput configure argument description
      Remove blank line from README
      Tweak grammar in README
      Typo fix in comment
      Fix optimized IRIX kernel module builds
      cellconfig: check for invalid dotted quads
      OPENAFS-SA-2016-002 AFSStoreStatus information leak
      OPENAFS-SA-2016-002 AFSStoreVolumeStatus information leak
      OPENAFS-SA-2016-002 VldbListByAttributes information leak
      OPENAFS-SA-2016-002 ListAddrByAttributes information leak
      Add param files for FreeBSD 10.2, 10.3
      Fix typo in cm_dcache.c
      util: Remove undocumented magic of mrafs-style logs
      Add comment about serverlog locking
      Add akeyconvert, for rxkad.keytab to KeyFileExt conversion
      configure: check for some more krb5 functions
      Add extra parentheses to macro bodies
      doc: set for chunk.xsl
      Partially unifdef afs_pag_call.c
      Make setting of CFLAGS_NOSTRICT make sense
      export some kauth symbols for libadmin sample apps
      Fix typo in kaserver appendix
      Linux 4.5: no highmem in symlink ops
      Linux 4.5: don't access i_mutex directly
      viced: make -vhashsize usable for non-DAFS
      Add sysname IDs for FreeBSD 10.2 and 10.3
      LWP fileserver is no more
      Document minimum supported compiler versions
      Reformat src/afs/LINUX/osi_vcache.c
      bos: re-add -salvagedirs for use with -all
      afs: do not leak stale data in buffers
      pts: add some sanity checks in ptuser.c
      Update libafsdep files for in-kernel fortuna
      Import NEWS from openafs-stable-1_6_x
      Make OpenAFS 1.8.0pre1

Brandon S Allbery (1):
      gtx: use getmaxyx() with sensible fallbacks

Brian Torbich (1):
      redhat: Correct permissions on systemd unit files

Charles Hannum (1):
      linux fh_to_dentry can return err

Chas Williams (8):
      Open syscall emulation file O_RDONLY
      LINUX: don't cache negative entries for dynroot
      opr: Disable some warnings during opr assertions
      opr: Use opr_Assert() instead of silently failing
      Refactor printing arguments to the xdr routines
      rxgen: Don't use size_t in struct rx_opaque with XDR
      Remove automated casting in rxgen
      LINUX: dcache updates for mkdir and sillyrename

Chas Williams (CONTRACTOR) (71):
      afsd's -mem_alloc_sleep is obselete -- update documentation
      configure: --with-linux-kernel-packaging should default to disabled
      rename some variables in rxperf
      add option to rxperf to use rx_Readv() instead of rx_Read()
      sin_family is not network order
      Use bigger I/O sizes for the memcache
      Rx: fix dpf() usage with regard to trailing \n's
      Allow private implementations of osi_AllocSmall/LargeSpace
      rx: remove spurious compare for maxDgramPackets
      afs: fix SOLARIS builds conflicting 'u' define
      afs: afs_osi_Alloc_NoSleep() cleanup
      afs: simplify afs_osi_alloc.c
      afs: clean afs_osi_Alloc() usage
      afs: minor cleanup for LINUX struct vcache
      lwp: fix the rw test program
      lwp: test for working swapcontext() and friends
      solaris: fix typo in the solaris 11 startup script
      rx: always use/protect the xdr routines in the kernel
      doc: let configure find the XML tools if possible
      doc: fixes for the xsltproc -> fop -> pdf toolchain
      doc: fix some broken link specifications
      crypto: Fixes for recent Heimdal changes
      opr: should be built as shared
      Finish removing sunos 4.x references and build cruft
      afs: the assert seems to be inverted when using memcache
      libuafs: use the pic version of opr for perluafs
      doc: fix kindle builds of documentation
      afsio: add -clear and -crypt option
      afs: casting NULL is generally unnecessary
      bos: split part of bnode.p.h into bnode_internal.h
      bos: convert struct bnode_type to use opr
      bos: convert struct bnode_proc to use opr
      bos: convert struct bnode to use opr
      LINUX: fix array indexing issue in memory statistics
      LINUX: ifconfig's output has changed
      afs: removing trailing semicolons
      autoconf: Combine the sparc/solaris configurations
      autoconf: Combine the x86/solaris configuration stanzas
      cmd: Correctly initialize cmd_OptionAsString arguments
      lwp: rw now depends on libopr
      bos: Remove last of MRAFS references
      volser: remove commented code
      vlserver: Add auditing to some more RPC's
      afs/VNOPS: reduce stack usage
      ptserver: Optionally restrict anonymous access to the ptserver
      pts: Don't assume that pr_IdToName() was successful
      rx: Remove rx_waitingForPacket
      solaris: help fs_conv_sol26 build cleanly
      afs/VNOPS: use osi_AllocSmallSpace() correctly
      auth: Fix library dependencies so that tests build again
      config: Remove deprecated macro from FreeBSD configuration files
      config: Updates to AFS_HAVE_STATVFS for FreeBSD
      config: AFS_SHORTGID no longer in use
      config: Refactor the FreeBSD configuration files
      auth: Clean up and document functions in netrestrict.c
      budb:  Avoid use of anonymous structures to determine size
      afs: Remove AFS_BOZONLOCK_ENV
      vlserver: Refactor auditing
      doc: fix duplicate tag usage in QuickStartUnix
      doc: fix unbalanced <listitem> in AdminGuide/auagd018.xml
      uss: Make the uss parser private
      uss: Avoid -i (inplace) with sed
      uss: always build uss
      IRIX: Move src/sgistuff to platform/IRIX
      IRIX: remove mention of unsupported sgiefs from
      doc: remove supergroup caution from pt_util
      lwp: remove preemption support
      lwp: fix some warnings for rw.c
      lwp: fix bug in rw with assigning reader id
      rw: Properly cleanup LWP environment
      auth: Allow subnet ranges in NetInfo and NetRestrict

Chaskiel Grundman (23):
      linux: avoid leaking parent when revalidating and it is /afs
      libafscp: a library for "clientless" operations
      Make src/opr objdir safe
      Remove kauth from libuafs
      Add krb5_free_context stub to rfc3961
      Build 3961 library in userspace, and add enctypes
      Allow some rfc3961 functionality to be disabled
      libafsrpc: link afsrpc.dll to afsrfc3961.lib
      Use rfc3961 library to decrypt kerberos 5 tickets
      Asetkey now handles afsconf_rxkad_krb5 keys too
      Krb5 ticket support for server-to-server and localauth
      Derive DES/fcrypt session key from other key types
      Add missing clean rules
      tkt_MakeTicket5: Use correct bitmask operator
      rxgen: cast bool properly
      rxgen: skip ubik for KERNEL
      Remove kauth headers from afs_usrops.c
      Remove UKERNEL code from files that don't need it
      Free security objects used in VolForward
      Remove sunrpc compatibility
      rxgen: Always pass aliases (typedefs) as pointers
      rxgen: Only cast array/pointer/vector types
      Linux 4.5: get_link instead of follow_link+put_link

Chaz Chandler (4):
      Add explicit libafsauthent dependency for aklog
      libafscp: code cleanup
      afsio: rewrite using libafscp
      afsio: remove unnecessary reference to malloc.h

Chris Orsi (1):
      Windows: Mount Point and Symlink Overlay Icons

Christer Grafström (2):
      Add support for configuration of MacOS 10.10 "Yosemite"
      Packaging support for MacOS X 10.10 "Yosemite"

Christof Hanke (31):
      volserver: Do not return ENOMEM on AIX from XVolListPartitions
      remove unnecessary dependency
      use proper 64bit casting for pointer-math
      use computed values in src/gtx/curseswindows.c
      use intptr_t instead of ifdef
      Add output-table to libafsutil
      check curses-libs by configure
      Unix afsd: Check for mountpoint /afs first
      Add .gitignore for tsm41
      Fix mech of building export on AIX
      autoconf: add test for typedef'd structs
      linux: add read_descriptor_t configure test and ifdef
      libafscp: fix install/dest in sep. Objectdir
      linux: fix probing for noop_fsync
      fileserver: add volume number to error-messages
      out-of-tree-build: extend configuration,
      Linux Keyring error handling
      client: flag in cachemanager if rmtsys is enabled
      tabular output: fix segmentation fault
      LINUX: Keyring deal with suse-specific key_type op
      afsd: check if mountdir is an absolute path
      vos: complain if no fields are passed
      linux-kernel-module: move keyring-specific
      tabular_output: move public headers
      tabular_output: enable compilation on Windows
      Linux: always include <linux/uidgid.h> headerfile
      Linux: fix whitespace issue
      Logfiles: open with O_APPEND
      liboafs_util: export symbols for tabular_output
      bos, pts: emit error messages on stderr
      tabular_output: allocate footer-line when set for the first time

D Brashear (3):
      linux: make reading unixusers from proc actually work
      libafs: avoid contaminating the return of lookup vnop
      vlserver: limit use of regex to admins always

Dan van der Ster (2):
      rxperf: print achieved transfer rate
      linux: remove linux osi_alloc hash stats

Daria Brashear (7):
      LINUX: ensure mvid is set on root vnodes
      osx: update afssettings for yosemite
      Add defines for recent darwin sysctl constants
      vos: desupport -stayonline
      vos: Clear nvldbentry before sending on the wire
      bos: Use crypt for commands where spoofing could be a risk
      afs: Clear pioctl data interchange buffer before use

Daria Phoebe Brashear (2):
      openafs: add a contributor code of conduct
      git: add a mailmap file

Dave Botsch (5):
      Fixes dkms.conf for Redhat Enterprise
      Initial set of changes for El Capitan OS X 10.11 .
      rxinit_status needs to be global for the kext since
      Define OSATOMIC_USE_INLINED to get usable atomics on DARWIN
      Mac OS Sierra deprecates syscall()

Derrick Brashear (279):
      macos afsdb reinit resolver on address change
      ubik recovery kill duplicate code
      rx msgsize retry logic change
      ubik recovery and remote use correct file number
      disable Rx packet tracking
      pam test should return an int in main
      linux define ucontext properly
      exempt instant timeouts from mtu discovery
      add rxstats to kernel
      darwin kernel atomics
      rx stats atomic inclusion needs kmutexes for emulation
      OSX prefspane use Kerberos Preferences for defaults
      add objc build rules to make-type makefiles
      rename afs/assert.h to afs/afs_assert.h
      shakeloosevcaches drop xvcache during dentry ops
      afs assert should use afs abort
      vutil use lockfile mutex macros for lockfile mutex
      atomic mutex don't recursive enter
      kill defunct tools directory
      down with assert, up with osi_Assert
      viced don't double-print start time
      explain yacc build product dependency so it is not removed
      RPM scripts should allow newbinary restart to restart
      kill off afs/debug.h
      check for error_message
      rx mutex inversion fix
      merge ntops and namei
      avoid requeueing callbacks during shutdown
      import vsyslog from roken for AIX
      roken build vsyslog
      redhat init script fix missing space
      aklog weak warning
      ubik sync client error recovery
      external import script should rebase away whitespace
      configure: add lresolv to MT_LIBS
      osconf quoting for macros
      freebsd: properly track vcache references
      balance afs_vcount in non-linux CM
      properly mark servers down for rx errors except OPCODE
      afsconf_SuperUser verify identity before use
      DAFS: fix ifdef
      refactor afs_CheckServers
      macos nfs translator vnode ref fix
      darwin: fix fixed setpag error handling
      backup: pass in valid dummy pid for LWP
      DARWIN: make ARCHFLAGS propagate to shlibs
      DARWIN: make growlagent build not run afoul of ._ fun
      DARWIN: replace resource merge script ref with binary
      LWP: don't copy pid to a null pointer
      LWP: kill dead code
      DAFS: listvol + unsalvagable volumes = intolerable delay
      afsd: CellItems doesn't apply to memcache mode
      MacOS: panic decoder should check for unloaded kexts
      MacOS: don't allow krb5 at login when AD plugin authenticates
      MacOS: fix SetFile call in growlagent makefile
      evalmountdata: put back colon in .:mount syntax only if we removed it
      evalmountdata null pointer before use
      1.6.0pre2 release notes
      fileserver: dropbox mode shouldn't allow readback from anonymous
      unix: giveupallcallbacks at shutdown
      MacOS: don't install growlagent into prefpanes dir
      MacOS: aklog auth plugin
      generated mode: fix result
      avoid unneeded rebuilds due to component version
      LWP: remove ucontext header from preempt module
      arm darwin update
      rx: cancel growmtu event on resetcall
      tweak uvldb-making function
      hcrypto: avoid key_type redefinition
      linux: defer vcache evictions when sleep would be needed
      macos: dont want bind 8 compat on leopard
      osx: prefs pane should properly detect version
      osx: decode-panic should work in add-kext only land
      macos: kernel socket upcall
      MacOS: allow cdead vcaches to be found in FindVCache if requested
      DAFS: allow salvager to detect whether FSYNC server is DAFS
      DAFS: fix forceDAFS support in salvager
      osconf: reduplicate systype stuff
      macos next support
      ihandle release locking simplification
      xdr symbol fallout
      macos: no more startupitems
      Import tsearch.c from roken
      add tsearch to Windows
      afscp: build for windows
      kernel upcall rx env should shut down event daemon
      libafscp fixes
      libafscp: fix kerberos bits
      roken header dependencies mean we need roken
      libafscp: add lock support
      afsio: fix objdir build
      macos: further next version support
      IRIX: set vfs pointer when creating new vcaches
      avoid downward vcache pressure when entries are free
      afscp: tellmeaboutyourself stub wants host byte order
      dynroot: mark vnode types on dynroot vnodes
      macos: bulkstat redux
      macos: bulkstat caller reference handling
      macos: bulkstat sysctl
      darwin armv6 and armv7 support
      more death to des
      rxkad ticket5 function rewriting
      generated: take into account the things needed in master
      macos: package shared libraries
      macos: fix shlib link list
      macos: note additional vfs features
      volser: remove pragma requiring ultranew gcc
      redhat: support epel yum configs in mockbuild
      macos: krb5_524 is uselessly stubbed
      macos: avoid KLRenewInitialTickets crash in Lion
      aklog: check ccache errors in get_user_realm
      macos: don't attempt finalize fixup on root vnode
      macos: fix vnode finalization
      vos: spell "vldb" correctly
      rx: avoid nat ping until connection is attached
      pam: clean up unused variables and prototyping
      pam: stop building it wrong
      macos: reset next vcache pointer after reacquiring xvcache
      macos: axe static vfs_fsentry
      viced: avoid aborting on host table exhaustion
      redhat: update dkms config
      aklog: attempt to warn about needed weak crypto switch for Lion
      macos: fix race in afs_root
      roken: no strcasecmp
      aklog: work around lion kerberos disaster
      redhat: mockbuild updates for repoquery
      xvcb lock order violation
      xserver lock order violation
      macos: update 32 bit kernel build flags
      aklog: strlen(NULL) doesn't work
      rx: avoid nat ping during shutdown
      darwin: minimal afsbackgrounder ticket fix
      volser: dont double-stat vnodes when dumping
      rx: arrange for Finalize to really stop running calls
      afscp: add confdir override
      afscp: allow listing of bare root.cell dirs in dynroot mode
      afscp: enable debugging support in the volume portion
      darwin: ukernel is 64-bit able
      ukernel: make web enhancements the default
      ukernel: output dataversion in stat struct if possible
      bypasscache for ukernel
      bypasscache: free in order
      volinfo: fix bad format string
      ukernel: add uafs_access
      ukernel: install our sysincludes to root.perf
      ukernel: don't enforce thread lockers in remove vop
      ukernel: set close-on-exec on our socket
      afs: on uuid init fail, don't leave garbage behind
      ukernel: set pthread stacksize to an integer multiple of 8k
      afs: don't try GetDownD if nothing to get
      ukernel: get an ip address even when dns and hosts suck
      bypasscache: do errors correctly
      bypasscache: allow arbitrary sized iovecs
      ukernel: handle pioctl errors properly in ktc
      redhat: make rpms build on pre-f15 again
      dafs: avoid null deref getting volume header
      viced: avoid bogus handle in rename
      namei: force-close fd on read or write error
      viced: disable accelerated copyonwrite
      remove CopyOnWrite2 and unused vars
      afsd.fuse: link libopr
      libafs: only do pings for default conn with root uid
      libafs: disable mtu discovery
      vos: fix code to not triple-negate
      ukernel: enable nat ping again
      afs: increase idledead time
      rx: add and export a public keepalive toggle
      afs: put back conn if not using in checkserver loop
      afs: discard cached state when we are unsure of validity
      opr: fix generated target
      volinfo: fix formating of placeholder printfs
      viced: disable rx keepalives during disk io
      libafs: add replicated connection pool
      libafs: kill rxevent daemon even in upcall mode
      volser: allow cloning non-rw volumes
      volser: allow clonevol purge id to be new id
      vol: allow clones of readonly volumes
      vos: refactor code
      vos: allow releases without offline time
      libafs: ensure one nat ping connection per srvAddr
      libafs: retry retriable RPCs instead of abandoning
      macos: don't crash on krb5 damage
      osx: deal with more kerberos damage
      macos: find packagemaker instead of assuming path
      macos: iterate mdfound packagemakers when spaces are present
      linux: make mockbuild more reliable
      linux: update spec requirements
      tools: move useful tools from test dir to tools dir
      ubik: utst needs opr for assert in util
      libafs: dont handle outstatus on write error
      aklog: heimdal kvno is unsigned
      aklog: heimdal kvno is rapidly changing
      macos: lock module against unload during shutdown
      libafs: stop bkg first
      macos: remove mistyped vnode warning
      libafs: don't crash on no addresses in afs_Conn
      c-tap-harness: add float.h
      macos: update AFS prefs pane
      cmd: avoid issues with static heimdal
      viced: clear optstring before parsing
      libafs: initialize free dcache list for memcache
      viced: fix merge error
      viced: fix GetVolumePackage to not bomb always when GetClient called
      aklog: can't assume krb5_524_conv_principal based on convert_creds
      gtx: add configure switch to force not building
      uss: allow disabling by configure switch
      libafs: put connection in analyze when conn srvr missing
      rx: abort on missing service
      viced: null-terminate server list for ubik
      macos: next version support
      macos: actually link in shlibs
      macos: future-proof
      libafs: pointopoint not supported in ukernel
      macos: fix growlagent icon handling
      macos: native apps need 64 bit support
      macos: get more packets if requested
      macos: no bulkstat
      rxgen: emit opcode defines in header
      rxgen: per-opcode stats
      libafs: getattr should include S_IFDIR on fake dirs
      ubik: don't force an error just because calliter is early returning
      afsd: cleanup syscall cleanup
      afsd: switch to pthreads
      afsd: fix pthreads damage
      macos: next version header
      opr: tweak nonnull macro to use nested parens
      dirpath: fix macos alternate client etc dir support
      krb5 profile config support
      ihandle: don't keep reallyclosing future fds
      libafs: actually set hasno64bit flag
      update libafsdep to include external without being in 3rd party dirs
      opr: add time initializer macro
      opr: export uuid packing routines in the kernel
      tests: modernize tests to compile in warning-as-errorland
      regen: look for glibtoolize also
      rx: initialize mutexes from globals
      tests: deal with one more unsigned warning
      uuid: hashes are positive ints
      opr: build and install pic library correctly
      aix: add atomic support
      afsd: roken.h includes dirent.h; get valid dirent defines on osx
      libuafs: honor debug vs optimize setting from configure
      libuafs: enable 64 bit mode on linux
      auth: token jar handling should realloc correctly
      generated target updates
      config: make makefile builder be a config tool also
      configure: make use of native build assist tools possible
      comerr: no need to libl on macos
      afsd: consolidate macos event handling code
      rx: pthread sendmsg should return success, not a bytecount
      linux: always define do_handlesocketerror
      salvager: fix formatting in the rest of the Log messages
      configure: check for poll()
      macos: decode mountain lion panics
      config: provide inlines to make 64bit ints printable
      macos: avoid leaking iocount on synthetic fsevents
      vol: use defines for header name length
      vol: use header access macros everywhere
      vol: fix everything to use volumeid type
      macos: update decode-panic
      libafsrpc: avoid more concurrent libtool
      darwin: stop processing upcalls once rx shutdown starts
      rx: convert rxinit_status to atomic
      afscp: null-terminate root.cell dir if needed in dynroot mode
      budb: fix signedness of hash address logging
      pt: let pt_util create the groups it wants
      dasalvager: use pthreads
      pt_util: be admin
      pt_util: gcc warning fix
      salvager: report actual uniqs for a too low error
      libafs: track dynroot locks for cmdebug
      linux: provide read and write ops even when we have aio
      libafs: update uio resid in bypasscache
      libuafs: move code for uafs_LookupLink
      libuafs: return error on symlink to self
      linux: core dump requires write fop
      volser: make splitvol use VolumeId

Edward Z. Yang (3):
      linux: Update Packaging to build OpenAFS services for Fedora's systemd
      Linux: 3: Update specfile to know about 3.* kernels.
      Add OpenAFS to the dependencies of remote-fs.

Felix Frank (1):
      rxgen: add *TranslateOpcode functions to XDR code

GCO Public CellServDB (2):
      CellServDB update 13 Dec 2010
      CellServDB update 14 Aug 2011

Garrett Wollman (83):
      viced: indent nested preprocessor directives
      viced: If platform supports setting a thread title, do so
      util: introduce a common interface for setting thread names
      util: try again to satisfy the gatekeepers
      util: clean up two #ifs
      libuafs: don't use a GNU-only feature in a common makefile
      configure: spell the "=" operator to test(1) correctly
      configure: provide some necessary prerequisites in header checks
      FBSD: complete the build fix for 8.1 libafs
      pthreaded servers: set thread names
      vos: don't free stack garbage on error
      butc: initialize startTime before it is used
      butc: avoid testing stack garbage; remove dead initializer
      butc: avoid freeing uninitialized pointer in writeDbDump()
      afs_pioctl: don't use cell uninitialized in PGetTokens2
      afsd: look in the right place for -splitcache argument
      kdb: don't dereference a null pointer on corrupt database
      volser: let it be known that Abort() really aborts
      vos: eliminate unnecessary global variables
      dir/vol: Die() really does
      bos: don't dereference a null pointer when printing an error message
      stds.h: introduce AFS_NONNULL
      FBSD: catch up with the disappearance of VOP_GETVOBJECT
      stds.h: __nonnull__ has four underscores
      rx: make queue macros easier to follow
      FBSD: coalesce three assignments to the same variable
      libafs: don't free the NULL we get from a failed allocation
      libafs: don't free a null pointer in an unlikely error condition
      libafs: don't call afs_PutDCache(NULL) in afs_GetDownD()
      libafs: don't crash if afs_write() is called with zero-length uio
      libafs: FillStoreStats doesn't need to be global; avoid pass-by-pointer
      libafs: crash in a more useful way if nchunks is zero
      util: simplify thread-name interface
      afsd (FUSE): Avoid a compilation error and spell it "asprintf" not "asprint".
      FBSD: don't reference libc_r; no release OpenAFS works on still uses it
      volser: dead store in UV_MoveVolume2
      afs_server: spell IFF_POINTOPOINT consistently
      budb: remove dead assignment in verifyFreeLists()
      bozo: small-notifier: don't ignore return from system()
      volser: don't derefernce null pointer in copyVnodes()
      rx: don't leak a connection hash table in unlikely error condition
      util: in util_newTable, don't leak Table on error
      budb: don't malloc(0) on error condition in GetText()
      util: LogCommandLine: argc is an int, so assert that it's positive
      rx: eliminate dead variable sdl in rx_getAllAddr_internal()
      vol: dead initialization in VWalkVolumeHeaders()
      rx: dead initialization in rxi_RestoreDataBufs
      util: eliminate dead store in hostutil_GetHostByName
      afs_server: remove 3 dead assignments in LoopServers, move live one
      afs_vcache: remove redundant assignment in afs_FlushAllVCaches()
      ubik: refactor error exits in internal CallIter()
      uafs: avoid unnecessary type-punning
      xdr: fix two old FIXMEs related to signed/unsigned arithmetic
      opr: constify various string functions and mark them AFS_NONNULL()
      strcompose: NULL must always be cast when passed to a variadic function
      uafs: avoid type-punning in get_user_struct()
      ptuser: pr_SNameToId/SIdToName: if RPC response empty, force error
      ptuser: use the "prname" typedef rather than "char[PR_MAXNAMELEN]"
      afs_bypasscache: parameters of afs_ReadNoCache can't be null
      rxgen: avoid an unimportant memory leak in docppline()
      kauth: don't call lcstring with a null source argument
      ptuser: avoid implementation-defined behavior in CreateIdList()
      kauth: ka_CellToRealm's "realm" parameter cannot be null
      pruser: AFS_NONNULL annotations for functions that deserve it
      afs_conn: make release_conns_vector() actually work
      afsdump_extract: clarify logic to avoid freeing local buffer
      tabular_output: don't leak table struct on error exit
      butc: don't pass NULL to strcpy in RcreateDump
      pam: Use the right password variable in pam_sm_chauthtok()
      afscp: avoid null dereference in _GetSecurityObject error case
      volser: restructure GetNextVol and clients to remove duplicate code
      libafs: afs_CacheFetchProc can't be called without a dcache pointer
      afs_server: delete code that has been ifdef'ed out for years
      afs_server: afs_SetServerPrefs() can never be called with null
      doc: Document dependencies required for building everything
      FBSD: 9.3 has been released, so add config bits and sysname
      FBSD: 10.1 is coming out soon
      afsd: correct printf format mismatch in debugging printf
      viced: time_t might not be long
      README: update for current state of FreeBSD support
      config: remove support for old FreeBSD releases
      FBSD: osi_vcache: remove support for unsupported FreeBSD releases
      ptuser: guarantee that all names are valid C strings

Geoffrey Thomas (2):
      rpm: Don't attempt to restart on upgrade when using systemd
      linux: fsync on a directory should return 0, not EINVAL

Georg Sluyterman (1):
      cmd: List version in help for commands

Gergely Risko (1):
      RestrictedQuery feature

Hans-Werner Paulsen (8):
      wrong rule to make afsd_fuse
      fileserver: check value of -cb argument
      Do not call afs_MarinerLog when afs_mariner is not set
      use V_copyDate in DumpHeader for cloned volumes
      vos clone  use the value of the -toname argument
      AFSVolClone: remove calls to AssignVolumeName
      use V_creationDate in DumpHeader for R/O volumes
      vos dump -clone: use volumename of cloned volume

Hartmut Reuter (15):
      Let SRXAFS_GetStatistics64 return correct values for the workstations
      What the cache manager needs to know about rxosd
      Make osi_fetchstore.c protocol independent
      Use port in ugen_ClientInit
      RXOSD and VICEP-ACCESS fields and bits in afs.h
      vol_split: avoid using stale open directory vnodes
      Make it build outside source tree
      libafs: add partial background store
      bypasscache: update threshold variable type
      memcache: add extend-entry function
      lwp: add shared-locked macro
      volser: comment with a list of all dump tags
      linux: fix cache bypass applicability function
      linux: bypass readpages should update nocache read parms
      volser: use also vn_length_hi in dump size calculation

Heimdal Developers (40):
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal
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      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal
      Import of code from heimdal

Jacob Thebault-Spieker (2):
      remove check for disallowing clones of backup or ro volumes
      allow cloning of any volume to any volume with same parent ID

Jason Edgecombe (12):
      Quickstart guide: use yum install from openafs repo
      Quickstart Guide: misc. fixes
      Quickstart Guide: Add some verbiage about /vicepXX/AlwaysAttach
      DOC: Add a missing quote in the QuickStart Guide
      Fileserver: Add the /vicepXX/NeverAttach flag to skip mounting a partition
      DOC: Factored common text out of the vos_backup and vos_dump man pages
      TESTS: Add the libwrap script to "make check" to handle library paths
      TESTS: Add a library to check for the default loopback network
      DOXYGEN: Add a simple index page
      DOXYGEN: Move the protocol and architecture docs into their own modules
      TESTS: Skip the volser tests if current hostname maps to the loopback network
      DOC: afsd man page: give an example of the direct volume mount syntax

Jeff Blaine (11):
      Hide -noexecute in favor of -dryrun
      Added -dryrun
      kvno invocation correction, language cleanup, afs/cell principal preferred
      Remove completed tasks from todo list, add info about git/gerrit preference
      Added fstrace subcommand help to binary
      Removed detail of prev. completed work found listed todo list
      Documented vos restore -creation and -lastupdate
      Change -n to -dryrun for backup subcommands
      Styling tweak for generated HTML man pages
      Introduce TAP tests of man pages for command_subcommand
      Change wiki ref to from

Jeff Layton (1):
      Linux: stop trying to use getname/putname

Jeffrey Altman (1334):
      Windows: Fix remove 'register' patch
      Windows: fix Freelance trailing dot enforcement
      Windows: unix modes represented in octal
      Windows: Log cell along with volume id for server errors
      Windows: Handle RX_RESTARTING consistently for all RPCs
      Windows: print the value of cm_OfflineROIsValid to afsd_init.log
      Windows: better handle RX_MSGSIZE errors
      Windows: cm_TryBulkStatRPC must process VIO errors
      Windows: Add validation for directory buffer contents
      Windows: fail cm_CheckNTOpen if READ|DELETE for readonly file
      Windows: Permit cm_scache rwlock to be dropped when "Stablized"
      Windows: Modify signature of buf_CleanAsync and buf_CleanAsyncLocked
      Windows: revise NTSTATUS response for ALLBUSY, ALLOFFLINE, and ALLDOWN
      Windows: Improve SMB detection of Local System account
      Windows: 1.5.77 Change Log summary
      Windows: Add new token interface with stub for ktc_GetTokenEx
      Rx: cleanup testclient and testserver test applications
      Rx: Move rxperf test application to src/rx/tests
      Rx: Build rxperf test application on Windows
      Rx: avoid lock churn in rxi_ReceiveAckPacket
      Rx: only compute peer bytes sent and received if rx_stats_active
      Rx: Only backoff the peer timeout once
      Windows: Release builds of Rx should be lean and mean
      Rx: always use tservice variable in rxi_ServerProc
      Rx: properly compute dataPacketsReSent statistic
      Rx: move TSFPQ prototypes from rx_globals.h to rx_protoypes.h
      Rx: PrintTheseStats should not be dependent on RXDEBUG
      Windows: Export additional RX debugging variables from afsrpc.dll
      Rx: Permit ADAPT_WINDOW code to build
      Windows: Negative Caching for Volume Lookups
      Rx: Permit udp buffer size to be set in rxperf
      Rx: Do not hold call lock across memcpy in rx_ReadProc/rx_WriteProc
      Rx: Permit MakeDebugCall() be be compiled when RXDEBUG is undefined
      Rx: Change minimum peer timeout to 2ms
      Additional functionality for rxperf
      Windows: Pass Volume Root Fid to cm_Analyze after RXAFS_GetVolumeStatus
      Rx: protect rx_conn and rx_call refCount field with rx_refcnt_mutex
      Rx: When call receive is done, send ack all packet
      Rx: raise rx_minPeerTimeout to 20ms
      Rx: Fix RXDEBUG_PACKET builds
      Windows: Fix Parent(path) computation to permit mp and symlink creation
      Windows: Ensure that cm_NameI errors are acted upon promptly
      Windows: Kill AFS_LARGEFILES preprocessor symbol
      Windows: do not leak cm_volume_t objects from LRU queue
      Windows: Do not issue RXAFS change RPCs on known RO volumes
      Windows: Cleanup build scripts; no include\afs or include\rx
      Windows: Build hcrypto shared library
      Rx: Consolidate wait for tq busy and make its use uniform
      Rx: function return type on separate line
      Util: include assert.h in pthreads_nosig.h when required
      Rx: use osi_Assert/osi_Panic instead of assert
      Rx: Do not compute RTT on non-last packets of a jumbogram
      Rx: rx_stats_active not RXDEBUG
      Rx: prototype rx_StateClienThread()
      Windows: prototype cm_PerformanceTuningInit()
      Windows: remove warnings from cm_daemon.c
      Windows: optimize cm_BkgDaemon()
      Windows: remove unnecessary prototype from smb.c
      Windows: Improve cm_SyncOpDone logging
      Windows: Fix i386_w2k and i386_nt40 path construction
      Windows: Use rx_Readv / rx_Writev
      Rx: Fix socket() handling so errors are properly detected
      Rx: Treat rx_minPeerTimeout not as a minimum but as padding
      Windows: Make Rx PMTU discovery configurable; disable by default
      Windows: register idle dead timeout error
      Windows: Add version number to event log start pending message
      Windows: move debug break in afsd_notifier
      Windows: Fix math error in rx_Writev processing
      Windows: 1.5.78 Change Log summary
      don't duplicate work of ctime_s
      vol: Always use INVALID_FD to indicate an invalid fd
      vol: Use OSI_NULLSOCKET and not -1 to indicate invalid fssync fd
      Windows: Finish converting vol apps to pthread only
      vol: attach2 must always return with VOL_LOCK held
      Windows: Do not leak cm_volume_t objects from the LRU queue
      rxperf: use parallel connections
      Windows: clean token.h/token.xdr.c from src/auth
      Windows: ktc_ListTokensEx stub assignment error
      Convert from using nvldbentry to uvldbentry
      volser: remove unused yesprompt function
      Windows: Add CODESIGN_OTHER option to make signtool rules
      Windows: add roken.h to src/roken cleanup list
      Windows: build tubik
      Windows: build tptserver on Windows
      Windows: build tsalvaged on Windows
      more rx/tests cleanups
      Windows: conditionally set tray icon state
      Windows: more libroken fixes
      Windows: Add hcrypto to the msi installer
      Windows: Have get/free addrinfo and nameinfo functions
      Windows: permit aklog to build with krb4 support and roken
      add src/roken/roken.h to src/roken/.gitignore
      Windows: update wix installer for afsroken.dll
      Windows: update nsis installer for hcrypto and roken
      rxkad: fix bg-fcrypt to work with roken
      rxkad: rename bswap32 to octetswap32
      roken: modify build configuration to permit Windows to work
      Windows: roken getopt renamed to rk_getopt, vars exported
      Windows: indicate that roken is a dynamic library for roken.h
      Windows: build src/rx/tests
      rx: add rx_opaque and rx_identity exports
      Windows: make use of AFSDEV_BIN and set the PATH
      Windows: NSIS installer requires the architecture for CL=1400
      Windows: permit code signing without timestamps
      Windows: Remove fallback from GetCaps to GetTime
      Windows: fix UNICODE build for talocale
      Windows: build a UNICODE version of talocale.lib
      Windows: install afs_shl_ext icon files
      Windows: Build afs_shl_ext.dll with talocaleU.lib
      Windows: test for path in afs before symlink test
      Windows: partial impl of TokenEx functions
      modify FindIndex to compare uuids
      Windows: PerformanceTuningInterval Merge error
      Windows: log error code for smb lan thread fail
      Fix fallback processing for ktc_GetTokenEx()
      Windows: clear mountPointStringp on status change
      Windows: fs chmod and display mode in fs examine
      vos: free ubulkentries with xdr_free
      Windows: separate parsemode from fs into own file
      Windows: cleanup preprocessor definition namespace
      vos: do not mix memory allocation methods
      Windows: fs checkservers should list vldb as well
      Windows: fs checkserver skip multi-homed up server
      Windows: buf_CleanAsync scp->fid == bp->fid
      Windows: permit clean when switching platforms
      Windows: netidmgr_plugin move roken.h to afscred.h
      Windows: remove unused vars from cm_server.c
      Windows: remove all refs to unused buf_GetNew()
      Windows: refactor buf_Get() to improve readability
      Windows: osilog param size is size_t
      Windows: fixup gettmpdir()
      vol: fix OS_LOCKFILE/OS_UNLOCKFILE for Windows
      vol: Windows requires binary fmode for salvager
      vol: Fix ntops to provide expected semantics
      vol: initialize FdHandle_t stack objects
      volser: use OS_CLOSE() instead of close()
      vol: use OS_DIRSEP when constructing paths
      vol: fdHandleAllocateChunk should init all fields
      vol: construct proper VolDir path on Windows
      vol: use OS_UNLINK() instead of unlink()
      Windows: use cm_ServerEqual() in cm_Analyze()
      Windows: refactor cm_CheckCBExpiration multihomed
      volser: select() cannot be used to sleep on windows
      Windows: build mtafsdir.lib and use it
      vol: remove [UN]LOCKFILE data loss warnings on Windows
      vol: indent cpp definitions; add NAMEI_SPECDIRC
      vol: avoid defining unused struct on windows
      vol: Make ntops functions 64-bit capable
      vol: nt_open should not create missing directories
      vol: nt_DriveToDev must return a value
      vol: clear ih_synced before dropping lock
      vol: avoid double dir separators from addtoname
      vol: make it clearer that SetOGM is not impl on Windows
      vol: fix _namei_examine_reg DELETE_ZLC usage
      vol: use OS_DIRSEP in many more places
      vol: fix namei_ListAFSSubDirs on Windows
      vol: use OS_UNLINK instead of unlink
      vol: use correct file name base for temporary file
      vol: remove potential data loss warnings in vol-salvage.c
      vol: add comment nt_unlink cannot with fopen handles
      vol: namei_ops improve readability; fix namei_create on Windows
      vol: fix CreateFile params nt_unlink and nt_open
      Windows: log and invalidate invalid dir pages
      Windows: more exports afsauthent.dll
      Windows: cm_GiveUpAllCallBacksAllServersMulti()
      Windows: Correct cm_volume locking
      Windows: out of order locks cm_CheckCBExpiration
      Windows: No NCBRESET when probing Loopback after start
      Windows: remove duplicate advapi32.lib references
      Windows: correct pthread_xxx_init semantics
      Windows: Fix symlink and mount point make \\afs\xxx handling
      Windows: Fix GetIoctlHandle path construction
      Windows: ChangeLog updates for 1.6.pre1
      Windows: Release Notes updates for 1.6pre2
      Windows: Change GiveUpAllCallBacks default to On
      man-pages: add generated vos*.pod to clean rule
      Windows: avoid use of cm_buf for MPs and Symlinks
      Windows: mp target trailing dot not part vol name
      Revert "modify FindIndex to compare uuids"
      Revert "Convert from using nvldbentry to uvldbentry"
      volser: make private lockproc routines private
      volser: cleanup volser_internal.h
      volser: restore diskPartition[64] lock_fd comment
      ubik: build all files for pthread version
      volser: warning removal
      vol: remove warning on use of DFlushVolume
      vol: consolide afs_xxxx macros in ihandle.h
      vol: FILE* to FD_t except logging and special ops
      Windows: handle rx busy call channel
      Windows: 1.6pre3 changes
      Windows: avoid recursive cm_CheckOfflineVolume
      Windows: trailing dot not part of volume name
      vol: avoid MAXINT redefinition warning in vnode.c
      Windows: change log for 1.5.9904 (1.6.0pre4)
      Windows: export roken symbols
      vol: remove flock emulation now provided by roken
      roken: export tsearch, tdelete, tfind on windows
      asetkey: permit des-cbc-md5 and des-cbc-md4 keys
      Windows: avoid race when writing mountPointString
      Windows: change thyper to offset and fix error
      Windows: remove trailing whitespace
      windows: improved logging from NPLogonNotify
      Windows: NPLogonNotify provide password in all cases
      Windows: avoid preprocessor symbols redefinitions
      Windows: build afskfw.c without leashw32.dll
      Windows: afskfw return error if krb5 not loaded
      Windows: Fix caching of non-existing vols
      afscp: use closesocket when closing sockets
      vol: switch to rk_closesocket
      Windows: change log for 1.5.9905
      Windows: replace CYGWIN envvar with CYGWINDIR
      Windows: support dotted names in aklog
      Windows: always try afs/cell@USER-REALM first
      Windows: test return from krb5_cc_start_seq_get
      Windows: add lock assertions to cm_buf.c
      Windows: lock protected fields must be 32-bit
      auth: failback to afs3-vlserver for afs3-prserver
      Windows: ChangeLog for 1.5.9906 (1.6.0pre6)
      Windows: refactor fs, symlink and fs_utils
      Windows: Add GetFileInformationByHandleEx to fs_InAFS
      Windows: refactor fs acl funcs into fs_acl.c
      rx: do not rxi_AckAll for one data packet call
      rx: Add RX_CALL_ACKALL_SENT flag and rxi_SendAck processing
      Windows: shell extension is multithreaded
      roken: add search.h to .gitignore
      Revert "Rx: When call receive is done, send ack all packet"
      Windows: Fix SMB_COM_NEGOTIATE for MS11-043
      Windows: TRANS2_FIND_FIRST2 for _._AFS_IOCTL_._
      Windows: MergeStatus before SyncOpDone
      vos: refactor ListAddrs
      rx: race in rx_multi processing
      Windows: Do not probe new servers from cm_UpdateVolumeLocation
      Windows: Refactor cm_Unlock*() to avoid code duplication
      Windows: Improve logging for StoreMini and cm_BufWrite
      Windows: out of order lock smb v3 locking
      windows: include cmp_Cmd_Ref_3_en_US component
      rx: prevent connection channel assignment race
      Windows: Move file server lock releases to daemon
      Windows: always open dscp in smb_ReceiveNTTranCreate
      Windows: ChangeLog for 1.5.9907
      Windows: not safe to dereference before locking
      Window: breakout CM error codes into separate header
      Windows: Add shutdown event log message
      Windows: cm_daemonCheckOfflineVol fix
      Windows: improve shutdown time
      Windows: smb_ReceiveNTTranCreate path not found
      Windows: do not leak space allocation
      Windows: improve afskfw error message output
      Windows: afslogon start service if not started
      Windows: KFW_AFS_get_cred userrealm
      Windows: afskfw remove TRUE conditional
      Windows: add debugging to afskfw
      merge-pod changes for cygwin and MSWin32 perl
      man: add missing pod files to Windows makefile
      Windows: permit perl command to be explicitly set
      man: more changes for man.3 pod files
      Windows: Do not release locks on deleted files
      Windows: cm_BkgDaemon should not do cm_SyncOp's job
      Windows: Do not execute tasks on deleted files
      Windows: unified afs errors must use nt mapping
      Windows: conditionalize mappings of error values
      Windows: add missing dafs man pages to wix installer
      Windows: use %p to print cm_scache_t pointers
      Windows: after dir enum adjust dir scache LRU
      Windows: LockOrderValidation memory usage optimization
      Windows: fix condition calls to osi_Log
      Windows: adjust scache LRU postion upon deletion
      Windows: symlink make should translate \\afs target
      Windows: make osi_Log macro safe for if..else
      Windows: correct prototype for ChangeList fs_acl.h
      Windows: implement InterlockedAnd/Or for X86 Debug
      Windows: Interlocked ops for cm_cell
      Windows: Interlocked ops for cm_scache
      Windows: Interlocked ops for cm_volume
      Windows: fix tptserver director creation
      Windows: Interlocked for cm_buf cmFlags
      Windows: Interlocked operations for cm_buf
      Windows: ChangeLog for 1.6.0 (final)
      Windows: remove unused variables in fs.c
      Windows: Fix cm_serverRef ref counts
      Windows: Insert Server Reference List changes
      Windows: prevent cm_server races
      Windows: cm_FindServerByUuid correct lock acquisition
      Windows: Interlocked ops for cm_user flags
      Windows: More interlocked ops for cm_cell flags
      Windows: Save Wix config at start if possible
      Windows: cm_ShutdownSCache corrections
      Windows: add assertions to cm_scache.c
      Windows: torture test updates
      Windows: avoid cm_serverLock refcount leak
      Windows: avoid duplicate volume update queries
      Windows: remove signed/unsigned mismatch cm_aclent.c
      Windows: Track file server lock count
      Windows: be explicit when mapping sharing violation
      Windows: Be more efficient when processing locks
      Windows: cm_serverLock read required not write
      Windows: do not drop lock unnecessarily
      Windows: change buf_Find*() signature to accept cm_fid_t
      Windows: torture error reporting
      Windows: afslogon.dll is not a file system interface
      Windows: afslogon NPLogonNotify exit on KTC_NOCM
      Windows: afslogon network provider debug registry value
      Windows: correct CheckOfflineVolumeState logic
      Windows: refactor volume location updates
      Windows: improve handling of volume rename
      Windows: missing ! in update volume location
      Windows: remove MULTIHOMED ifdef
      Windows: pioctl path retrying with \\afs\all
      Windows: Make use of SMB interface a runtime decision
      Windows: log SMB or RDR in use at startup
      Windows: add connection defaults for RDR mode
      Windows: additional CM_REQ flags
      Windows: conditionalize cm_Analyze timeLeft on SMB or RDR
      Windows: buf_SetDirty do nothing if length is zero
      Windows: Only mask Delete permission for SMB reqs
      Windows: non-persistent cache from pagefile->heap
      Windows: remove warnings afskfw.c
      Windows: add cm_BPlusDirEnumBulkStatOne
      Windows: restructure cm_ResetACLCache locking
      Windows: correct log message in buf_Sync()
      windows: pass cm_req_t through background ops
      Windows: remove potential data loss warning with cast
      Windows: add logging to smb_IoctlRead
      Windows: add cm_Gen8Dot3VolNameW()
      Windows: remove dead code from cm_scache.c
      Windows: correct cm_buf use of Head/Tail queues
      Windows: cm_SymLink export created cm_scache_t
      Windows: tailor smb_MapNTError output for redirector
      Windows: use lock conversion in cm_EndDirOp
      Windows: remove CM_BUF_CMBKGFETCH flag
      windows: fix comments, add logging
      Windows: Freelance vnode,unique pairs
      Windows: correct comments in cm_BkgStore
      Windows: add clean rule to src/afs/NTMakefile
      Windows: permit offline volume check to be disabled
      Windows: ignore SYNCHRONIZE privilege in cm_CheckNTOpen
      Windows: record history of read lock threads
      Windows: daemonCheckLockInterval to 60 seconds
      Windows: osi_Debug macros
      Windows: validate buffer hash tables in cm_MergeStatus
      Windows: minor cm_ioctl corrections
      Windows: mountpoints always have a trailing dot
      Windows: Redirector interface for afsd_service.exe
      Windows: no SOCKLEN_T before WDK 6.0
      Windows: "AFS_SMBNAME" envvar for aklog
      Windows: build loopback installer for current DDKs
      Windows: Make pioctl interface RDR aware
      Windows: NSIS installers for AFS Redirector
      Windows: WiX Installers for AFS Redirector
      Windows: Release Notes updates for AFS Redirector
      Windows: Build the AFS Redirector world
      Windows: NetWksta RPC test application
      Windows: README-WINDOWS updates for build environment
      windows: Set ReparsePoint Attribute in FileAttributes
      Windows: changelog prior to branching openafs-devel-1_7_x
      Fix input size computation in SetSPrefs pioctl
      dir: remove unnecessary cast from malloc
      Windows: Disable Control Panel button in NIM
      Windows: install control panel only if afs_config
      Windows: Disable OACR by default for AFSRDR build
      Windows: update ntbuild.bat
      Windows: do not install afs_assert.h
      Windows: Add resource info to afsroken.dll
      Windows: add resource info to afshcrypto.dll
      Windows: Fixup errors in AFS ACL Property Sheet
      Fix typo in windows release notes
      Windows: add krb5_enctype_enable(DES) calls
      kauth: permit kauth/test to build on Windows (again)
      Do not call krb5_get_error_message with NULL context
      Windows: register Shell Ext handlers
      Windows: Explorer Shell Extension enhancements
      Windows: char* is not a Unicode string
      Windows: Explorer shell GetUnixModeBits()
      Correct Heimdal conversion of libadmin/adminutil
      Windows: correct use of krb5_init_context in aklog
      Windows: re-indent afsredir log message params
      Windows: remove unused code block
      Windows: AFSEvaluateTargetByName free buffer if no return
      Windows: minor type in trace output
      Windows: Use SetFlag macro when setting flag
      Windows: afsredir only wants shortName if not 8.3
      Windows: close leak in AFSPrimaryVolumeWorkerThread
      Windows: AFSInitPIOCtlDirectoryCB free in try_exit
      Windows: free pointer after last reference
      Windows: Free work item memory with tag value
      opr: build on Windows after queue.h move
      Windows: Do not EEXIST exact match during rename
      Windows: only flush buffers on shutdown if running
      Windows: out of date version not in current chunk
      Windows: cm_Rename break in 9cf7a628c2ff178b2fa236d2c0a41ca9be315036
      klog.krb5: enforce DES for rxkad
      Windows: Mount points are always directories
      Windows: always set reparse point attrib for symlink
      Windows: Simplify KFW_AFS_klog
      Windows: KFW_AFS should use API: ccache
      Windows: do not leak resource in AFSQueryDirectory
      Windows: NPCancelConnection set correct length
      Windows: improve store data parallelism
      Windows: service must set reparse point attribute
      Windows: Additional trace logging
      Windows: these fsctl cmds are not implemented
      Windows: FSCTL_IS_PATHNAME_VALID return success
      Windows: FSCTL_SET_REPARSE_POINT error
      Windows: FSCTL_SET_REPARSE_POINT not yet implemented
      Windows: Enforce Share Access
      Windows: Add Vista/Win7 Firewall Configuration
      Windows: fix locking hierarchy in service
      Windows: Track active RPCs per scache_t
      Windows: avoid null ptr in RDR_RequestFileExtentsAsync
      Windows: cm_GetSCache avoid holding cm_scacheLock
      Windows: smb_ReceiveNTCreateX create smb_fid earlier
      Windows: netidmgr krb5_cc_get_principal can fail
      Windows: interlocked refCount increment in cm_GetSCache
      Windows: Create default Security Descriptor
      Windows: Fairness for background operations
      Windows: cm_SetupStoreBIOD use firstModOffset chunk
      Windows: Increase default number of daemon threads
      Windows: create scache->redirMx to reduce contention
      Windows: buf_CleanAsyncLocked dirty range only
      Windows: Do not install IBM AFS HLP files
      auth: initKeys before first error exit path
      Windows: non-release only worker threads can release
      Windows: must obtain and release an actual lock
      Windows: RDR_RequestFileExtentsAsync unheld lock
      namei: tweak getlinkbyte error handling
      Windows: Use Jenkins' Hash
      Windows: cm_GetSCache do not release unheld lock
      Windows: RDR_InvalidateObject do not hold locks
      Windows: _._AFS_IOCTL_._ size is zero
      Windows: add trace logging to Pioctl File Info Query
      Windows: convert daemons threads to pthreads
      Windows: osi_mutex / osi_rwlock changes
      Windows: cache format version change
      Windows: Wix cell names can be greater than 120 chars
      Windows: FSync not CleanVnode during Cleanup
      Windows: Wix disable integrated logon by default
      Windows: refactor NPCancelConnection
      Windows: no drive subst for NPCancelConnection
      Windows: NPGetConnectionCommon buffer too small
      Windows: NPEnumResources no Printer support
      Windows: AFSRDFSProvider log to file
      Windows: do not set CM_SCACHEFLAG_EACCES twice
      Windows: invalidate rdr for CM_SCACHE_VERSION_BAD
      Windows: convert buf_IncrSyncer to pthreads
      Windows: buf_CleanAsync is not async; rename it
      Windows: fix buf_Recycle() comment
      Windows: buf_GetNewLocked should use cleaned cm_buf
      Windows: use interlocked increment on cm_buf_t refcnt
      Windows: cm_MergeStatus use new DV to purge buffers
      Windows: cm_MergeStatus redirector invalidation
      Windows: memset in RDR_RequestFileExtentsAsync
      Windows: GetInfoTip really set return to NULL
      Windows: npdll connected query returns no usage
      rx: rx_conn/rx_peer refCount signed
      Windows: track cm_rootUser connections
      Windows: apply Nat Pings only to cm_rootUser connections
      Windows: define MIN and MAX
      Windows: Release Notes Updates
      afs: prevent nat pings on destroyed connections
      Windows: increase timeout for extent request retries
      Windows: Suspend/Resume for afsd_service
      Windows: memory leak when setting tokens via smb
      Windows: AFSRDFSProvider stack overrun
      Revert "Windows: cs_CZ localization"
      vol: fix a08c3207255756c825ab69a19e04f79dd879c646
      Windows: Update Adv Firewall Rules
      Windows: propagate directory enumeration failures
      Windows: Properly convert FID structures
      Windows: move to head of queue no-op if not in queue
      Windows: save fid/type for redirector invalidation
      Windows: log volume and authgroup for redir open
      Windows: return error to system paging requests
      Windows: AFSSetRenameInfo log message
      Windows: fix indentation
      Windows: forget data version only for flushing
      Windows: notify file size change if flushed
      Windows: Tear down extents upon file deletion
      Windows: terminate HOSTS/LMHOSTS with newline
      Windows: avoid deadlock during SetRenameInformation
      Windows: Define times in terms of AFS_ONE_SECOND
      Windows: Bad DV invalidate only when new DV not 0
      Windows: remove unused AFSRequestExtents()
      Windows: RDR_CleanupFileEntry restrict extent claw back
      Windows: Explicit permission check on extent release
      Windows: Use AuthGroups for extent request error reporting
      Windows: AFSRequestExtentsAsync retry with alt authgroup
      Windows: AFSRetrieveValidAuthGroup FILE_READ_DATA
      Windows: AFSCleanup extent processing
      Windows: cm_BufWrite() must wait in cm_SyncOp()
      Windows: avoid race in cm_GetNewSCache
      Windows: kauth search for kerberos iv port first
      Windows: use waiters counter instead of osi_TEmpty
      Windows: add osi_TWaitExt(), fix osi_TWait()
      Windows: osi_sleepInfo tid type
      Windows: osisleep do not tamper with queues
      windows: osi_TSignalForMLs simplify
      Windows: replace strdup with xdr_alloc in callback processing
      Windows: Make idle dead timeout very long
      Windows: Symlink resolve failure error
      Windows: afsredirlib log messages
      Windows: init scache DV=CM_SCACHE_VERSION_BAD
      Windows: protect dir ops by CM_SCACHESYNC_STOREDATA
      Windows: protect merge status against dscp == scp
      Windows: add DV and error status to dir enumerations
      Windows: additional AFSValidateEntry logging
      Windows: AFSInsertHashEntry can fail
      Windows: avoid deadlock if bulk error during enum
      Windows: avoid race during Fcb cleanup
      Windows: RequestExtents avoid bufWrite if rdr held
      Windows: Request extents readability
      Windows: STATUS_OBJECT_PATH_INVALID == invalid parent directory
      Windows: Add AFSFileCleanupResultCB
      Windows: Add AFSFileEvalResultCB
      Windows: AFSDirEnumResp and AFSDirEnumEntry changes
      Windows: renames that overwrite existing target
      Windows: AFSFileUpdateResultCB ParentDataVersion
      Windows: do not flush dirty extents without permission
      Windows: More specific error values
      Windows: Do not prime the service directory cache
      Windows: Permit renames of open files
      Windows: reorg open handle counts and Fcb->NPFcb->Resource
      Windows: Return Dir Data Version from AFSCleanup
      Windows: correct log messages in AFSCleanup
      Windows: Directory Enumeration, DVs, and TreeLocks
      Windows: AFSParseMountPointTarget buffer overrun
      Windows: use local var for interlocked result
      Windows: Avoid file server rpcs on deleted files
      Windows: dir buffers out of date - mark them as such
      Windows: afs root is always a directory
      Windows: AFSParseName edge cases
      Windows: restrict service to 2 cpus by default
      Windows: disable memory extent interface
      Windows: deadlock bet. DirEntry lock + DirectoryNodeHdr.TreeLock
      Windows: cm_EndCallbackGrantingCall refactoring
      Windows: prevent race assigning Fcb in AFSInitFcb()
      Windows: Redesign daemon thread queue management
      Windows: cm_buf refcnt must hold buf_globalLock
      Windows: improved idle dead time handling
      Windows: failover and retry for VBUSY
      Revert "Windows: disable memory extent interface"
      Windows; release BIOD after status merge
      Windows: fix fs setcrypt help message
      Windows: VIOC_GETUNIXMODE = smb_IoctlGetUnixMode
      Windows: store data verification mode
      Windows: make lock reader history debug only
      Windows: Refactor and consolidate afsredir invalidation
      Windows: Invalidate all volumes at library init
      Windows: DriveSubstitution handle too small buffer
      Windows: Stop the thundering herd
      Windows: Release Notes for 1.7.5
      Windows: Run Workers until empty task queue
      Windows: Increase size of worker thread pools
      Windows: do not panic if afsredir not ready during shutdown
      man-pages: add fs_getverify and fs_setverify
      Windows: do not lower case direct volume references
      Windows: Improve AFSNotifyDelete
      Windows: AFSRedir DebugFlags Turn on BugCheck
      Windows: Do not open file if shutdown in progress
      Windows: update btree debugging code
      Windows: buffer DV ranges do not work for directories
      Windows: fix cm_DirOpDelBuffer assert
      Windows: add buf_InvalidateBuffers
      Windows: Do not build NSIS by default
      Windows: Hold Fcb references prior to service call
      Windows: Avoid race during PIOCtl DirNode allocation
      Windows: OpenAFS reparse points are surrogates
      Windows: Release Notes corrections
      Windows: Perform rename to self check earlier
      Windows: AFSRemoveFcb() cannot race
      Windows: reset version to 0.0.0 on master
      Windows: default cell
      doc: fix AdminGuide
      Windows: avoid GetComputerNameW call for all ioctl
      Windows: add KTC_TOKEN_MUTEX_FAIL error code
      Windows: remove AFS_WIN95_ENV
      Windows: remove install9x rules
      Windows: disable afsdhook.dll reload by daemon
      Windows: VolumeCB->ObjectInfoTree.TreeLock Deadlock
      Windows: remove unnecessary DirectoryEnumEvent
      Windows: Explorer Shell Set Unix Mode bits
      Windows: Dereg Lanman and Lsa reg values for afsredir
      viced: lockcount only valid if not expired
      Windows: fsLockCount not accurate
      Windows: AFSPerformObjectInvalidate hold ExtentsResource shared
      Windows: invalidate data version on link creation
      Windows: Revert "AFSRedir DebugFlags Turn on BugCheck"
      Windows: do not bugcheck in AFSExAllocatePoolWithTag
      Windows: remove AFSOpenRedirector from AFSRedirLib
      Windows: cm_UpdateCell never applies to Freelance mode
      Windows: Fix an ExtentResource trace message
      Windows: Workaround Win7 SMB Reconnect Bug
      unix: always retry RX_CALL_BUSY
      Windows: Avoid deadlock in invalidation path
      Windows: fix indentation
      Windows: add __try..__except
      Windows: Correct Data Version change synchronization
      Windows: Wait for memory allocation if necessary
      Windows: Drop resource across AFSCleanupFcb
      Windows: invalidate correct objects during dir verification
      Windows: AFSRedir Debug for STATUS_NOT_A_DIRECTORY
      Windows: Client handling of VNOSERVICE
      softsig: not used on windows
      doc: correct implicit ACL permissions volume owner
      Windows: Refactor AFSProcessSupport
      Windows: Assign AuthGroup during Process Create
      Windows: CreateProcessNotify verify changes
      Windows: Fix VNOSERVICE EventLog parameters
      windows: ObjectInformationCB.ObjectReferenceCount
      Windows: AFSInvalidateObject can overwrite input param
      Windows: Add Name Array Processing Trace Subsystem
      Windows: ObjectInformation.ObjectReferenceCount comparison
      Windows: Use ulFilter in AFSInvalidateObject
      Windows: avoid deadlock with Trend Micro
      rx: handle clock reversals for call timeouts
      viced: AFSDisk, AFSFetchVolumeStatus Int31 PartSize
      Windows: add parent FID to cm_GetSCache
      Windows: Implement cm_TGTLifeTime()
      Windows: Record callback issued time
      Windows: optimize InitCallback3 processing
      Windows: Freelance HaveAccessRights
      Windows: fix indentation
      Windows FindACLCache must hold scp write locked
      Windows: Use hash when comparing File IDs in redirector
      Windows: Pass name array to AFSRetrieveFileInformation
      Rx: rxi_FreeCall conn_call_lock vs call->lock deadlock
      rx: conn->callNumber protected by conn_call_lock
      Rx: give grow mtu its own call ref count type
      Windows: cm_GetNewSCache must return NULL on failure
      Windows: Redirector Dir Enumeration Bug
      Windows: AFSVerifyEntry purge file data on DV change
      rx: fix bad merge 95c38dff3740d7e24971ceb5875c06e7abfce102
      Windows: cm_AddACLCache lock ordering
      Windows: Redirector must query volume size when asked
      Windows: Check Avail Space on extending SetEndOfFile
      Windows: Fail recursive path evaluation with access denied
      Windows: Add per object per user EACCES caching
      Windows: do not call time() in a loop
      Windows: Name Array store mount point and volume root
      Windows: CleanACLEnt requires cm_scache write locked
      Windows: AFSCheckCellName one level of indirection
      Windows: Disk Full errors instead of Quota Exceeded
      rx: remove peer burst elements from rx/test
      Windows: Refactor AFSValidateEntry
      Windows: correct afsredir log entries
      Windows: report error on panic
      Windows: AFSValidateProcessEntry, ullProcessId 64-bit
      Windows: Do not delete in CleanupFile if error
      Windows: missing brace in RDR_CleanupFileEntry
      Windows: Flush data and then drop locks
      Windows: Remove PurgeContent param AFSVerifyEntry
      Windows: _._AFS_IOCTL_._ hidden and system
      Windows: pioctl use GetFileAttributes
      rx: conn_call_lock leak
      Windows: Hold PagingResource across ExtendingWrite
      Windows: Drop Fcb Resource across SetEOF and SetAllocation
      Windows: reverse order of EACCESS and USER locks
      Windows: cm_ResetACLCache handle NULL cellp
      Windows: Add global root to name array if share name
      Windows: Flag purge on close if CcPurgeCacheSection fails
      Windows: Directory validation should purge data changes immediately
      Windows: AFSValidateEntry CcPurge on DV change
      Windows: fs getcacheparms
      Windows:  Remove High Security Integrated Logon
      Windows: remove unnecessary libs from aklog/asetkey
      Windows: correct cm_Analyze log message
      Windows: Cc FileObject Settings
      Revert "viced: avoid crash if missing volume header"
      Windows: reorg RDR_CleanupFile to prevent lock leak
      Windows: VNOSERVICE message text
      Windows: VNOSERVICE error translation
      Windows: More useful AFSDumpFile exception info
      Windows: AFSInitializeProcessCB failure stack exhaustion
      Windows: buf_RemoveFromRedirQueue in buf_Init
      Windows: buf_GetNewLocked skip redirector owned buffers
      Windows: cm_QueueBKGRequest improvements
      Windows: cm_InitDaemon initialize cm_bkgQueueCountp[]
      Windows: refactor cm_GetBuffer avoid BIOD construction
      Windows: RDR_RequestFileExtentsAsync set current DV
      Windows: correct typos or mistaken comments
      Windows: refactor AFSCleanupFcb
      Windows: AFSQueueFlushExtents permit NULL AuthGroup
      Windows: Treat all cached writes as write-through
      Windows: cm_BkgFetch do not impose arbitrary timeout
      Windows: AFSInitFcb STATUS_REPARSE cleanup
      Windows: FCB cleanup must be done before ObjectInfo
      Windows: Remove dead code in AFSRead.cpp
      Windows: cm_GetNewSCache drop lock to permit change
      Windows: Make CM resilient to transient VNOVOL
      Windows: Track Mixed RO Volume Release State
      Windows: cm_SetServerBusyState use cm_ServerEqual
      Windows: Checksum server lists on Volume Errors
      Windows: fix build with DEBUG_REFCOUNT
      Windows: Correct refcount leak
      Windows: cleanup redirector pipes
      Windows: cm_GetBuffer do not retry if biod empty
      Windows: Avoid deadlock during "fs memdump"
      Windows: Permit Media Player to work with mapped drives
      Windows: Redir Ioctl thread safety
      Windows: init section ptrs for pioctl files
      Windows: avoid duplicate work cm_Analyze
      Windows: AFSTearDownExtents may experience active extents
      Windows: Apply MAX_FID_COUNT to AFS Redirector
      Windows: buf redir queue mgmt scp can be null
      Windows: avoid deadlock TreeLock vs Fcb Resource
      Windows: Avoid deadlock on VolumeCB->VolumeLock
      Windows: Remove unused async read/write operations
      Windows: Make CCB_FLAGS_DIRECTORY_QUERY_MAPPED consistent
      Windows: Add CCB NonPaged Resource for synchronization
      Windows: Avoid deadlock on ProcessTree Lock
      Windows: Protect against null volp dereference
      Windows: consoldiate NextExtent() implementations
      Windows: Remove extent from all skip lists
      Windows: AFSRedir code cleanup
      Windows: Adjust extent release strategy
      Windows: Introduce AFSFreeExtent()
      Windows: SMB GetFileAttributes support
      windows: AFSQueryVolumeInfo exception info
      Windows: afslogon is only an authentication provider
      Windows: roken.h ordering
      Windows: link to afsroken.dll
      Windows: remove unused defines from param.h
      Add HAVE_INT64TOINT32 test in stds.h
      Windows: HAVE_UINTPTR_T
      cmd: add krb5_enomem() definition
      Windows: export roken allocators
      Windows: misplaced brace in KFW_AFS_get_cred
      Windows: Do not permit RDR worker threads to quit
      Windows: afslogon OutputDebugString
      Windows: afslogon MapAuthError
      Windows: afslogon make error dialog system modal
      Windows: afslogon impersonate when deleting tickets
      Windows: NPLogonNotify secure erase password
      Windows: AFS_Startup_Event must query Debug value
      Windows: Freelance Short circuit all vol updates
      Windows: force vldb lookup if server list is empty
      Windows: [Inline]BulkStat VolSync not accurate?
      Windows: Replicated requires more than one site
      Windows: cm_GetROVolumeID empty server list check
      Windows: check perms before RXAFS_GetVolumeStatus
      Windows: Dir Invalidation Notify Current Object
      Windows: ShellExt display error if symlink not AFS
      Windows: ShellExt Add Prop Page only if AFS
      Windows: NPGetConnectionPerformance
      Windows: Remove incorrect assert AFSVolumeInfo
      Windows: Media Protected if create on RO volume
      Windows: ensure TreeLock obtain and release same pointer
      Windows: WiX backup additional registry keys
      Windows: cm_UpdateVolumeLocation misplaced lock
      Windows: afslogon cast away warnings
      Windows: afslogon major refactoring NPLogonNotify()
      Windows: Remove HELP from afscreds
      Windows: afscreds import lsa before renew expiring
      Windows: afslogon expand short domain names
      Windows: add missing items to 'clean' rules
      Windows: cm_DiscardSCache volumeCreationDate
      Windows: HaveCallback vs OfflineRO Is Valid
      Windows: HaveCallback vs readonlyVolumeVersioning
      Windows: RDR RXAFS_GetVolumeStatus vs 1.1 'l' only
      Windows: cm_HaveCallback optimize .readonly
      Windows: cm_ConnByServer add conn to list after init
      Windows: cm_ConnByServer hold userp->mx only while necessary
      Windows: Modify cm_GetVolServers and cm_GetServerList
      Windows: Add cm_GetVolServerList
      Windows: Apply cm_GetVolServerList() to cm_Analyze()
      Windows: Apply cm_GetVolServerList() to cm_ConnFromVolume()
      Windows: remove used 'deltas' from cm_CheckServersMulti()
      Windows: X86 DEBUG Interlocked Or and And
      Windows: use spin counts for osi base locks
      Windows: interlocked ops for osi lock flags
      ptserver: unused by set variable 'eid_s'
      Windows: cm_MergeStatus unknown interface numbers
      Windows: initialize afsStatus and callback structs
      Windows: record mount point string data version
      Windows: not all short rx_Read[v] reads are fatal
      Windows: remove unused CM_SCACHEFLAGs
      Windows: cm_SyncOp waiting logic
      Windows: Redesign of server preferences
      Windows: add cm_IsVolumeReplicated()
      Windows: add cm_ServerListSize()
      viced: RXAFS_GetVolumeStatus remove access check
      windows: add afsroken to afssvrcpa NTMakefile
      Windows: more roken.h include corrections
      Windows: avoid memory overrun during extent release
      rx: rxi_ReceiveDataPacket do not set rprev on drop
      rx: fix abort on missing service
      Windows: Freeing SeQueryInformationToken allocations
      Windows: AFSExFreePool -> AFSExFreePoolWithTag
      Windows: memory leak AFSRemoveVolume
      Windows: memory leak AFSInitPIOCtlDirectoryCB
      Windows: AFSTearDownFcbExtents loop conditional
      Windows: server rankings by RPC statistics
      Windows: Clear peer RPC stats on IP addr change
      Windows: Recompute server rank periodically
      Windows: cm_UpdateVolumeLocation volp locked
      rx: rxi_FindRpcStat must test for empty queue
      roken: rk_strdup rk_wcsdup exports
      Windows: get rid of _strdup and use rk_strdup
      Windows: NOPROBE means probe in background thread
      Windows: No VLDB server blocking probes
      Windows: Correct exceptions in AFSRDFSProvider
      Windows: NPAddConnection3 debugging
      rx: protect against invalid params in rx_Copy*RPCStats
      rx: better rxi_FindRpcStat check for end of queue
      rx: protect against ACKs with serial as prevPacket
      doc: Remove USA vs International from AdminGuide
      doc: Windows Release Notes Integrated Logon
      Windows: disable short names on Windows 8
      Windows: Freelance Discovery configuration
      Windows: document command prompt lnk limitation
      Windows: remove sdk sample token.c
      Windows: sdk install missing headers
      Windows: reset volume NOEXIST flag
      Windows: AFSProcessUserFsRequest NULL dereference
      Windows: disable short names on Win7 and 2008 R2
      Windows: cm_ExpandSysName for 64-bit processes
      Windows: Add bWow64 param to RDR_InitReq
      Windows: add cm_req_t to RDR_ioctl_t
      Windows: remove reqp param RDR_IoctlWrite/Read
      Windows: make static RDR_ParseIoctlPath[Parent]
      Windows: duplicate ExtentsResource hold
      Windows: Fix memory leak SRXAFSCB_GetCellServ
      Windows: Move afsredir process type check
      Windows: Dir Enum behavior for Symlinks / MPs
      Windows: File Info Query Symlinks
      Windows: AFS_INVALIDATE_DELETE must cancel IO
      Windows: Correct alloc size SetFileExtents result
      Windows: Do not call buf_ClearRDRFlag unlink/rmdir
      Windows: ObjectInformationCB indentation
      Windows: OpenTargetDirectory AFSInitFcb Reparse Test
      Windows: AFSInitFcb assign pFcb->ObjectInformation
      Windows: Add cm_SyncOp to cm_ReadMountPoint()
      Windows: Remove Fcb.Specific.File.LazyWriterThread
      Windows: AFSRequestExtentsAsync and AFSDoExtentsMapRegion
      Windows: Always AFSInitFcb and AFSRemoveFcb
      Windows: AFSPrimaryVolumeWorkerThread AFSRemoveFcb
      Windows: Protect ObjectRefCnts with ObjectInfoLock
      Windows: Fix DV Raced Trace Message Parameters
      Windows: AFSInitFcb Check ObjectInfo->Fcb for NULL
      Windows: clear pending delete upon deletion
      Windows: avoid race set/clear ExtentsRequestComplete
      Windows: PrimaryvolumeWorker do not pause if busy fcb
      Windows: Remove 'bAllocatedFcb' from AFSCreate.cpp
      Windows: Promote DELETED from DirEntry to ObjInfo
      Windows: RDRFunction remove DebugBreak
      Windows: AFSFlushExtents QueuedFlushCount leak
      Windows: AFSMarkDirty() require ExtentsResource held
      Windows: buf_DirtyBuffersExist return value
      Windows: AFSCleanup Flush Data decision
      Windows: AFSCleanup re-organization
      Windows: PrimaryVolumeWorker ObjectInfoLock deadlock
      Windows: ObjectInfo RefCount 0 <-> 1 transitions
      Windows: Treat EIO from file server as fatal error
      Windows: Send all \\AFS\PIPE to afsd_service
      Windows: Makefile dependencies
      Revert "Windows: Media Protected if create on RO volume"
      Windows: mark server reference offline for VOFFLINE
      Windows: Set Server Prefs recalc immediately
      Windows: Do not flush dirty bufs to deleted FID
      Windows: Interlocked ops for cell and scache allocation
      Windows: use cm_GetVolume / cm_PutVolume
      Windows: cm_FindVolumeByName refactoring
      Windows: cm_ConnByServer increment under lock
      Windows: Use MountRoot for Absolute Symlinks
      Windows: no more _wcsdup; use wcsdup
      Windows: call MIDL_user_allocate instead of calloc
      Windows: RDR_CleanupFileEntry protect lock release
      Windows: cm_MergeStatus now returns an error code
      Windows: cm_IsStatusValid
      Windows: Treat invalid AFSFetchStatus as VBUSY
      Windows: Prevent SMB unitialized variable access
      Windows: use hKUserMap to read afslogon username
      Windows: afsrpc.dll MAKEDEBUGCALL
      libafscp: build as pthreaded for windows
      libafscp: Windows TellMeAboutYourSelf response
      afsio: process windows file paths consistently
      Windows: torture should not reference roken.h
      Windows: Add AFSRedir binaries to Symbol Store
      Windows: SYMSTORE the entire WINNT/afsrdr tree
      include roken.h in yacc parsers
      Windows: Do not reset cm_buf.offset on error
      Windows: Hold ProcessTreeLock across AFSValidateProcessEntry
      Windows: buf_SetDirty add assertion
      Windows: buf_CleanLocked validate cm_scache_t
      Windows: do not adjust deleted scache LRU ordering
      Windows: buf_CleanLocked protect against NULL bp->userp
      Windows: Fix Redir link counting
      Windows: QuerySecurity deny access to SACL
      Windows: Fix smb_ReceiveTran2QPathInfo Pioctl support
      Windows: afslogon do not specify smbName for tokens
      Windows: smb_ReceiveTran2QFileInfo Pioctl support
      Windows: SetFileRenameInfo Improve Error Handling
      Windows: AFSSetRenameInfo always set pRenameInfo
      Windows: Missing lock in AFSNotifyRename
      Windows: Trend Micro QueryDirectory deadlock
      Windows: Add Hard Link support to AFS Redirector
      Windows: Add Hard Link support to Service
      Windows: GetResourceInformation print path earlier
      Windows: Panic if RDR_Initialize SERVICE_DISABLED
      Windows: AFSValidateEntry Symlink TargetName
      Windows: cm_GetNewSCache init mpDV to BAD
      Windows: cm_LookupInternal obtain type of target
      Windows: Fail RX_INVALID_OPERATION errors
      Windows: AFSInvalidateCache volume refcounts
      Windows: AFSLocateNameEntry move InsertNextEntry
      Windows: Missing DirEntry Ref incr AFSLocateName
      Windows: AFSDeleteObjectInfo not on volume roots
      Windows: AFSClose File FCB/CCB cleanup before DirCB
      Windows: RefCounts, Asserts, and Trace Logging
      rx: set abort client_initiated flag to match direction
      Windows: PrimaryVolumeWorkerThread Garbage Collect Fcb
      Windows: Implement dynamic cell detection for RDR
      Windows: Fcb sectionObjectResource
      Windows: AFSDeleteFcbExtents()
      Windows: AFSCleanup calls AFSDeleteFcbExtents
      Windows: AFSTearDownFcbExtents count extents properly
      Windows: Dir Enum only validate when necessary
      Windows: QFileInfo only Verify Entry when necessary
      Windows: Restore "fs getcacheparms" used space
      Windows: Decr. used buf count flush and deleted files
      Windows: Handle AFSLocateNameEntry() STATUS_REPARSE
      Windows: shuffle trace messages for clarity
      rx: RX_INVALID_OPERATION abort unknown service only
      Windows: AFSDevControl print control if exception
      Windows: fs getcalleraccess
      Windows: AFSProcessDFSLink to Dos Device
      Windows: addition debug for --validate-cache
      Windows: Prevent lock inversion SetFileRenameInfo
      Windows: AFSSetRenameInfo Drop TreeLocks MmForceSectionClosed
      Windows: SetVolumeState is not an invalidation
      Windows: SetDispositionInfo !MmFlush SectionObjectResource
      Windows: Periodic Worker CleanupFcb to Flush Dirty Extents
      Windows: AFSCachedWrite reset LastServerFlush when Forced
      Windows: AFSProcessOpen !MmFlush release SectionObjectResource
      Windows: RDR Dynamic root Freelance only
      Windows: buf_usedCount can be 64-bit
      Windows: Correct RDR Subsystem value overlap
      Windows: Release Notes updates
      Windows: *ParseIoctlPath path has trailing slash
      Windows: If no inlinebulkstat, set the flag correctly
      Windows: Set Symlink mpDV after reading target string
      Windows: cm_NameI Freelance Eval of Absolute Symlinks
      Windows: AFSLocateNameEntry Absolute Symlink Cell resolution
      Windows: AFSLocateNameEntry Evaluate Symlink Target
      Windows: Wait for all worker threads to exit
      Windows: Remove unused AFSVolumeWorkerThread
      Windows: SetRenameInfo do not reference deleted name
      Windows: Fix smb_GetCallerAccess prototype
      Windows: move SERVERHAS64BIT macros to cm_conn.h
      Windows: Add SERVERHASINLINEBULK macros
      Windows: GetResourceParent processing for \\afs
      Windows: Use %p for ptrs in redirector trace messages
      Windows: AFSRemoveCcb cannot fail
      Windows: AFSInitCcb redefinition
      Windows: Fix AFSLocateNameEntry prototype
      Windows: AFSClose() DirOpenReferenceCount handling
      Windows: AFSNotifyFileCreate() DirOpenReferenceCount handling
      Windows: AFSNotifyHardLink() DirOpenReferenceCount handling
      Windows: AFSSetFileLinkInfo() DirOpenReferenceCount handling
      Windows: AFSSetRenameInfo DIRENTRY_REF_COUNTING
      Windows: NameArray DIRENTRY_REF_COUNT logging
      Windows: DirOpenReferenceCount reorganizing completed
      Windows: RDR FILE Processing Tracing
      Windows: AFSOpenRoot obtain VolumeRoot OpenReferenceCount earlier
      Windows: Decrement Fcb OpenHandleCount while locked
      Windows: handle CM_ERROR_RETRY in cm_Analyze()
      Windows: reformat
      Windows: Update Bulk I/O Descriptor
      Windows: rename 'rbytes' to 'rxbytes' for clarity
      Windows: Disable hard dead timeout for RDR File Server connections
      windows: Update raw fetch/store operations
      Windows: Reduce RDR Object Lifetime
      Windows: Categorize ObjectInformationCB RefCnts
      Windows: Move VolumeWorkerContext to NonPaged pool
      Windows: Allocated VolumeCB from PagedPool
      Windows: AFSSetRenameInfo Notify correct object of change
      Windows: Introduce NameArray Reference Counts
      Windows: Trace DirectoryCB allocations
      Windows: AFSProcessCreate drop DirOpenRefCount on exit
      Windows: Additional trace %p and %d changes
      Windows: AFSInitPIOCtlDirectoryCB fixes
      Windows: Set dirty page limit to 2 x ChunkSize / 4096
      Windows: Convert BkgDaemon Procedures to use rock
      Windows: remove out of date cm_buf #define
      Windows: osisleep cleanup
      Windows: restructure daemon state tracking
      Windows: clear ASYNCSTORING flag in scache recycle
      Windows: AFSCleanupFile always flush on last handle
      Windows: RDR_CleanupFile FSync only files
      Windows: FILE_FS_DEVICE_INFORMATION Device Type
      Windows: AFSQueryFsAttributeInfo use service response
      Windows: .readonly space reporting
      Windows: Additional I/O subsystem trace messages for AFSWrite
      Windows: Test for PRSFS_INSERT in redirector interface
      Windows: Replace ParentObjectInformation pointer
      Windows: AFSEvaluateTargetByID Sanity Check Result
      Windows: More RDR Garbage Collection
      Windows: dirty threshold 64 * chunksize
      Windows: Fix RDR_BkgFetch rock assigment
      Windows: cm_user interlocked operations
      Windows: cm_SetupFetchBIOD reserving type
      Windows: Use AFS_OBJECT_REFERENCE_MAX in struct
      Windows: AFSVolumeCB track RefCount reasons
      Windows: AFSObjectInfoDecrement correct return value
      Windows: AFSLocateNameEntry double free Volume RefCount
      Windows: add cm_HaveToken
      Windows: AFSFileOpenResultCB.Authenticated
      Windows: Return full volume name for RO and BK
      Windows: GetVolumeInfo cell name
      rx: remove rx_misc.h define trailing semicolons
      Windows: AFSLocateNameEntry separate VolumeCB In/Out
      Windows: AFSLocateNameEntry tracking DirectoryCB IN/OUT
      Windows: Move Trace Stmts from FILE to CLEANUP
      Windows: Do not double increment cm_data.currentCells
      Windows: Move Authenticated field to CommResultCB
      Windows: Do not pass relative paths to redirector
      Windows: CellLength reported in octets
      Windows: Add Cell to FS Volume Information Label
      Windows: Add Cell name to AFSProcessRequest parameters
      Windows: cm_BPlusDirNextEnumEntry return all errors
      Windows: RXAFS_BulkStat failures
      Windows: Unique file ID is per volume
      Windows: Ensure pResultCB exists before Authentication
      Windows: Initialize Irp->IoStatus.Information earlier
      Windows: IO Subsystem Trace modifications
      Windows: EvaluateByName support case-insensitive lookups
      Windows: EvalByName pass LastComponent flag
      Windows: Direct IO Support for Service
      Windows: ReleaseNotes reformatting
      Windows: no side effects from AFSDbgLogMsg calls
      Windows: Test NameArrayReferenceCount before deletion
      Windows: Move grmutex, etc. to afspthread.dll
      Windows: Remove RXAFS* from afsrpc.dll
      Windows: afsio reduce library link list
      Windows: Build libafsauthent.dll against mtafsubik.lib
      Windows: afslogon !KA_USERAUTH_AUTHENT_LOGON
      Windows: Add AFSCreateSymlinkCB data strctures
      Windows: AFS_NAME_ARRAY_TAG value
      Windows: AFSPopulateNameArrayFromRelatedArray change
      Windows: Avoid race during cm_FreeServerList
      Windows: AFSLocateNameEntry OutVolumeCB can be NULL
      Windows: AFSLocateNameEntry Backup Volume Change
      Windows: Permit deletion of reparse points
      Windows: Fix directory to service null mask lookups
      Windows: IsSpaceAvail lock order violation
      Windows: Service processing for Symlink creation
      Windows: RDR_UpdateFile dscp != scp
      Windows: Report actual volume creation time
      Windows: Claim success for Delete Reparse Tag
      Windows: PopulateCurrentEntry Symlink Targets
      Windows: cm_BPlusDirEnumBulkStatNext index error
      Windows: GetReparseData UNC path format
      Windows: Use Microsoft IO_REPARSE_TAG_SYMLINK tag
      Windows: Enforce free space checks every 1MB
      Revert "Windows: Treat all cached writes as write-through"
      Windows: avoid null cellp dereference during dump
      Windows: ReleaseNotes updates
      Windows: Protect against DirEntry with NULL ObjInfo
      Windows: VolumeInfoReadOnlyFlag registry option
      Windows: remove last bits of BIOD from Direct Store
      Windows: drive mapping enumeration infinite loop
      Windows: add RDR_ExtAttributes
      Windows: netbios name comparisons are case insensitive
      Windows: File Attribute Reporting Consistency
      Windows: Increase AFS DeviceObject StackSize
      Windows: Test AFS_DBG_FLAG_BREAK_ON_ENTRY earlier
      Windows: Avoid cm_Analyze race on cm_serverRef lists
      Windows: 1.7.23 Release Notes
      windows: AFSQueryDirectoryQueryDirect no Symlinks
      Windows: buf_CleanVnode avoid lock contention
      Windows: buf_RDRBuffersExist and cm_directIO
      Windows: buf_ClearRDRFlag and cm_directIO
      Windows: Remove Driver Verifier warning of memory leak
      Windows: FSCTL_SET_REPARSE_POINT NULL ptr dereference
      Windows: AFSDeleteObjectInfo InterlockedExchange
      Windows: NPCancelConnection without drive letter
      Windows: NPAddConnection no local name and connected
      Windows: Robocopy Symlinks
      Windows: Create Symlinks in Volume Roots
      vol: remove duplicate stmp declaration
      util: fix dirpath use of clntEtcDir on Windows
      Windows: btree enumeration bulk stats
      Windows: cache readonly volume size information
      Windows: AFSDeleteObjectInfo InterlockedCompareExchangePointer
      Windows: Move Name Array functions to new file
      Windows: Move AFSVolume functions to new file
      Windows: RDR DeviceObject Characteristics
      Windows: FileSystemAttributes = FILE_READ_ONLY_VOLUME
      Windows: AFSExamineObject() refcnt underflows
      Windows: Protect AFSDeleteObjectInfo calls
      Windows: AFSDeleteDirEntry deleted flag shuffle
      Windows: Add comment to AFSInitDirEntry
      Windows: AFSDeleteObjectInfo AFS_OBJECT_HELD_IN_SERVICE
      Windows: AFSDeleteDirEntry Protect against NULL reference
      Windows: FindObjectInfo refcnt under lock
      Windows: AFSPrimaryVolumeWorkerThread reorg
      Windows: AFSDeleteDirEntry set input to NULL
      Windows: Switch to Interlocked ops for RDR Set/Clear
      Windows: AFSInitPIOCtlDirectoryCB Vol ObjInfoTree
      Windows: Avoid unnecessary Ccb->DirectoryCB->ObjectInformation
      Windows: CM_CONFIG_DATA_VERSION  23
      Windows: Runtime RDR Trace Toggle
      Windows: AFSConfigureTrace process DebugFlags
      Windows: \\afs\all is not a server for NP enumeration
      Windows: DOS Device VolumeInfo max name length
      Windows: hold locks during non-cached writes
      Windows: Update ValidDataLength on all nonPagingIo
      Windows: AFS_INVALIDATE_DATA_VERSION only by service
      Windows: Race between NonCached and Cached Writes
      Windows: CcPurge range modified by non-cached write
      Windows: Comment CommonWrite VDL Change
      Windows: Force new connection upon RXKADEXPIRED
      Windows: cm_Analyze VICECONNBAD and VICETOKENDEAD
      Windows: cm_BPlusDirIsEmpty
      Windows: cm_MapRPCErrorRmdir EEXIST == ENOTEMPTY
      Windows: RDR_DeleteFileEntry test for empty directory
      Windows: SetFileRenameInfo Do not replace pSrcParentObject
      Windows: fail if pSrcParentObject cannot be resolved
      Windows: Reset CM_VOLUMEFLAG_RO_SIZE_VALID flag
      Windows: AFSSetDispositionInfo Verify Dir Enum
      Windows: AFSInitDirEntry allocated ObjInfoCBs valid
      Windows: AFSInvalidateVolume ObjectInfo refcnt decrement
      Windows: AFSFindObjectInfo update last access time
      Windows: ObjectInfoCB update last access time
      Windows: AFSPerformObjectInvalidate hold TreeLock
      Windows: AFSExamineVolume drop TreeLock if waiters
      Windows: More ObjectInformation RefCnt Protection
      Windows: AFSLocateNameEntry incorrect pCurrentObject
      Windows: pSrcObject instead of pSrcFcb->ObjectInformation
      Windows: Use interlocked ops for cm_conn flags
      Windows: Introduce CM_CONN_FLAG_NEW
      Windows: Report Case Sensitive Search
      Windows: AFSRedirLib AFSIgnoreReparsePointToFile
      Windows: DirControl Reparse Point to File as File
      Windows: CreateFile Reparse Point to File as File
      Windows: "ReparsePointPolicy" registry key
      Windows: RDR_Initialize must cleanup threads on failure
      Windows: Use AFSLibExAllocatePool for library local
      Windows: AFSLibExFreePool*() macros
      Windows: Release Notes updates
      Windows: only retry ALLBUSY for five minutes
      Windows: cm_Analyze if no retry don't sleep
      Windows: RDR_GetVolumeInfo do not always return success
      Windows: AFSCommonWrite do not leak SectionObjectResource
      Windows: AFSClose remove dead code
      Windows: AFSClose Set FsContext* to NULL
      Windows: AFSCleanup move CCb access inside try block
      Windows: Fix trace msg typo in AFSDeleteDirEntry
      Windows: NotifyHardLink avoid null ptr reference
      Windows: remove unused and leaked uniRootFileNameClone
      Windows: AFSNameArrayClone leak in AFSCommonCreate
      Windows: Protect against infinite VIO retries
      roken: export rk_vasprintf
      Windows: Return bytes_read count from cm_GetData
      man-pages: build bos getrestricted / setrestricted
      vol: return VNOVNODE if vnode is not allocated
      Windows: cm_DumpServers "down" is string not enum
      Windows: Protect against cm_GetVolServerList failures
      rx: test for active calls in rxi_ChallengeEvent
      Windows: fixup cellular make mount
      Windows: cm_scache flags missing interlocked ops
      Windows: Wake waiters on failed cm_SyncOp exit
      Windows: Protect all Mm and Cc calls with try..except
      Windows: validate pointer consistency
      bos: Fix Windows import of afsconf_SawCell
      Windows: HAVE_TIMEGM provided by roken
      Windows: afsrpc.dll export afs_set_com_err_hook
      windows: afsauthent.dll export afsconf_ functions
      Windows: define HAVE_KRB5_CREDS_SESSION
      Windows: build UNIX asetkey
      Windows: fix cm_ServerEqual bug
      Windows: fix building of aklog
      aix: link afs_dynamic_kerbauth to rfc3961
      Windows: fix cm_ServerFindByUUID
      rxkad: remove warnings from der-protos.h
      Windows: buf_CleanLocked no callback for deleted file
      Windows: CM_SCACHEFLAG_DELETED use InterlockedOr
      Windows: Do not remove scp from hash table on deletion
      Windows: Do not recycle deleted scache on refcnt 0
      Windows: np AddConnection error code
      Windows: do not return STATUS_RETRY for rx timeouts
      Windows: Cap Cache Size on X86
      Windows: update GetFileVersionInformation fail msg
      Windows: modify PopulateCurrentEntry follow mp rules
      Windows: Delay MP Target evaluation until required
      Windows: Call AFSExeceptionFilter for all exceptions
      Windows: afsredirlib afscommonwrite trace msg error
      Windows: introduce Section Object Resource Trace Subsystem
      Windows: Refactor AFSVerifyEntry AFSValidateEntry
      Windows: Missing try..except in AFSCachedWrite
      Windows: AFSWrite comments
      Windows: Fix trace messages in AFSSetEndOfFileInfo
      Windows: AFSVerifyEntry get rid of bPurgeExtents
      Windows: AFSPerformObjectInvalidate FILE processing
      Windows: Hold Fcb Resource across CcPurgeSection
      Windows: Skip Extent operations if Direct IO
      Windows: Add trace to track setting VERIFY flag
      Windows: Adjust setting of VERIFY_DATA flag
      Windows: Do not leak activeRPC count
      Windows: AFSCreate avoid race leading to NULL dereference
      Windows: cm_MergeStatus avoid lock recursion
      Windows: Freelance Do not chase mount points
      Windows: fix libafscp build directory
      Windows: Store OS version as a global
      Windows: cm_RemoveSCacheFromHashTable scp not found
      Windows: cm_NewSCache skip in hash recycled entries
      Windows: Uninitialized TargetNameLength/Offset
      Windows: RDRLib Worker Thread shutdown
      afs: FreeDCache test afs_blocksDiscarded
      afs: Introduce afs_WakeCacheWaitersIfDrained
      afs: afs_FlushDCache avoid dup cache drained check
      afs: afs_CacheTruncateDaemon wake waiters !too full
      afs: CacheTruncateDaemon work until Cache Drained
      afs: afs_CacheIsTooFull macro refs wrong constant
      Windows: GiveUpAllCallBacks only if non-loopback
      Windows; GetSystemTimeAsFileTime
      Windows: Fix out of range pointer validation
      Windows: cm_FindVolumeByFID
      Windows: cm_Analyze retries vs CM_REQ_NORETRY
      Windows: Reset mp/symlink target during fs flush*
      Windows: Rationalize Freelance vs "fs flush*"
      Windows: AFSRDFSProvider NPOpenEnum vs no redirector
      Windows: RDR capture Cc/Mm exceptions do not break
      Windows: RXAFS_GetVolumeStatus no PRSFS_READ check
      Windows: BUF_HASH use opr_jhash_int2
      Windows: cm_SetupStoreBIOD compute correct scanEnd
      Windows: RDR_EvaluateNodeByName out of order param
      Windows: Rewrite LargeSearchTime conversions
      Windows: cm_connLock not required for cm_GetUCell
      Windows: cm_ConnByServer fix search for replication
      Windows: Mark Irp Pending before Deferring
      Windows: AFSCommonWrite STATUS_PENDING is Success
      Windows: replace cm_allServersp list with osi_queue
      Windows: cm_GetAddrsU wrapper for VL_GetAddrsU
      Windows: Add caching to cm_GetAddrsU
      Windows: cm_AddCellProc always call cm_NewServer
      Windows: Support arbitrary callback ports
      Windows: cm_GetCell_gen Fixup cm_server cellp on race
      Windows: cm_ForceNewConnections serverp == NULL
      Windows: AFSShareWrite do not assign pFcb too soon
      Windows: NP AFSGetConnection retrieve AuthId sooner
      Windows: NP AFSGetConnectionInfo AuthId == 0
      Windows: XP do not mark rdr devices as secure
      Windows: Platform specific MIDL output
      vos: GetServer search for non-loopback address
      Windows: No RO volume test SetFilePosInfo
      Windows: AFSCommonWrite add bWriteToEndOfFile var
      Windows: Fix AFSSetBasicInfo attribute processing
      Windows: NP Fail requests if AFSGetAuthenticationId fails
      Windows: Deny writes/truncation to files w RO attr
      Windows: RDR AFSSubtituteName invalid UNICODE_STRING
      Windows: cm_Analyze retries vs CM_REQ_NORETRY (2)
      Windows: Restrict redir trace buffer to 10240KB
      Revert "libafs: remove stray "-v 2" argument to afs_compile_et"
      Windows: Refactor AFSParseName related name parsing
      Windows: AFSParseName always set FileName output
      Windows: AFSParseRelatedName always use related name
      Windows: Reparse Policy vs DFSLinks
      Windows: Freelance whole volume rdr invalidate
      Windows: set hard dead timeout not conn timeout for probes
      Windows: do not forget cm_SyncOpDone
      Windows: Do not sync callbacks when only need locks
      Windows: registry enum do not request write perm
      sys: pioctl_nt translate WinErr to Unix
      Windows: AFSEvaluateTargetByName NULL ptr assignment
      Windows: Avoid deadlock during pending delete cleanup
      Windows: Prevent MDL leak on Cc*Mdl* failure
      Windows: cm_UpdateIFInfo consolidate syscfg_GetIFInfo calls
      Windows: replace lana_OnlyLoopback() calls
      Windows: introduce cm_MarkServerDown
      Windows: No network, no probe
      Windows: power management suspend/resume changes
      Windows: preserve prior vlserver list on dns failure
      Windows: report AllocationSize in 1KB increments
      Windows: FileStandardInfo Link count
      Windows: SetDispositionInfo vs Link Count
      viced: move host tmay fields before index
      viced: kill HOST_TO_ZERO macro
      viced: kill CLIENT_TO_ZERO macro
      klog: make krb5_524 non-fatal for native K5 tokens
      Windows: Fix cm_AppendServerList
      afs: refactor afs_linux_dentry_revalidate
      Windows: foo.backup -> foo.backup too many symlinks
      Windows: Fake status info on EACCES
      ubik: SDISK_Begin no quorum, wrong db, no transaction
      ubik: DISK_UpdateInterfaceAddr == server restart
      Revert "vlserver: Disable regex volume name processing in ListAttributesN2"
      vlserver: ListAttributesN2 volume name safety
      Windows: NetrShareGetInfo no return buffer on error
      Windows: NetrShareGetInfo do not return registry errors
      Windows: AFSGetConnectionInfo partial match validation
      Windows: AFSRetrieveParentPath handle no parent
      Windows: AFSRetrieveFileAttributes no parent path
      Windows: Move GetAuthenticationId to Worker Thread
      Windows: Always fetch auth id in kernel
      Windows: npdll do not retrieve auth id
      Windows: remove dead network provider code
      Windows: AFSParseName() uniFullName.MaximumLength
      Windows: NP RemoteName Length checks
      Windows: NPGetResourceInformation return redir error
      Windows: NPSupport Remote Name verification
      Windows: cm_CheckNTDelete missing SyncDone call
      Windows: cm_ApplyDir calls cm_SyncOpDone too soon
      Windows: avoid vldb lookup race with network stack
      Windows: cm_Analyze mark server down for misc rx errors
      Windows: Network Provider registration at service start
      Windows: cm_GetCell_Gen rework cell prefix matching
      Windows: Replace CM_SERVERFLAG_PINGING with pingCount
      Windows: remove extraneous "pingCount" format param
      Windows: multi ping do not leak ping count
      Windows: InstNetProvider do not leak key handle
      Windows: Only install Service NP if one exists
      Windows: if no known IP addrs, query the addr list
      Windows: clientServiceProviderKeyExists use subkey
      Windows: rdr pioctl operations are opaque
      Windows: fix RDR detection of ambiguous directory entries
      Windows: cm_Lookup return ambiguous filename to caller
      Windows: CM_ERROR_INEXACT_MATCH is not a fatal error
      rx: OPENAFS-SA-2015-007 "Tattletale"
      ptserver: fix pt_util creation of groups
      OPENAFS-SA-2016-001 group creation by foreign users

Jeffrey Hutzelman (15):
      Include user and build host in version string
      viced/callback.c: Ignore dump write errors harder
      userok.c: Fix fixed-size on-stack path buffers
      Make opr_uuid_toString return a status
      Add a tool to find lock ID numbers
      viced/callback.c: Don't ignore dump read errors
      libafs/LINUX: avoid leaks due to corrupt dir
      libafs/LINUX: Report FID of corrupt directories
      libafs/LINUX: update file pos in corrupt dir fix
      Make RXGEN_CPPCMD work on unix
      scsi_command_size became scsi_command_size_tbl
      Fix unchecked calls to asprintf
      Fix unchecked return values
      Ignore return values harder
      Allocate pathname buffers dynamically

Jens Wegener (1):
      viced: fix inverted lockCount assignment

Joe Gorse (1):
      Linux 4.6: rm PAGE_CACHE_* and page_cache_{get,release} macros

Jonathan A. Kollasch (20):
      Make whitespace consistent in NetBSD system type ID number section
      Allocate system type ID numbers for i386_nbsd60 and amd64_nbsd60
      Add nbsd60 param files and autoconf logic
      Fix build of user-space on nbsd50 and greater
      Remove unused variable
      NetBSD: translate timeval structure format in clock_GetTime()
      NetBSD: DEBUG can not typically be defined
      Port cache manager to NetBSD-5 and NetBSD-current
      Remove NetBSD-specific debugging statement
      correct omission of AFS_NBSD60_ENV from nbsd60 param file
      kdump-build: don't install when it hasn't been built for *bsd*
      build tsalvaged, tvolser, and dvolser targets on *nbsd*
      libafsauthent, tvolser: fix objdir build
      Add config glue for amd64_nbsd70 and i386_nbsd70 sysnames
      Remove AFS_NBSD40_ENV block within AFS_HPUX110_ENV block
      rx_multi: free the quantity of memory we allocated
      NetBSD: fix rx_kmutex's CV_WAIT_SIG macro
      NetBSD: update kernel module glue for NetBSD 6.99.x
      NetBSD: catch up to <sys/simplelock.h> removal in NetBSD 6.99.x
      NetBSD osi_crypto: use cprng(9) for random source on NetBSD 6.99/7.x

Jonathan Billings (6):
      Linux: Updated RedHat spec file with new demand attach servers and docs
      RedHat:  Remove potpourri.h from RedHat SPEC file manifest
      RedHat: Change the defined initdir path to /etc/rc.d/init.d
      linux: rpm: Fix SELinux attributes on /afs when installing openafs-client package
      Linux: rpm: Update to include changes to installed files
      redhat: Don't replace modified configuration files during rpm update

Jonathon Weiss (1):
      Find Tivoli TSM headers in 64 bit location

Karl Ramm (1):
      Print "waiting for job termination" at most once.

Ken Dreyer (25):
      spelling/grammar fixes for vos_clone manpage
      spelling/grammar fixes for manpages
      fix manpage for udebug -servers
      doc: -afsdb uses SRV records
      Enable -afsdb in the Red Hat packages.
      Red Hat: use repoquery to find kernels in build script
      Red Hat: update build script for newer Fedora versions
      doc: limitations of addsite on different partitions
      fix spelling in comments
      doc: add section on direct volume access
      doc: refer to aklog instead of klog
      doc: replace hostnames with IETF example hostnames
      doc: remove references to AFS's NTP daemon
      doc: add Windows section to fs newcell
      doc: fix examples of direct volume access
      add a simple backport policy to README.GIT
      NEWS updates for 1.6.2
      RedHat: fix version discovery
      doc: quote list items in POD
      enable Perl's strict and warnings in make-release
      doc: clarify setcrypt defaults
      do not ship uncompressed tarballs
      fix src tarball error text in make-release
      doc: add linked cells description to man pages
      doc: recommend cleanup steps in "vos convertROtoRW" man page

Ken Hornstein (4):
      Support for changes to OS X Mavericks VNOP_SYMLINK() function.
      Add support for configuration of MacOS 10.9 "Mavericks".
      Packaging support for MacOS X 10.9 "Mavericks".
      Remove extra whitespace from macro invocations

Lukas Volf (1):
      Windows: cs_CZ localization

Magnus Ahltorp (1):
      lwp: zero reused request blocks

Marc Dionne (233):
      Prototype warning cleanup - big endian
      Ignore old style definition warnings in generated code
      Fixes for signed char architectures
      s390x: only declare afs_sys_setgroups32_page where needed
      Make hcrypto depend on config
      afs_DoBulkStat: don't call afs_Analyze without holding the GLOCK
      Warning fix for gcc 4.5 "operation may be undefined" warnings
      rx: Set but not used variables
      Always check return code from iod_Write
      Linux: normalize error return for emulated syscalls
      vol: Set but not used variables
      butc: Set but unused variables
      vlserver: Set but not used variables
      rxgen, kauth: Set but not used variables
      tubik: minor Makefile cleanups
      viced, tviced: Set but not used variables
      volser: Set but not used variables
      Linux: correct use of atomic_add and atomic_sub functions
      Conditionalize include of string.h in rx_stats.c
      Remove duplicate rx_stats targets in libuafs Makefile
      Linux: fix aklog -setpag to work with ktc_SetTokenEx
      Linux: fix statfs configure test
      LINUX/osi_vnodeops.c: minor coding style fixes
      bucoord: parallel make fix
      xstat: Set but not used variables
      bucoord: Set but not used variables
      ubik: Set but not used variables
      rxosd: allow parallel make
      Linux: remove stale prototype and references for read_super
      Linux: 2.6.37 - replace get_sb with mount
      volser: add missing Makefile dependencies
      Cache bypass: Fix oops in bypass transition functions
      Cache bypass: release and unlock pages when we get 0-length reply
      Cache bypass: adjust read size for non-contiguous readpages
      Cache bypass: make readpage deal with reads at end of file
      Linux: define llseek operations
      Cache bypass: Remove AFS_KMAP_ATOMIC
      Cache bypass: remove ifdefs under src/afs/LINUX
      Cache bypass: Only compile bypass code for the Linux kernel
      Cache bypass: switch to rx_Readv
      Cache bypass: fix use of incorrect "states"
      linux: 2.6.38: New d_op handling
      linux: 2.6.38: Make d_revalidate RCU-walk aware
      Linux: allow compile flags to be passed to AC_CHECK_LINUX_BUILD
      Linux: 2.6.38: Adjust for permission inode operation changes
      Linux: 2.6.38: deal with dcache_lock removal
      ubik: always prefer a dirty cache page for write transactions
      scout: restore parallel make
      Linux: 2.6.38: dentry->d_count is not an atomic
      ubik: remove unused OLD_URECOVERY code
      ubik: Abstract common code in ContactQuorum* functions
      crypto: return a value from the krb5_init_context stub
      libuafs: add UAFS.pic to .gitignore
      ubik: remove unused UBIK_PAUSE code
      ubik: rename DInit, call from initialization sequence
      ubik: add lock initialization function
      ubik: remove successive Quorum_EndIO, Quorum_StartIO calls
      ubik: make uphys_close static
      ubik: Rearrange some initialization code
      ubik: remove unused code
      ubik: refactor pthread creation code
      ubik: cleanup DB lock usage in SDISK_SendFile
      libadmin: minor warning fix
      Linux: 2.6.39: deal with BKL removal
      Linux: 2.6.39: replace path_lookup with kern_path
      Linux: Fix fallout from path_lookup commit
      crypto: return a value from krb5_abortx
      fsprobe: call RXAFS_GetTime directly
      fsprobe: Fix usage message
      Convert ubik_Call(x) calls to ubik_x()
      Update README.WARNINGS, adjust warning inhibition flags
      ubik: Introduce new beacon lock
      ubik: Introduce new vote lock
      ubik: Introduce new address lock
      ubik: Introduce version lock
      ubik: Document lock ordering
      ubik: SVOTE_Beacon should hold the DB lock for CheckTid
      ubik: DB lock usage in ubik_Flush and ubik_Write
      ubik: take DB lock in ubik_GetVersion
      ubik: don't rely on timeout value after select()
      adminutil: parallel build fixes
      Unused variable warning fixes
      pam: Clear up PAM_CONST related warnings on Linux
      Linux: cleanup aio support
      ubik: remote: fix DB lock usage
      ubik: set UBIK_RECLABELDB before propagating version
      ubik: always hold DB lock for urecovery_ResetState()
      ubik: locking in recovery.c
      ubik: Defer updateUbikNetworkAddress until after RX startup
      ubik: add uvote_HaveSyncAndVersion
      src/afs: Set but unused variables warning fixes
      Linux: fix permission op test for certain compilers
      Linux: fix reading files larger than the chunk size
      Linux: remove typedef from configure test comment
      Linux: remove unused variable
      volser: flag unused variable
      pam: fix unused but set warnings
      venus depends on libafsauthent
      dir: verified pathnames fallout
      Linux: 3.1: adapt to fsync changes
      Linux: make sure backing_dev_info is zeroed
      Linux: d_delete now takes a const argument
      vos: print correct command name in diagnostics for changeloc
      Linux: Remove use of undefined AFS_LINUX_ENV
      fs: fix setserverprefs where long is larger than afs_int32
      viced: fix incorrect error message
      viced: remove duplicate declaration
      rx: add post RPC procedure capability
      dir: add missing return in DRead
      cache bypass: don't define iovecp for UKERNEL
      Linux: 3.1: update RCU path walking detection in permission i_op
      vol: initialize readmeinode
      Use offsetof() in set_header_word to get field offset
      opr: add buildtools target
      libuafs: only rebuild h directory when needed
      rx: Correctly test for end of call queue
      Linux: use standard macro for set_nlink configure test
      Linux 3.3: use umode_t for mkdir and create inode ops
      Parallel build fixes
      viced: remove FS_STATS_DETAILED
      vlserver: Consolidate VLDB entry server flag definitions
      vol: remove OPENAFS_VOL_STATS
      RW Replication: Add basic definitions
      viced: Allow null host for BreakCallBack
      volser: Remove unused variable
      Linux 3.4: Switch to d_make_root
      tools: return error code in xfclose
      tests: remove unused variable in tests/util/ktime-t.c
      vol: Allow VAllocVnode of specific vnodes
      viced: Make GetVolumePackageWithCall usable by replication code
      viced: Make Update_TargetVnodeStatus usable by replication code
      Linux 3.4: replace end_writeback with clear_inode
      gtx: remove unused variable numBuffBytes
      afsd: include sys/resource.h in afsd_kernel.c
      Linux 3.5: encode_fh API change
      vol: set correct bit in bitmap after VGrowBitmap
      Linux: bypass: consolidate copy_page macros into a single function
      Linux 3.6: kmap_atomic API change
      Linux 3.6: dentry_open API change
      Linux 3.6: d_alias and i_dentry are now hlists
      Linux: fix variable used to test for the iop create API
      Linux 3.6: create inode operation API change
      Linux 3.6: revalidate dentry op API change
      Linux 3.6: lookup inode operation API change
      Linux: include kthread.h before afs includes
      viced: Make use of unused variable
      crypto: Fix assert macro
      Linux: drop GLOCK before calling dput
      tests/auth: fixes for the opr libtool changes
      tests/opr: fixes for the uuid-t.c tests
      comerr, cmd, opr: fix library install targets
      libafsrpc: avoid concurrent libtool
      libafsauthent: fix parallel build
      rxkad: silence unused variable warnings in v5gen.c
      make install fixes for libraries
      quiet build: Define NOQ version of LT_LDLIB_lwp
      bozo: fix typo in help text
      Windows: Export a few more functions to afsauthent and afsrpc
      viced: Remove unused gettimeofday calls
      Linux: osi_vcache: Fix loop for the hlist case
      Linux 3.7: putname is no longer exported
      libafs: Fix second pass in ShakeLooseVCaches
      Linux: fix afs_putname wrapper for pre-3.7 kernels
      Linux: Rework handling of names in the lookup functions
      Linux: remove unused afs_set_name inline functions
      tests: cleanup temporary files
      Linux: change test for new putname API
      Linux 3.7: remove use of param.h and ioctl.h
      Linux 3.7: key instantiate API change
      cache bypass: fix afs_bypass_copy_page memcpy oops
      gcc 4.8: fix warnings
      Linux: setpag() may replace credentials
      Linux 3.8: session_keyring changes
      Linux 3.8: vmtruncate removal
      Rework set_header_word macros
      Parallel libtool build fixes
      Linux: crset should use passed credentials
      Linux: Detect undefined symbols in kernel modules
      rx: Remove rx_atomic_add_and_read trailing semi-colon
      Linux: Add missing semi-colon
      tests: Improve failure mode for unresolvable hostname
      crypto: make krb5_enomem a static inline function
      Linux 3.9: hlist iterator change
      doc: Fix a few typos in vlserver man page
      Windows: Use mtafsutil library when linking with pthreads
      ubik: Avoid use of freed string
      linux: Fix leaked dentry reference in the revalidate op
      volser: Adjust TLV tag range
      Linux 3.10: Replace create_proc_entry() with proc_create()
      libafs: fix Afs_syscall definition for UKERNEL
      Linux 3.10: Include linux/aio.h directly
      Linux: Fix tmpfs cache support
      tests: Improve afstest_UnlinkTestConfig cleanup
      volser: Convert command line parsing to cmd
      volser: Add -config and -logfile options
      salvaged: Clean up command line parsing
      viced: Add support for -config and -logfile options
      salvageserver: Add -logfile option
      bos: Do encryption if requested
      Linux 3.11: Convert from readdir to iterate file operation
      Linux: Remove extra "goto out" from tmpfs fix
      Linux 3.11: Adapt to d_count changes
      procmgmt: Introduce spawnprocve_sig
      Linux 3.13: Check return value from bdi_init
      Linux: When revalidating, don't drop in-use dentries
      Linux: Do drop dentry if lookup returns ENOENT
      Linux: Prevent some fakestat data inconsistencies
      vol: Fix gcc 4.9 warnings
      Linux: Drop PageReclaim AOP_WRITEPAGE_ACTIVATE case
      libafs: Speed up afs_CheckTokenCache
      Linux 3.16: Switch to iter_file_splice_write
      Linux 3.16: Convert to new write_iter/read_iter ops
      Linux 3.17: No more typedef for ctl_table
      Linux 3.17: Deal with d_splice_alias errors
      Linux 3.18: d_invalidate can no longer return an error
      Linux 3.18: key_type no longer has a match op
      volser: Break callbacks to the target of VolClone
      Unix CM: Avoid using stale DV in afs_StoreAllSegments
      Linux: Move code to reset the root to afs/LINUX
      Linux: d_alias becomes d_u.d_alias
      Linux 3.19: No more f_dentry
      Linux 3.19: Use mgs_iter in struct msghdr
      Linux 3.19: struct nameidata becomes opaque
      Linux: d_splice_alias may drop inode reference on error
      Linux 4.1: No need for do_sync_read
      Linux 4.1: Don't define or use ->write directly
      Linux: mmap: Apply recursion check only to recursion cases
      Linux 4.2: Pass namespace to sock_create_kern
      Linux 4.2: total_link_count is no longer accessible
      Linux: Add AC_CHECK_LINUX_OPERATION configure macro
      Linux 4.2: Changes in link operation APIs
      afsmonitor: Skip additional bits for large timeval
      Linux: Only use automount for volume roots

Marcio Barbosa (14):
      tests: give the full path to the softsig test helper program
      viced: do not overwrite possible failure
      afs: do not allow two shutdown sequences in parallel
      doc: add missing angle bracket
      afs: fix memory leak
      venus: fix memory leak
      build-sys: do not capitalize value of HAVE_PAM
      pam: avoid warning messages
      macos: use pkgbuild to build the package on 10.10/10.11
      macos: should not be tracked by git
      macos: add support for MacOS 10.12
      macos: packaging support for MacOS X 10.12
      macos: do not quit prefpane unexpectedly
      afs: release the packets used by rx on shutdown

Marcus Watts (2):
      death to register
      death to trailing whitespace

Mark Vitale (51):
      DOC: vos convertROtoRW security requirements
      vos: convertROtoRW misc error reporting problems
      vos: convertROtoRW may create two RW volumes
      vos: convertROtoRW does not respect volume lock
      vos: volume lock not released on convertROtoRW error
      vos: convertROtoRW may create 2nd RW on a fileserver
      vos: convertROtoRW susceptible to VLDB changes during override prompt
      vos: convertROtoRW incorrect warning when RO not in VLDB
      vos: convertROtoRW - prevent VLDB corruption
      vol: correct old conditional for IH_CONDSYNC
      dafs: preattach should wait for exclusive states
      salvager: incorrect comment
      vos: Unrecognized or ambiguous switch '-c'
      vos: noise messages when attempting to delete non-existent volume
      salvager: prevent assertion during -orphans attach
      dafs: prevent corruption in large fsstate.dat files
      vos: incorrectly defined alias for -cell parm
      volser: repair volserver -udpsize and -sleep options
      auth: prevent uninitialized key list in AFS config
      viced: remove dead code CheckHost()
      vos: move convertROtoRW core logic to vsprocs
      afs: only reset access caches for the matching cell
      afs: maintain afs_users buckets in sorted order
      afs: remove cruft from Solaris afs_freevfs
      opr: opr_AssertionFailed undefined in kernel module
      viced: remove obsolete comment about alignment
      kauth: fix klog principal name parsing
      fssync-debug: close test connection
      pioctl.c: restore required result variable
      Solaris: setpag should verify that ngroups will not overflow
      vlserver: VL_GetEntryByName* requests undercounted
      afs: pioctl kernel memory overrun
      afs: incorrect types for AFSDB IPv4 addresses
      viced: incorrect FID audit of BulkStatus and InlineBulkStatus
      bozo: allow start of fs and dafs bnodes with options
      DAFS: large volume support - fileserver crash after "addled bitmap"
      salvageserver: segfault in DoSalvageVolume
      salvageserver: unable to write child log: out of memory
      afs: document missing afs_Analyze parm
      afs: incorrect comments for afs_ClearStatus
      SOLARIS: support mmap() over 4GiB
      SOLARIS: corrupted content of mmap'd files over 4GiB
      Linux 4.9: deal with demise of GROUP_AT
      Linux 4.9: inode_operation rename now takes flags
      Linux 4.9: inode_change_ok() becomes setattr_prepare()
      LINUX: split dentry eviction from osi_TryEvictVCache
      salvager: fix error message for invalid volumeid
      LINUX: do not use d_invalidate to evict dentries
      doc: correct help for 'bos getlog' -restricted mode
      dir: fileserver leaks names of file and directories
      dir: do not leak contents of deleted directory entries

Matt Benjamin (12):
      BSD CMs:  Don't call nonexistent afs_FlushVS in afs_vop_reclaim
      FBSD CM: don't call afs_close when recycling
      FBSD:  give osi_NetReceive time to shutdown, reprise
      sed s/porc/proc/
      FBSD  restore old syscall register logic for older kernels
      FBSD, DFBSD (future)  vnode_pager_setsize updates
      FBSD, DFBSD (future)   call afs_FakeOpen in the write path
      FBSD  try-relax child vnode locking (recurse only)
      DFBSD  update dfbsd userland
      cache bypass  Also increment page refcount in readpage
      unix cm  rx-oblivious connection pooling
      LINUX  vcache lock ordering in afs_linux_readdir

Matt K. Light (1):
      Fix compile error for PPC64 gcc 6.1.1

Matt Smith (1):
      Updates to the Cache Manager to include NetBSD5 support

Michael Laß (6):
      Update configure help msg to match actual defaults
      Remove AFSLore from wiki URLs
      Use -nofork when starting bosserver via systemd
      Remove traces of Debian packaging
      Linux 4.4: key_payload has no member 'value'
      Linux 4.4: Use locks_lock_file_wait

Michael Meffie (320):
      clean up stale defines in volser header
      ihandle positional read and write
      manpage correction for restorevol -file option
      scout: display fetch and store counts as unsigned
      avoid private stdio fields in waitkey
      Windows: fix keystroke delay in waitkey
      viced: fix missing host lock in h_Enumerate
      rpm: fix ChangeLog filename in doc rpm
      readme typos
      volinfo: fix -filenames option check
      doc: document volinfo -filenames option
      volinfo: fix size totals when saving inodes
      volinfo: print errors to stderr
      volinfo: fix volume aux totals output
      volinfo: remove code duplication in HandleVolumes
      volinfo: print namei filenames of index files
      xstat: print collection values in debug mode
      cmd: Reorder cmd_AddParmAtOffset arguments
      volinfo: refactor -sizeOnly printing
      volinfo: refactor size counters
      volinfo: refactor volume and vnode handling code
      volinfo: refactor mode variables
      volinfo: avoid exit on errors
      volinfo: fix file size data type
      volinfo: comments
      volinfo: accept vice partition id for -part option
      volinfo: accept -sizeonly for -sizeOnly
      xstat: cope with different size timeval structures
      volinfo: fix false good magic line
      salvager: check namei linktable header magic
      salvager: do not redefine SalvageVolumeGroup
      tests: fix cmd test case
      audit: remove uneeded strncpy
      volinfo: clean up headers
      volser: log host address of caller in extra logging
      xstat: cm xstat time values are 32 bit
      solaris: fix afs_event build error
      solaris: build 64-bit binaries for sunx86_51x by default
      solaris: libafs depends on fs/ufs
      salvager: fix filesystem path truncation
      bozo: pass -rxbind on restart
      bozo: remove duplicate prototype
      bozo: bosserver -pidfiles option
      volinfo: release volume header ihandles when done
      volinfo: refactor vnode handling
      bozo: fix overrun from -rxbind on restart
      bozo: report bosserver -rxbind address
      doc: fileserver synopsis typo
      bozo: bosserver man page updates
      DAFS: fssync online requires a partition name argument
      bozo: test program update
      bozo: build notifier sample program
      opr: queue swap
      vol: rate-limit volume usage updates
      auth: avoid excessive stat of cellservdb
      vol: log error reason on header read failure
      volinfo: implement -checkout option
      volscan: print vnode metadata information
      bozo: preserve all options over restart
      bozo: retry start after error stops
      Unix CM: reset blacklist on hard-mount retry
      volinfo: initialize vnode details
      viced: fix log message in hpr initialize
      viced: fix -realm option arg parse
      build on solaris 10 again
      remove athena env conditionals
      libafs: log error code when marking server down
      doc: distributed files are under dest
      viced: fix log message for MapName_r
      Build: link libaudit before util
      volscan: option to ignore dir vnode magic
      volscan: index offset output column
      Build: error if solariscc is not found
      Build: check for gencat
      auth: get local cell internal function
      auth: local realms configuration
      auth: remove static local realms
      ptserver: remove static local realms
      viced: remove static local realms
      audit: remove static local realms
      configure: solariscc check update
      doxygenize afs_analyze
      libafs: log server errors on hard mount retry
      viced: avoid crash if missing volume header
      bozo: increase salvage instance poll rate
      volinfo: show header filenames even if error
      volser: preserve stats over reclones and restores
      fix audit init in vl and pr servers
      vol: avoid attach retry loops on SYNC_FAILED
      vldb_check: remove unused functions
      vlserver: fix logging of ip addresses
      libafs: use afs_ResetVCache in flush volume data
      vldb_check: off by one host address table error
      libafs: avoid flushing already freed dcaches in flush volumes
      vlserver: always use the hostaddress table in GetAddrsU
      vlserver: remove an unused global
      bozo: avoid canceling the sigkill timer for hung processes
      libafs: revert init req to use the real uid
      vldb_check: warn about cross-linked mh entries
      vldb_check: remove unreferenced mh entries with -fix
      vlserver: fix vldb header initialization
      vlserver: use the logging function to log
      vos: use the roken max macro
      vldb_check: fix cross-linked mh entries
      LINUX: make d_automount work properly on rhel5 kernels
      bozo: dont lie when binding to any address
      cmd: exit status zero from -help
      doc: solaris x86 kernel module path
      vol: allow non-dafs volume utils to attach with V_READONLY again
      fix stale volume info from vos examine (non-dafs)
      tools: example sysvmq audit reader
      spelling corrections in readme files
      correct whitespace errors in readme files
      doc: dynamic mount requires dynroot and fakestat
      xstat: remove unused call info function
      xstat: length check cm call info
      libafs: fs flushall for unix cm
      vlclient: add -probe option
      libafs: cleanup redundant assignment
      tests: posix signal constants in rx/perf test
      tests: make a plan for man page checks
      pt_util: fix group line check for input files
      vldb_check: cope with broken names and volids
      vldb_check: print vlentry file offsets
      volser: -log restore operations
      libafs: initialize hard mount last errors
      bosserver dir creation for non-transarc paths
      vlserver: increase the max lwp threads
      ptserver: increase the max lwp threads
      auth: fix cellservdb update check
      bozo: cap retry delay
      build: compile_et rules for parallel make
      doc: state klog.krb is obsolete
      fix linux build error in osi_probe
      vos: more details in vos release -verbose output
      ubik: fix include quotes
      build: more configure summary
      cleanup potpourri.h references
      util: remove dup include
      vol: fix nextVnodeUnique roll over
      vol: reset nextVnodeUnique when uniquifier rolls over
      xstat: use ephemeral ports for xstat_fs_test and scout
      xstat: fix a malformed debug message
      doc: fix typo in fs setacl
      doc: afs_compile_et formatting fixes
      doc: afs_compile_et -lang short form
      comerr: avoid comma operator
      comerr: long and short form of the -prefix option.
      doc: afs_compile_et -h option
      comerr: compile_et -emit option for parallel make
      libafscp: makefile install rule update
      config: parallel-safe param.h makefile rule
      config: use the standard INSTALL_DATA makefile macro
      tvolser: fix makefile clean target
      libadmin: remove duplicate dependency
      libadmin: makefile rule for afs_AdminError.h
      libadmin: use INSTALL_DATA to export headers
      libadmin: add header file deps
      doc: fix typo on ka-forwarder man page
      doc: fix typo in volinfo man page
      libafs: reset global icl set pointers on shutdown
      libadmin: add missing bubasics dependency
      compile_et macros to generate source and headers separately
      libafs: afs_InitVolSlot function
      libafs: put volume disk cache i/o in afs_UFSGetVolSlot
      libafs: afs_SetupVolSlot function
      libafs: allow bkg daemon requests without creds
      fs: display cell not available on ESRCH
      volscan: avoid printing null mount-point cellname
      volscan: hide -mask option
      volinfo: refactor global options
      volinfo: separate volscan binary
      doc: volscan man page
      viced: disable hot threads
      volser: fix spurious strcat of volume extension.
      viced: fix get-statistics64 buffer overflow
      readme: remove ancient build notes
      libafs: fix lock leak during shutdown
      aklog: double get_credv5 in retry logic
      uss: add missing include
      vos: vos release -force-reclone option
      libafs: check afs_InitReq return code
      libafs: reduce stack space
      libafs: reduce stack space in VNOPS
      makefile: remove comment about washtool
      readme: rename README.DEVEL to CODING
      readme: move git info to CODING
      readme: move README.WARNINGS to CODING
      libafs: api to create and free vrequests
      libafs: reduce stack space in LINUX
      configure: fix comment about unix variants
      doxygen: make dox
      libadmin: separate source and header compile_et rules
      libafs: separate source and header compile_et rules
      auth: fix include quotes for generated headers
      rxkad: fix include quotes for generated headers
      build: separate source and header compile_et rules
      libafs: api to create and free vattrs
      libafs: allocate vattrs in LINUX to reduce stack used
      volser: log message for cross-device link errors
      linux: dont ignore kmod build errors
      roken: add getaddrinfo and friends the imported file list
      roken: configure checks for getaddrinfo and friends
      ptserver: fix errant debug message log level
      libafs: fix error location code in LINUX/osi_export
      libafs: do not allow NULL creds for afs_CreateReq
      libafs: fix vrequest leak in afs_lookup
      tools: fix unpack in example sysvmq audit reader
      volscan: fix copyright and licence notice
      vos: cross-device link error message
      build: remove trailing whitespace from makefiles
      Document the vldb (ubik) file format
      avoid writing loopback addresses into CellServDB
      roken: add inet_ntop and inet_pton to the imported file list
      roken: configure checks for inet_ntop and inet_pton
      remove cmd-suite-option-for-hiding-admin-commands
      vldb_check: fix false mh block error message
      fix whitespace errors in acinclude.m4
      cmd: add flags argument to create syntax function
      cmd: avoid piggy-backing flags in the help string
      vos: fix crash when getting a non-loopback host address
      libafs: remove "Please install afsd with check server daemon" warning
      redhat: do not overwite the server CellServDB
      doc: document the vldb free list
      vldb_check: rebuild free list with -fix
      dafs: avoid asserting on dafs VSALVAGING error code
      vol: rename volUpdateCounter macro
      fix byte ordering in check_sysid
      bozo: do not exit when the client config already exists
      vos: preserve cloneId and backupId when restoring
      vlserver: do not perform ChangeAddr on mh entries, except for removal
      vos: remaddrs sub-command
      libafs: remove extraneous solaris headers from afs_util.c
      libafs: reset all the volumes with fs flushall
      tests: fix typo in softsig test helper
      doc: bosserver runs in the background
      vos: changeaddr refuse to change mh entries without -force
      readme: move the LICENSE file to the top level directory
      readme: Rename README to INSTALL
      readme: remove README.PTHREADED_UBIK
      bozo: fix -pidfiles default
      bozo: use the full path when renaming BosLog to BosLog.old
      return an error from afs_readdir when out of buffers
      opr: export softsig functions
      bozo: move more initialization code to functions
      LINUX: Fix oops during negative dentry caching
      libafs: remove linux conditionals for md5 inode number calculation
      volser: update log formatting in dump and restore
      vos: reinstate the -localauth option for vos setaddrs
      afs: fix for return an error from afs_readdir when out of buffers
      doc: document the version subcommand
      libprot: add pr_PrintContEntry function
      prdb_check: check for continuation entries in owner chains
      prdb_check: fix out of bounds array access in continuation entries
      bozo: create a syslog connection only if the -syslog option is given
      doc: fix the salvageserver log file name
      doc: add syslog options to salvageserver man page
      doc: remove unimplemented -showsuid and -showmounts from the salvageserver man page
      dafs: remove the salvageserver -datelogs option
      dafs: remove the salvageserver -showlog option
      dafs: log to stderr when running salvageserver in client mode
      salvager: redd up showlog global flag
      util: add CloseLog routine to close the server log
      volser: range check acl header fields during dumps and restores
      viced: add missing new lines to log messages
      doc: afsd -settime and -nosettime are obsolete
      volser: detect eof in dump stream while reading acl
      CellServDB update 01 Jan 2016
      test: skip buserror test when SIGBUS is not defined in perl POSIX module
      LINUX: ifconfig is deprecated
      doc: fs examine no longer requires read rights on the volume root vnode
      LINUX: hold vcache while dropping dcache refs
      afs: shake harder in shake-loose-vcaches
      salvager: convert salvager and salvagerserver to libutil logging
      procmgmt: wrappers for softsig handlers
      Windows: opr_softsig.h
      util: softsig version of function to setup logging signal handlers
      viced: remove old signal handler wrappers
      viced: convert the fileserver to opr softsig
      volser: convert the volume server to opr softsig
      vlserver: convert the vlserver to opr softsig
      ptserver: convert the ptserver to opr softsig
      util: remove util/softsig
      util: fix server log fd validity checks
      util: always initialize the server log mutex
      util: remove obsolete SETVBUF_REVERSED
      util: open mrafs-style logs with O_APPEND too
      util: allocate log filename buffers
      util: remove unused printLocks variable from mrafs-style logs
      util: fix log file renaming of mrafs-style logs
      util: fix file descriptor leak in mrafs-style logging
      util: refactor OpenLog and ReOpenLog
      util: always reopen the log file
      Reopen the correct filename when -logfile is given
      Remove server logging globals
      util: doxygenate server logging functions
      util: reopen server logs on SIGUSR1 for external log rotation
      externalize log rotation
      roken: do not include the rk_rename() implementation on unix
      git ignore akeyconvert
      afs: cleanup remnant afs_vfs_mount prototype in afs_call.c
      afs: remove commented out AIX specific tweak
      afs: remove commented out sleep in afs_call.c
      afs: retire HAVE_LINUX_COMPLETION_H conditionals
      libafs: avoid resetting the dynroot volume every 10 minutes
      vlserver: --enable-ubik-read-while-write configure option
      libafs: rename volume accessTime to setupTime
      CODING: update style guide for multiline comments
      afs: add afsd -inumcalc option
      afs: define NUMPAGGROUPS once
      libafs: update the volume setup time when the vldb is rechecked
      CODING: one-line if statements should not have braces
      revert: "LINUX: Fix oops during negative dentry caching"
      afsd: fix afsd -help crash
      tests: avoid passing NULL strings to vprintf
      SOLARIS: convert from ancient _depends_on to ELF dependencies
      doc: update information about vlserver logging
      dafs: honor salvageserver -salvagedirs
      vos: fix vos release -verbose output
      Update NEWS for 1.8

Nathan Dobson (1):
      aklog: Correct size used for strlcpy()

Nathaniel Wesley Filardo (13):
      Add a small string formatting utility to opr
      Remove duplicate CREATE_SGUID_ADMIN_ONLY define
      Add sparc_linux26 sysname and params
      Stylistic tweak lwp/process.o machinery
      Move vos COMMONPARMS to a larger offset
      Export xdr_nbulkentries from liboafs_vldb
      Export xdr_nbulkentries in liboafs_vldb
      Revert "vos-sync-flag-voltype-properly-20080521"
      DeleteVolume should check ITSROVOL as a bit
      Make all VLDB interactions use VLF/VLSF names
      Linux: get sysname even if kernel module disabled
      Use rxkad_crypt for inter-volser traffic, if asked

Nickolai Zeldovich (11):
      volser/vol_split.c: do not dereference known-NULL pointer
      ubik/udebug.c, vol/vol-info.c: check array index before dereferencing
      tools/dumpscan/pathname.c: properly check strdup() return value
      auth/authcon.c: fix likely mistake
      butm/file_tm.c: check for null pointer before dereferencing
      lwp/iomgr.c: avoid off-by-one out-of-bounds access
      libadmin/vos/vosutils.c: mask out sign-extension
      ptserver/testpt.c: remove dead code in ListUsedIds
      afscp: Fix check for bare root.cell dirs in dynroot mode
      src/rxosd/ avoid infinite recursion in CC variable
      Fix scanf buffer overflows

Niklas Jonsson (1):
      Auth: increase size of DNS resolver answer buffer

Paul Smeddle (1):
      Make volscan's column delimiter option work

Perry Ruiter (16):
      afs: Clarify comment
      cellconfig: move memcpy outside loop
      afs: restructure afs_warn and afs_warnuser
      afs: Define afs_warnall routine
      afs: Suppress duplicate message on Linux
      Delete several unused memory management constants
      audit: Delete va_copy kludge
      config: Move AFS_LRALLOCSIZ to afs_args.h
      afs: Delete unneeded duplicate code
      Correct comment typos in a couple files
      redhat: Fix minor whitespace errors in openafs-kmodtool
      afs: Verify osi_UFSOpen worked
      afs: Correct routine name on error message
      doc: backup manpage fix
      afsd: Update list of supported flags
      SOLARIS: Minor whitespace corrections

Peter Scott (38):
      Windows: AFS Redirector Support Headers
      Windows: RDR File System Framework driver
      Windows: AFSRedirLib.sys file system library driver
      Windows: AFS Redirector Network Provider
      Windows: AFS Redirector Support Tools
      Windows: AFSRemoveCaseInsensitiveDirEntry corrections
      Windows: New Trace for DirEntry tracking problem
      Windows: Reimplement AFSGenerateCRC()
      Windows: additional trace logging for afsredirlib
      Windows: Directory Entry Processing
      Windows: add braces to case statements
      Windows: log FSCTL_CSC_INTERNAL requests
      Windows: correct ordering of reparse point tests
      Windows: change AFSProcessUserFsRequest default
      Windows: DE Reference count added during create
      Windows: add AFSRetrieveParentPath()
      Windows: Retrieve file attributes on symlinks
      Windows: remember when a reparse point is opened
      Windows: fix deadlock in symlink Attrib retrieval
      Windows: Failed to release correct lock
      Windows: FileNetworkPhysicalNameInfo implementation
      Windows: Correctly increment PIOCtl DE
      Windows: include owner/group in Security DACL
      Windows Problem with cross-directory rename
      Windows: Track AuthGroup in Context Control Block
      Windows: Avoid bottleneck on VolumeLock
      Windows: Handle invalid node types
      Windows: Support correct status codes from service
      Windows: Performing async work after cache invalidation
      Windows: Correctly mark extents dirty when using the non-persistent AFS
      Windows Asynchronous purging of file content after a DV change
      Windows: AFSProcessOverwriteSupersede CcSetFileSizes
      Windows: Consolidate Device Flags
      Windows: disable short names in redirector option
      Windows: FileNormalizedNameInformation take one
      Windows: Permit direct to service non-wildcard lookups
      Windows: Direct IO for AFS Redirector

Phillip Moore (7):
      Quick Start Guide updated for RHEL rpms, and CLI syntax
      Added missing CLI argument dropped during last commit.
      Extract the .version file when building the srpm file
      Makes fs getfid error handling consistent with other fs commands
      fs getfid output changed for consistency with Windows implementation
      fs getfid defaults to '.', like other path-related commands
      Fix fs bypassthreshold to accept a size of -1 to disable

Rainer Strunz (1):
      fs: add support for relative ACL changes

Rainer Toebbicke (5):
      Lockless path through afs_linux_dentry_revalidate
      Re-enable rx connection hard timeout
      Early dispose of replies in rx_Multi
      Atomically collect callbacks to be broken
      butc: clean xbsa shutdown on control C

Rod Widdowson (41):
      windows: preserve lasterror prior to calling free
      Windows:  fix built in touch
      windows: native versions of ih_pread and ih_pwrite
      windows: terminate multi_sz correctly
      QuickStart Unix: use dafs type and name for demand attach file services
      Docs: Specify where the Windows mini dump file is written
      Windows: remove faulty assumptions about device names in vol-salvage
      Windows: remove unused label in ntops.c
      Windows: read and write take void* buffers, open takes a const char*
      Windows: fix parameters and return value from nt_seek
      Do not compare an FD_t < 0
      namei_ops.c use OS_XXX rather than afs_XXX
      vutil.c: use OS_XXX rather than afs_XXX
      Windows: Replace "%T" as format string to strftime
      Fix buffer leak in dir/buffers.c
      Windows: Fix comment about DiskPartition64
      Windows: Remove spurious use of CRTL
      FSSYNC-Client:  Consistent use of partition name
      Windows AFSRDR: Log before decrementing refcount
      Windows: Remove unused cleanup flag
      Windows: Set new file index correctly during rename
      Windows:  Defer deref of a directoryEntry
      Windows: Look for 8.3 name when doing a rename
      Windows: warnings on kernel builds
      Windows: more warnings on kernel builds
      Windows: Only allow the local system account to speak to the redirector
      Windows: Restrict the Service IOCTLS to the service process
      Windows: Police the DEBUG TRACE ioctls
      Windows: Police Library IOCTLs
      Windows: AFSWriteCommon collapse redundant condition
      Windows: Allow the Library to pend a write request
      Windows: Call CcDeferWrite rather than loop
      Windows: Move work item queues over to the Control Device
      Windows: Pin the Cc FileObject during section create.
      Windows: Take FCB resource in presection create.
      Windows: Strip out unused ModWriter Fastio code
      Windows: EOF for Synchronous Deferred Writes on XP/2003
      Windows: Do not defer Synchronous operations
      Windows: Pin write position prior to defer
      Windows: Adjust Last Write time handling for -1
      Windows: Fix uninitialized variables

Russ Allbery (38):
      Update Autoconf Kerberos probes to latest rra-c-util version
      Mention KRB5CCNAME in the aklog man page
      Add NEWS entries for OpenAFS 1.5.77 and 1.5.76
      Update bos create man page for new naming of demand-attach binaries
      Fix POD errors in fileserver and dasalvager
      Link dafssync-debug(8) to fssync-debug(8)
      Update Debian packaging to 1.5.77-2 release
      Return SRV record ports in network byte order
      Update NEWS for 1.5.78 and 1.6.0pre1
      Update 1.6 NEWS entry based on 1.6.0pre2 release notes
      Update NEWS for 1.6.0pre3 release
      Correctly document the AFS client setuid defaults
      NEWS updates for 1.6.0pre4
      Resync src/cf/gssapi.m4 with rra-c-util 3.3 (fixes OpenBSD)
      Resync Autoconf macros from rra-c-util 3.3
      Fix various build problems with the test suite
      Resync test harness with C TAP Harness 1.7
      Further fix gssapi.m4 for Heimdal without libroken
      Fix misspelling of writable as writeable
      Add additional NEWS entries for 1.6.0pre5 through 1.6.0pre7
      Clean and ignore additional build files for DocBook documentation
      Update README for newly added configure switches
      Prefer dblatex to docbook2pdf
      Add NEWS entries for the 1.6.0 final release
      Don't fail to build documentation if kindlegen doesn't exist
      Generate stub header files for h/*.h files included in libuafs
      Import new pam-const.m4 from rra-c-util 3.8
      Import of code from rra-c-util
      Import of code from c-tap-harness
      Import of code from rra-c-util
      Fix spelling error (retreive for retrieve) in strings
      Ensure MIN/MAX are defined in userspace builds of rx
      Make MIN/MAX code in rx/rx_packet.h more readable
      Fix spelling error in fs_getcrypt man page
      Fix spelling error in fs_getverify man page
      Diagnose calling compile_et -v without another argument
      Fix restorevol crash on corrupt nDumpTimes value
      Fix restorevol sanity check on afs_int32

Ryan C. Underwood (1):
      Fix positional I/O support for largefiles

Sami Kerola (10):
      build-sys: add bug reporting address and home page to configure
      build-sys: do not check readme and news when automake runs
      build-sys: use m4 quoting consistantly
      build-sys: use AS_IF instead of shell if clause
      build-sys: mark block begin and ends
      build-sys: fix m4 quotation to make upstream autotools to work
      build-sys: fix indentation in test code
      build-sys: reindent AC_ARG_WITH section in acinclude.m4
      build-sys: make docbook path find easier to read
      opr: fix often reported warning

Simon Wilkinson (913):
      Handle whitespace better in import script
      Heimdal import: Add hcrypto files
      libafsrpc: Add new XDR symbols to exports
      Add OpenAFS build machinery for libhcrypto
      hcrypto: Fix for IRIX
      Add a few missing entries to our .gitignores
      hcrypto: Check for arc4random
      Configure: Tidy up AC_CHECK_FUNCS
      Don't include afsconfig.h in rxgen headers
      Unix CM: Generalise token storage
      Make unixuser's vid advisory
      Add new SetTokenEx pioctl
      aklog: Add support for the new SetToken pioctl
      New GetToken pioctl
      vlserver: Use com_err for Ubik error messages
      RX: Make the sample client and server build
      aklog: Fix weak_crypto tests
      aklog: Fix some format warnings
      pam: Remove unused library definitions
      auth: Add a gitignore file for the test directory
      Add config.log to gitignore globally
      Ignore *.dSYM files in working directory
      shlibafsrpc: Export additional symbols
      Linux: Move keyring includes where they're needed
      auth: Make token_FreeSet work on an empty set
      Linux: print after BUG() is pretty useless
      RX: Make rxi_Alloc return (void *)
      Rename kauth/token.c as kauth/katoken.c
      authcon: Use ktc_GetTokenEx in ClientAuthToken
      auth: Add the ktc_ListTokensEx function
      tokens: Use the new tokens interface
      rx: Call rxgen_consts.h by its proper name
      auth: Restructure userok
      userok: Don't double check for expiry
      Add additional dependencies for shlibafsrpc
      ptserver: Merge WhoIsThis and WhoIsThisWithName
      ubik: Remove unused error codes
      viced: Don't fall back to tokens
      rxgen: Handle complex structures
      rxperf: Fix so it builds on Unix
      rxkad: Make the test suite build again
      libuafs: Don't #define user
      hcrypto: Add dirfd definition for solaris
      auth: Add documentation for ktc_ListTokensEx
      rx: Add an opaque type
      rx: Add struct rx_identity
      tests: Fix objdir builds
      Move des/stats.h to rxkad directory
      Add an LWP version of the hcrypto library
      rxperf: Fix the Unix build again
      rxperf: Add build rules to build a pthreaded version
      libafsrpc depends on rxstat and fsint
      rx: Big windows make us sad
      Fix rxperf so that it works with pthreads
      rxperf: Really set UDP buffer size
      rx: Limit window size to max acks
      RX: Tidy reader data locking
      rx: Add atomic operations code
      rx: Add rx_NewThreadId function
      rx: Make nWaiting and nWaited atomic
      rx: Use atomics for rxi_AllocSize and rxi_AllocCnt
      rx: Make statistics interface use Atomics
      rx: Don't have different args for rxi_FreeCall
      configure: Don't let autoconf pick our CFLAGS
      configure: Restore saved CFLAGS
      Add more files from Heimdal
      hcrypto: Build fixes
      util: Add base64 from Heimdal's roken
      Heimdal: Fix 32bit build problems
      Import yet more files from Heimdal
      Revert "util: Add base64 from Heimdal's roken"
      Kill AFS_64BIT_ENV
      Yet more imports from libroken
      Irix: Make compiler less chatty
      hcrypto: Fix builds on Irix
      rx: Reduce dependence on call->lock
      Unix: Rework build system
      Heimdal: Import rand-w32.c for hcrypto on Windows
      rx: Indent dpf definition
      Fix rxperf includes
      rx: Don't call gettimeofday for every packet ack
      hcrypto: Tidy up some merge conflicts
      rx: Don't malloc the xmit list
      rx: Don't count unknown packets as missing
      Rx: Reject out of order ACK packets
      rx: Simplify round trip time calculation
      rx: More improvments to RTT calculation
      rx: Fix bracing on rx_clock macro arguments
      rx: Tidy up variables in RTT calc
      rx: Use a structure for the xmit list
      rx: Fix resend accounting
      rx: Refactor transmit queue wakeup
      rx: Fix starting of transmit timers
      rx: Don't let timeouts force fast recovery
      Improve commit messages for git imports
      shlib-build: Add ignore option
      Import: Add roken files from heimdal
      Import still more files from libroken
      util: netutils never builds in the kernel ...
      auth: Use Kernel XDR for kernel tokens
      Add libroken as its own library
      rx: Reorganise includes
      RX: rxi_PrepareSendPacket drops call lock; WaitforTQ required
      Add snprintf to roken for Unix builds
      libroken: Build on windows
      Build: Fix broken bracketing in shared Makefile
      hcrypto: Use system wide libroken
      Replace bits of libutil with libroken
      Remove local crypto
      Use hcrypto for kernel md5
      hcrypto: Cleanup all build products
      Imports: Add reporting of new and removed files
      userok: Allow NULL components in kerberosSuperUser
      rx: Rework identity copying
      rx: Store identity type in rx_identity_new
      roken: Add base64 functions to libroken
      Imports: Import heimdal:lib/roken/strsep.c
      roken: Add the strsep function
      auth: Allow identities in the UserList
      aklog: Build a pthreaded, rather than lwp, version
      .gitignore update
      Import mkstemp.c from libroken
      Build and use roken's mkstemp
      util: Add definition of KRB5_BUFSIZ
      opr: Add new queue implementation
      rx: Make rx_atomic.h a shared header
      auth: Add more tests and resulting fixes to userok
      vos: Abstract out bulk list conversion
      volser: Fix broken bulk conversion
      Don't trust # of entries from ListAttributes
      tests: Add tests for afsconf_'s key functions
      rx: Don't crash when emptying an empty identity
      auth: Don't crash if UserList contains bogus line
      rx: Protect rx_atomic.h against multiple inclusion
      rx: Implement rx_atomic_dec_and_read
      Add "brief" option to rxgen
      roken: Export more snprintf symbols
      tests: Add more tests for auth KeyFile handling
      libadmin: Don't use internal struct for key data
      auth: Move key related code to its own file
      autoconf: Tidy up header includes
      Unix CM: Don't blow up if we have non-rxkad tokens
      roken: Check for bswap16 and bswap32 defines
      aklog: Use correct CFLAGS
      Unix CM: Move kernel crypto include files
      Windows: Install rx_atomic.h
      bozo: Fix linker problem on Linux
      tests: Fix auth/superuser-t.c to work on Linux
      util: Actually install thread_pool_types.h
      auth: Rewrite KeyFile handling code
      Linux: Fix RX atomics for kernel mode
      Autoconf: Add GSSAPI autoconf rules
      Unix CM: Add osi_crypto crypto interface
      hcrypto: Add hcrypto EVP support to the Unix CM
      Add rfc3961 crypto files from Heimdal
      rfc3961: Add a kernel rfc3961 implementation
      Add CCRULE variants for each build type
      RedHat packaging: Use %{dist} not %{osver}
      hcrypto: Use new LWP_CCRULE
      osconf: pic_regex.o is now regex_pic.o
      budb: Only have one build rule for budb_errs.c
      tests/auth: Refactor common code
      auth: GetLatestKey should allow NULL return values
      auth: Correctly write empty keyfiles
      auth: Fix use of expires in PickClientSecObj
      auth: Rework PickClientSecObj
      Revert "Make osi_fetchstore.c protocol independent"
      Fix grammar in configure check description
      roken: Fix out-of-tree libroken builds
      volser: Rename putshort and putint32
      auth: Add Ktoken.xdr.c to the clean rule
      ptserver: Always set up Ubik security
      ptuser/hpr: Don't check for a KeyFile
      kernel crypto: Tidy up includes
      auth: Add GetAllKeys function
      tests: Remove errant rxgk build rule
      Tidy up assorted clean targets
      Unix CM: Remove redefinition of "inline"
      Disable vectored positional IO if no 64bit support
      crypto: Avoid variadic macros
      Clarify the role of XCFLAGS and simplify MT_CFLAGS
      Revert "hcrypto: avoid key_type redefinition"
      hcrypto: don't redefine key_type
      Remove redundant entries from MT_CFLAGS
      Remove -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE on Linux
      Don't use KERN_OPTMZ or KERN_DBG on Linux 2.6
      ubik: Remove dependency on auth
      afsconf: Rework security flags
      ubik: Allow servers to have more than 3 seclayers
      crypto: Add krb5_crypto_fx_cf2 to our prototypes
      DOC: pt_util now outputs ntohl'd epoch and version
      pt_util: Initialise empty database correctly
      tests: Fix the authcon test to avoid pthread errors
      tests: Fix KeyFile test so it works from harness
      auth: Rework afsconf_UpToDate to use CellServDB
      roken: Export rk_asprintf on Windows
      auth: Refactor CellServDB path creation
      auth: Use the UserListFileName function more
      Revert "Linux: normalize error return for emulated syscalls"
      Linux: Fix return codes from setpag
      Throw the compiler a bone ...
      kauth: Use strtol for integer argument handling
      util: Remove isathing
      util: Remove itc.h
      rpms: Use new CellServDB
      util: Remove packages.h
      rpms: Make cater for new rpm names
      util: Remove remote.h
      dir: Make test utility build again
      util: Remove unnecessary uuid_mem* macros
      osx: restore atomic stats to knet
      lwp: override dbg and optmz settings
      util: Fix exec_alt
      rpm: Build srpms without %dist in their name
      vlserver: Tidy header includes
      util: Tidy header includes
      ptserver: Tidy header includes
      NO_DES_H_INCLUDE is no longer necessary
      aklog: Tidy header includes
      Add getdtablesize to the roken import
      crypto: Fixes for recent Heimdal changes
      HP/UX: Make more use of roken
      ptserver: Rationalise usage message
      vlserver: Rationalise usage message
      Windows: Don't use %I for IP addresses
      afs_snprintf is dead, long live rk_snprintf
      volser: More renaming of putshort and putint32
      volser: Tidy header includes
      vol: Tidy header includes
      audit: Tidy header includes
      fssync: Rename state
      autoconf: Add tests for resolver headers
      auth: Tidy header includes
      Import flock.c from roken
      bozo: Tidy header includes
      bu*: Tidy header includes
      cmd: Tidy header includes
      AIX: Add flock to roken
      com_err: Tidy header includes
      dir: Tidy header includes
      finale: Tidy header includes
      fsprobe: Tidy header includes
      gtx: Tidy header includes
      kauth: Tidy header includes
      kopenafs: Tidy up headers
      libacl: Tidy header includes
      libadmin: Tidy header includes
      log: Tidy header includes
      Linux: Fix USE_UCONTEXT detection
      libwp: Tidy header includes
      roken: Add env functions to configure checks
      pam: Tidy header includes
      procmgmt: Tidy header includes
      rx: Tidy header includes
      rxdebug: Tidy header includes
      rxgen: Tidy up header includes
      rxkad: Tidy header includes
      scout: Tidy header includes
      sys: Tidy up header includes
      pthreaded servers: Tidy up header includes
      ubik: Tidy up header includes
      update: Tidy up header includes
      usd: Tidy header includes
      uss: Tidy up header includes
      venus: Tidy up header includes
      tsalvaged: Tidy up build rules
      vfsck: Tidy header includes
      Irix: Supress some more warnings in kernel builds
      viced: Tidy header includes
      vol: Don't use MAX_INT when UINT_MAX will do
      vol: Tidy up header includes
      xstat: Tidy up header includes
      util: Remove the unused magic.h header
      configure: Check for localtime_r properly
      Replace afs_ctime with strftime and friends
      Remove NINTERFACE define
      Tidy up gettimeofday usage
      Roken: Import gettimeofday
      vlserver: Add options for config, log and db
      Windows: Use roken gettimeofday implementation
      tests: Remove spurious rxgk reference
      ptserver: Add cmdline options for config and log
      viced: Remove logging duplication
      libuafs: Add afsd symlink to the clean rules
      fs: Abstract out code to get the last component
      libafs: Remove afs_read duplication
      libafs: Remove unecessary parameters to afs_read
      libafs: Remove afs_write duplication
      FreeBSD: Don't ignore Makefile
      Darwin CM: afs_IsDynrootFid takes a fid ...
      Windows: Remove duplicate file
      autoconf: Add required headers to net/if.h test
      Linux: Restrict # of cbrs we allocate at once
      cmd: Cleanup
      cmd: Make the original test suite build
      cmd: Add some tests to the test suite
      cmd: Add function to disable positional commands
      cmd: Add an option to disable abbreviations
      cmd: Split up dispatch function
      Rewrite asetkey to support extended key types
      Irix: Add a simple osi_ReadRandom implementation
      Linux: Don't read pages beyond the cache eof
      cmd: Add option to add a param at a specific pos
      cmd: Add accessor functions for options
      cmd: Add parameter aliasing
      cmd: Add support for params with optional values
      cmd: Tidy up -help output
      cmd: Support splitting switches and values with '='
      cmd tests: Initialise string retval
      cmd: Include aliases in help output
      cmd: Add cmd_OptionAsUint
      vos: Don't leak/overflow bulkaddrs
      doc: bos != vos
      dir: Explicitly state buffer locations for data
      dir: Prototype and function name cleanup
      ubik: Initialise global version lock before use
      aklog: Remove Windows specific code from header
      Build system: Move install definitions to include
      vlserver: Tidy up request counting
      vlserver: Rename errorcode to code
      vlserver: Use correct base value when replacing
      vlserver: Clean up abort logic
      vlserver: Use correct memsets in vlentry convertor
      vlserver: Rationalise multi homed host processing
      vlserver: Make space in extent block explicit
      vlserver: Add flags to extent address entries
      Tidy up uio_t meaning
      libafs: Tidy up iovec allocation and trimming
      Linux CM: Files don't need a page
      Linux CM: Use kernel allocator directly for events
      Linux CM: Use kernel allocator directly
      Linux CM: Update wait code
      vos: print_addrs never receives multi-homed addrs
      usd: Make test program build again
      viced: Remove old /vice/file/parms config file
      usd: Move to using real 64bit quantities
      viced: Rationalise FS_STATS_DETAILED logging
      volinfo: Use new form of cmd_AddParamWithOffset
      rxperf: Build again
      rxperf: -S takes an argument
      rx: Make private things private
      src/tests: Fix a couple of build issues
      cmd: Add support for disabling specific abbrevs
      vos: Add the -config option
      tests: Move common code to its own directory
      tests: Move code to add new DES keys to common
      tests: Use a real IP address for the test cell
      ubik: Use supplied config directory in ugen
      rx: Reorganise transmit queue walk
      rx: Don't maintain maxSerial
      rx: Make rx_softAckDelay & rx_lastAckDelay private
      rx: Account for delayed ACKS when computing RTO
      rx: Remove incorrect backoff code
      rx: Reverse the consumption order of idle queue
      rx: Make testclient build on Unix
      rx: Compute smoothed RTT per call, not per peer.
      rx: Change the way that the RTT timer is applied
      rx: Remove resending logic into its own function
      rx: Make clock_Add correctly add to itself
      rx: Add Karn-style backoffs to RX retransmits
      rx: Enter loss recovery when we retransmit
      rx: Don't wait for TQ busy when entering recovery
      rx: Don't limit the # of packets sent in recovery
      rx: Exit fast restart on non-duplicate ACK
      rpms: Fix our %version handling
      rpms: Fix handling of x86 architectures
      rpms: Use git version information
      Add make dist and make srpm targets
      Add PERLUAFS to libuafs's git ignore
      libafs: Remove unused NAT markeddown code
      libafs: Remove unused DNLC LRU code
      libafs: Fix statistics for PrefetchFromTape pioctl
      libafs: Fix warnings in PPrefetchFromTape
      libafs: Remove support for length optimisation
      afsmonitor: Fix set-but-unused variable warnings
      bozo: Remove unused error codes assignments
      libadmin: Remove unused error codes
      scout: Remove unused error codes
      uss: Remove unused variables
      afsio: Remove unused 'code' value
      Don't split int64s when we don't need to
      Mark nearInode as unused
      volser: Actually return errors from ListOneVolume
      vol: Initialise list before error exit when cloning
      volser: fix set-but-unused variable warning
      rxkad: Suppress warnings for ticket5.c
      Fix pthreaded ubik dest and install rules
      Make --enable-pthreaded-ubik do what it claims
      Fix broken make dest rules
      tests: Add tests for the vlserver
      tests: Fix error in man check specification
      vlserver: Handle logging of non-rxkad classes
      ptserver: Don't print undefined value
      libcmd: Don't store values that we don't need
      libcmd: Don't increment array then discard result
      viced.c: Don't store results of reads unecessarily
      bozo: Don't initialise variables unecessarily
      ubik: ServerInitCommon is an internal function...
      klog.krb5: Don't use ubik_PR_NameToID internal func
      rx: Provide Get/SetThreadNum functions
      util: Cleanup generation of dirpath.h
      ptserver: Use libcmd for command line parsing
      vlserver: Use libcmd for command line parsing
      util: Don't use FT_GetTimeOfDay for MRAFS logs
      tbudb depends on tubik ...
      volser doesn't depend on tviced, but on vlserver
      libafsauthent: Add volser and vldb
      pts: Add the -config option
      aklog: Add -config option
      libafs/dir: Verify directory pathnames
      dir: Protect against circular hash chains
      rpm: Update CellServDB
      libafs: Fix directory verification
      volser: Don't declare cstruct twice
      rx/rxkad: Move rxkad initialisation into rxkad
      pam: Don't duplicate .c.o rule
      pam: Fix test_pam on Darwin
      afsd: Fix res_init warning
      volser: Don't initialise all error tables
      IRIX: Pull NFS translator hooks
      Move string manipulation functions out of util
      Darwin: Actually stop the kernel build
      Unix CM: Fix afs_event fallout on Mac OS X
      viced: Use libcmd for command line options
      Build tbutc and tvlserver on Darwin
      Add warning suppression to tcudbprocs.c
      Add rra-c-util to the src/external regime
      Use rra-c-util m4 from src/external
      Move abort() into opr
      Clean up assertion
      ptserver: Don't check for noauth before rebuilding
      docs: Refer to dafs binaries by their real names
      rx: Don't clear the receive queue when out of packets
      ukernel: add morepackets check in listener
      ukernel: don't define rdwr env on linux
      linux: makesrpm should cope with releases with letters
      dir: Remove double release in FindBlobs
      opr: Move queue header out of util
      rx: ackall handling
      dir: Don't leak a buffer on a failed Enumerate
      rx: Define afs_kmutex_t for LWP too
      roken: Add *progname() to shared library exports
      rpm: Turn on debugging
      rpm: Add new libraries
      tests: Add opr library for ktime test
      tests: volser doesn't need rxgk yet
      rx: Remove the ADAPT_WINDOW code
      Unix CM: Fix dir buffer leak in afs_readdir
      opr: Add opr_containerof
      rx: Add a helper function for delayed acks
      opr: Add a red/black tree implementation
      rx: New signature for rx event functions
      rx: Turn the rxevent_Cancel macro into a function
      opr: Add Bob Jenkins's hash functions
      Unix CM: Fix PutVolume in afs_BlackListOnce
      Unix CM: Build rbtrees in kernel
      rx: Use a red black tree for the event stack
      rx: Refactor MaxMTU error checking
      Windows: Use roken's min and max
      rx: Some kernels have no reschedule function
      rx: Make struct rx_connection private
      rx: Make the rx_call structure private
      rx: Hide the rx_packet.h
      rx: Helper function for decrementing conn refcnt
      rx: Make CALL_RELE and CALL_HOLD lock refcnt mutex
      Unix CM: Log reason for marking server up or down
      rx: Don't adjust non-existent events
      afs: Negate codes using a clear, standard method
      viced: Remove the LWP fileserver
      rx: hold call->lock across RXS_PreparePacket
      libafsrpc: Export connection accessor fuctions
      tests: Add opr to the command test libraries
      viced: Do error translation for InlineBulkStatus
      rx: Get rid of some uneccessary temporary vars
      Salvager: Don't use garbage vnodes when Testing
      util: LogCommandLine has to have a command line
      DARWIN: Make crfree() an inline function
      Unix CM: Purge needless brackets
      libadmin: read returns an ssize_t, not a size_t
      libadmin: Clear structures according to their size.
      libafscp: Use strdup, rather than rolling our own
      tools: Rename u_int64 to solve AIX problem
      tools: Add roken.h to afsdump
      tools: Use native 64 bit integer
      pam: Use &, not && for bitwise operations
      pam: Don't check if unsigned is < 0
      ptserver: Remove redundant braces
      vice & vol: Cast FDH_SYNC results to void
      vol: Remove unneeded braces
      fileserver: Fix NeverAttach support
      rxgen: Tidy up server side freeing
      vol: Call memset with the correct size
      vlserver: unsigned values are always >0
      viced: Remove pointless braces
      venus: Make clang happy with strlcpy use
      rx: Handle negative returns on packet reads
      rx: Remove needless braces
      xdr: Len can never be negative
      afs: Handle reading past the end of a file
      autoconf: One CC to rule them all
      cmd: Use strl* rather than strn* to avoid overrun
      fs: Fix bad frees
      vol: Don't return an uninited val from LookupNode
      vos: Initialise total counters
      auth: Make sure we get AF_INET addresses from DNS
      Unix CM: We're disconnected if RW disconnected too
      auth: Handle empty lists of keys
      bucoord: Don't malloc(0) if there's no work to do
      pts: Don't malloc(0) when there's nothing to do
      opr: Flag assertion error handles as noreturn
      auth: Don't leak key on file parse error
      vol-dump: Make static things static
      vol-dump: Don't leak memory
      budb: Don't leak memory
      ktime: Don't leak token list
      cmd: Don't leak memory when constructing help string
      tests: rx needs roken
      tests: waitpid requires sys/wait.h
      rx: Remove unused ACKHACK macro
      kas: Don't require config for help
      rx: Remove trailing else from RX_KERNEL_TRACE
      rx: Tidy up function scope in rx.c
      rx: rxi_AckAll isn't an event handler
      shlibafsrpc: Add additional XDR functions
      bos: Change to using char casts for ka functions
      all needs to be first rule in the Makefile
      roken: Prefix getopt and getprogname
      rxperf: Build again
      Move configuration parsing into libcmd
      rx: Hide struct rx_peer from the rest of the tree
      rx: Hide internal packet functions
      rx: Remove the unused packet skew code
      rx: Remove packet burst elements from peer struct
      Import the expand_path.c file from Heimdal
      Generalise the new background daemon code
      opr: Install the queue.h header
      shlibafsauthent: Add a load more objects
      rxkad: Move conversion functions to own file
      rxkad: Remove DES include from header file
      roken: Add rk_getprogname to Windows mapfile
      Rework the ugen_* interface
      afsd: Move to newer cmd syntax
      Remove redundant header includes
      rx: Tidy up currentPacket handling
      rx: Rework code which pulls packet from recv queue
      rx: Remove surplus call to FindPeer
      rx: Use native 64bit data counters
      tools: Move dumpscan into its own directory
      Mac OS: Fixed shared library symbol issues
      tests: Explicitly include DES in superuser test
      Update .gitignore files
      roken: Add setprogname to list of imports
      roken: Add setprogname
      rxperf: Move into the tools directory
      tests: Add a RX functionality test
      dumpscan: Add missing .gitignore
      util: Completely remove get_krbrlm
      ptserver: Remove PR_REMEMBER_TIMES
      tests: Add missing vos test
      ptserver: Refactor per-call ubik initialisation
      tests: Abstract out code to produce a Ubik client
      tests: Make afstest_StopVLServer generic
      tests: Move token faking code to its own file
      rx: Make identity and opaque usable with NULL vals
      rx_identity: Add a super user value
      ptserver: Complete pr_realmName removal
      tests: More fixes for the vos test
      Configure src/external for c-tap-harness
      tests: Use enum rather than #defines for tests
      c-tap-harness: Fix import paths
      tests: Start using the upstream C TAP harness
      rra-c-util: Add additional file
      cmd: Don't expose krb5 error codes
      Make the cmd config file parser build on Windows
      tests: Add additional cmd tests
      cmd: Add support for pulling options from files
      Use strdup to copy strings
      Use asprintf for string construction
      auth: Simplify DNS lookups with asprintf
      Don't cast arguments to free()
      Use calloc, rather than malloc/memset
      Don't cast the return from realloc()
      Don't cast the return from calloc()
      Unix CM: Don't cast allocator returns
      JAVA: Don't cast returns from malloc()
      bos: Don't cast returns from malloc()
      backup: Don't cast returns from malloc()
      fileserver & friends: Don't cast from malloc()
      libadmin & uss: Don't cast returns from malloc()
      dbservers: Don't cast returns from malloc()
      afsmonitor & gtx: Don't cast returns from malloc()
      auth & [ak]log: Don't cast returns from malloc()
      rx: Don't cast returns from allocator
      lwp: Don't cast returns from malloc()
      xstat: Don't cast returns from malloc()
      sys: Don't cast returns from malloc()
      update: Don't cast returns from malloc()
      util: Don't cast returns from malloc()
      Don't cast returns from malloc()
      comerr: Don't cast returns from malloc()
      viced: Remove unused profiling code
      rx: Constify rx_opaque_populate
      viced: Abstract out hpr thread context code
      aklog: Fix error message fallback for Heimdal
      rxgen: Make input strings const
      viced: Tidy up VL initialization
      viced: Abstract out peer mapping code
      opr: Add simple time type
      rx: provide mechanism to send a bare abort packet
      tests: Fix cmd config file path
      Unix builds: Reference krb5 libs in standard way
      tests: Abstract out code for a test RPC service
      vol: Make some functions static
      viced: Make the config directory path global
      viced: Make private host stuff static
      viced: Remove localcellname
      roken: Import Windows allocator changes
      afsd: Tidy up system calls
      auth: Fix GetTokenEx with NULL cellName
      ptserver: Make ptclient build again
      Windows: Rename cm_btree struct data
      rx: Add the add_and_read function to our atomics
      hcrypto: Export hc_RAND_bytes
      opr: Convert jhash to use AFS types
      opr: Add UUID handling functions
      opr: Add opr_jhash_opaque
      roken: Add rename.c to list of imported files
      Use rk_rename from roken
      auth: Relocate NetRestrict support functions
      log: Relocate pagsh
      Fix aliasing problems in tptserver
      viced: Don't use fasttime
      lwp: Fast time doesn't need util
      Further rationalise our usage of assert()
      lwp: Don't depend on RX locking macros
      util: Don't use rx-internal locking macros
      Add libtool support
      opr: Convert to using libtool
      Tidy up library includes
      lwp: Fix stupid mistake in lock.h
      comerr: Convert to using libtool
      comerr: Fix a couple of libtool problems
      cmd: Convert to using libtool
      util: Convert to using libtool
      usd: Convert to using libtool
      rx: Build libtool library
      sys: Use libtool for pthreaded library
      Sys doesn't depend on auth
      rxkad: Use rxi_Alloc not osi_Alloc
      rxkad: Add a libtool library
      rxstat: Use libtool
      lwp: Build a pthreaded compat library with libtool
      fsint: Move to using libtool
      Don't explicitly build and link rx_pthread.o
      libafsrpc: Assemble with libtool
      Stop using libafsrpc
      audit: Use libtool
      auth: Use libtool
      ubik: Use libtool
      ptserver: Use libtool to build a pthreaded libprot
      acl: Use libtool
      vlserver: Use libtool
      volser: Use libtool
      kauth: Use libtool
      ptserver: Fix parallel builds
      opr: Add hcrypto to the library list
      libafsauthent: Build with libtool
      Stop using libafsauthent
      libafs*: Don't re-export opr/util functions
      afsd: Add missing variable for Solaris
      opr: Libtool archive should depend on symbol file
      tests: Fix volser Makefile
      Split up libtool support into LWP and pthread
      tests: Convert opr tests to use libtool
      tests: Tidy up loopback adapter tests
      tests: Reformat loopback tests
      Revert "Add some basic tests to check out fuse"
      rx: Export some more functions
      rxperf: Use libtool RX library
      rx: Move server queue entry structure out of rx.h
      rx: Use opr queues
      opr: Clarify opr_time copyright
      rx: Make lock-free call data explicit
      rx: Don't use app-thread variable in SendXmitList
      rx: Move bytesSent + bytesRcvd into app only data
      rx: Don't double check conn->call
      rx: Don't have 2 different protos for rxi_CheckCall
      rx: Get rid of AFS_GLOBAL_RXLOCK_KERNEL
      rx: MUTEX_* are no-ops when !RX_ENABLE_LOCKS
      rx: Always provide rxi_WaitForTQBusy
      rx: Remove unreachable debug statement
      rx: Don't build a call to immediately abort it
      rx: Refactor rxi_ReceivePacket call selection
      rx: Remove duplicate security layer check
      rx: Remove duplicate out of order ACK check
      rx: Refactor code to acknowledge a whole TX queue
      rx: Move transmit queue clearing
      Add opr/lock.h and tidy locking macros
      rx: Move kernel assertion macros
      Fix mutex assertion
      tests: Fix fallout from cleanup change
      opr: Add opr_jhash_int2 function
      opr: Add dictionary implementation
      opr: Add Windows stuff for dict.c/h
      opr: Don't confuse isLast and isEnd
      rx: Add a no-op afs_kcondvar_t for LWP
      rx: CheckBusy doesn't drop conn_call_lock
      rx: Remove unused timeoutEvent
      rx: Remove unused origPeer parameter to FindPeer
      rx: Don't treat calls specially in event package
      rx: Return success value when cancelling an event
      rx: Make rxevent_Put NULL the event ptr being put
      rx: Remove warning inhibition on rx.c
      rx: atomic bit ops
      rx: Fix AIX test_and_set_bit
      auth: Permit NULL fallback in localauth case
      tests: Don't use libafsauthent
      Build system: ADd LT_LDRULE_static_NOQ
      Build system: Add LT_LDRULE_shlib_missing
      pam: Build using libtool
      hcrypto: Suppress empty body warning
      Fix warnings-as-errors for clang
      viced: Avoid clang errors with modeBits
      vol: Don't assume enum is an int
      dumpscan: Unsigned ints can't be less than 0
      auth: Remove unecessary assignment
      auth: Handle memory errors when parsing key file
      ptserver: Simplify malloc assignment to shut up clang
      vlserver: bulkaddrs are unsigned ints
      usd: Can't call usd_FileStandard* with NULL
      Unix CM: Remove unused security class initialisation
      Unix CM: Remove unecessary lastXMinCheck init
      Unix CM: Don't check if var is 0, then zero it
      asetkey: Handle unknown key types
      libadmin: Don't try to release garbage connection
      vos: Remove unused 'done' loop variable
      aklog: Don't reference freed node whilst deleting
      Don't allocate objects of 0 length
      Fix incorrect sizeof() arguments in allocations
      rxgen: Silence some uninitialised variable warnings
      rxgen: Fix NULL pointer dereference
      rxgen: Fix memory leak
      rxgen: Remove pointless assignment
      vol: nuke() doesn't need to maintain next inode ptr
      vol: nuke() doesn't need to zero code
      ptserver: Use correct structure type in malloc
      auth: Avoid double free in key parsing
      vos: aserver is private
      volser: Remove masked assignment in vol_split
      volser: Remove needless initialisation
      kauth: Remove unused lclpw structure from klog
      kauth: Remove unused assignments to bp
      kauth: Don't store the old signal routine
      libacl: Remove unnecessary assignment
      ptserver: Remove some unnecessary assignments
      ptserver: Tidy malloc handling in readpwd
      ptserver: Don't ignore ubik_Write failures
      libafscp: Fix leak when afscp_ResolvPath errors
      libafscp: Don't free bogus ptr in ResolvPathFromVol
      libafscp: Move server lookup inside AFSCP_DEBUG
      libafscp: Actually return callback from FindCallback
      afsio: Don't leak memory on GetVenusFidBy* failure
      afsio: Ignore return values from afscp_SetDefault*
      afsio: Remove redundant assignment
      bosserver: Remove a couple of dead assignments
      vlserver: Remove dead assignment
      bosserver: Don't check if daemon thread starts
      bos: Don't set up the conenction twice in AddKey
      Unix CM: Fix bogus character in license string
      Unix CM: Don't zero args on dcache failure
      Unix CM: Fix byte accounting for storebehind
      kauth: Fix some unnecessary variable assignments
      kauth: Catch ka_KeyCheckSum failures
      kauth: Don't ignore GetExtendedCellInfo failures
      ubik: Don't record result of select()
      ubik: Don't leak memory if mutex init fails
      rxkad: Remove redundant checkCksum initialisation
      sys: Flag rmt_Quit as AFS_NORETURN
      afsmonitor: Ignore return codes as appropriate
      xstat: Ignore return value from xstat_*_Cleanup
      fstrace: Avoid accessing icl log after zapping it
      fstrace: Remove redundant variable assignment
      up: Notice errors on both file handles
      fs: Free parent_dir later in lsmount and flushmount
      fs: Remove redundant variable assignments
      volser: Don't NULL conn right before assigning it
      volser: Don't assign code when we don't care
      volser: Fix a couple of assigned but not read errors
      rx: Fix wrong loop iterator in rx_clearProcessRPCStats
      Unix CM: Catch ICL initialisation failures
      gtx: Remove pointless assignments from gtxtest
      libadmin: Fix a lot of dead assignments in vsprocs
      Unix CM: Remove dead assignment in readdir
      bosserver: Remove dead assignment in SaveOldFiles
      bosserver: Remove dead assignment
      bosserver: Don't store result when renaming core file
      afsmonitor: Allow CBSTATS collection to work
      gtx: Return failure if gtx_Init can't start thread
      scout: Fix a lot of dead assignments
      viced: Don't store rc from IH_DEC on error path
      viced: Catch GetCellInfo failure
      viced: Allow GetCapabilities to return an error
      kauth: realm can't be NULL when calling CellToRealm
      butc: Remove dead loop pointer allocations
      butc: Catch failures to start keep alive thread
      volser: Remove dead assignment
      budb: Fail if afsconf_GetExtendedCellInfo does
      butc: Remove dead assignment
      bucoord: Remove dead initialisation
      viced: Unused sentinel in h_stateVerifyUuuidHash
      budb: Simplify scanHashTableBlock
      budb: Store dumper information correctly
      budb: Don't double initialise iterator
      volser: Remove redundant success flag
      butc: Remove dead initialisation
      bucoord: Remove dead initialisation
      volser: Don't catch errors in cleanup
      butc: Remove dead initialisation
      bucoord: Remove dead assignments in cmd init
      volser: Make it clear what's copied from partList
      crypto: _afscrypto_strdup must copy trailing NUL
      Add krb5_enomem for config parser & kernel crypto
      libafscp: NULL return value not pointer
      fs: Catch pioctl failure in mkmount
      viced: Don't write out garbage when extending file
      ubik: Zero header before writing to disk
      libadmin: Catch VL_GetNewVolumeId failures
      bosserver: Catch failures to create daemon thread
      ptserver: Rename ubik.c as ptubik.c
      ptserver: Zero ubik header before writing to it
      volser: Catch EOFs when reading dumps
      bosserver: Return error if key is bad
      afsmonitor: Check correct variable is non-NULL
      afsmonitor: Use NULL, rather than (struct foo *)0
      volser: Fix bad readlink usage
      bos_util: Fix buffer overflow
      auth: Fix buffer overflow in afsconf_Open
      auth: Refactor afsconf_Open failure handler
      kauth: Fix overflow when writing ticket file
      pt_util: Catch sscanf failures
      pt_util: Protect against corrupt input files
      libafscp: Can't unlock something we've freed
      Unix CM: Don't free cell, then release lock on it
      ubik: Avoid unlinking garbage
      readgroup: Don't use results if error occurs
      ptuser: Clear return value from pr_ListMembers
      dumptool: Remove newlines safely
      Unix CM: Don't overflow ICL logs array
      Unix CM: Fix hash table overflow in dnlc code
      Unix CM: Update AFS_STATS_NUM_FS_RPC_OPS
      afsmonitor: Add missing items to fsOpNames array
      afsmonitor: Fix multiple NUM_FS_STAT_ENTRIES overflows
      afsmonitor: Fix multiple NUM_CM_STAT_ENTRIES overflows
      libadmin: Don't free garbage
      xstat: Add the residency RPC to the list of fs ops
      Unix CM: Fix stray semicolon
      bucoord: Remove theoretical overflow of ubik array
      kauth: Don't overflow cellinfo hostAddrs array
      unlog: Don't overflow cells array
      rxgen: Don't overflow PackageIndex
      ubik: Don't overflow server's addr array
      util: Fix overflows in address parsing
      up: Fix improper use of readlink
      vlserver: Use correct literal in bounds check
      aklog: Fix improper use of readlink
      auth: Don't overflow cell string
      kauth: Don't overflow cell string
      volser: Don't overflow volume name
      libadmin: Don't overflow volume name
      auth: Don't overflow hostName array
      fsprobe: Get rid of unused hostname buffer
      rmtsys: Don't overflow pathname buffer
      vsys: Avoid uninitialised variable warning
      kauth: Handle calls to ka_log with no principal
      kauth: Use strl* functions in ka_log
      libadmin: Don't free garbage pointer
      libadmin: Don't double check for required param
      libadmin: Don't pass garbage to pts_GroupCreate
      libadmin: Don't pass garbage to pts_UserCreate
      readgroup: Make sure user supplies a groupfile
      readpwd: Make sure user supplies a passwdfile
      fstrace: Don't read uninitialised data
      fs: Fix improper use of readlink
      kauth: Don't overflow stack when building username
      util: Avoid overflow in GetNameByINet
      afsmonitor: Use roken
      afsmonitor: Fix theoretical overflow of handler string
      aklog: Fix overflows in auth_to_path
      aklog: Avoid overflows in get_afs_mountpoint
      aklog: Protect against overflows from cmdline
      aklog: Fix buffer overflows in next_path
      audit: Fix overflow in file backend
      auth: Catch long cells in backwards compat code
      auth: Don't overflow buffer in CompFindUser
      auth: Don't overflow lower case cell string
      upserver: Don't overflow file and hostname buffers
      bucoord: restore requires server and partition
      butc: Init volheader before using it for hton
      bos: Don't overflow cellname buffer
      bos: Don't overflow buffer with key data
      bos: Remove theoretical overflow in DateOf
      Sort all libtool symbol lists
      Add additional files to import from Heimdal
      hcrypto: Add exports for more crypto algorithms
      hcrypto: Add exports for more crypto algorithms
      Merge branch 'rxkad-kdf-master' into HEAD
      Merge branch 'security-master' into HEAD
      ubik: Don't leak UBIK_VERSION_LOCK if setlabel fails
      ubik: Don't leak UBIK_VERSION_LOCK if udisk_LogEnd fails
      Build system: MT_LIBS includes XLIBS
      opr: Add new softsig implementation
      Unix CM: Make rootVolume array big enough
      compile_et: Don't overflow input file buffer

Stefan Kueng (5):
      Windows: afs_shl_ext folder bkgrnd context menu
      Windows: afs_shl_ext Show icon mount point overlay
      Windows: afs_shl_ext improve overlay handlers
      Windows: fix checked UNICODE build of talocale
      Windows: Explorer Shell extensions

Stephan Wiesand (28):
      rpm: don't package files twice
      make afsdump_scan get ACLs right
      Linux: Restructure kernel header detection
      CellServDB update 28 Jan 2013
      Make NEWS match the 1.6.2 Release Notes
      Update NEWS for
      Linux: Fix build for older kernels w/o bool
      doc: fix a nit in fs_newalias.pod
      RedHat: Use systemd unit files on RHEL >= 7
      RedHat: don't package manpages for binaries not included
      redhat: don't package kpasswd
      doc: improve man pages related to bos restricted mode
      bozo: remove obsolete bnode_Deactivate() prototype
      doc: bos setrestricted -mode 0 does make sense
      redhat: Use the right path to depmod
      libadmin: Remove redundant memset call
      fstrace: Don't read uninitialised data on other platforms either
      libafs: remove stray "-v 2" argument to afs_compile_et
      volinfo: fix documenting comments
      redhat: package volscan
      Document --enable-linux-d_splice_alias-extra-iput
      Update CellServDB to 20150119 snapshot
      writeconfig: emit error messages again in VerifyEntries
      redhat: Avoid bogus dependencies when building the srpm
      Linux 4.4: Do not use splice()
      Linux: Fix misleading indentation and other whitespace
      redhat: remove leftover legacy kmod code from spec
      redhat: Use a secure URL to retrieve CellServDB

Steve Simmons (6):
      Add new file src/venus/cacheout to things that should be ignored.
      Automatically find all files and generate .pods files
      Update the man pages pod source adding text to discourage use of
      More deprecations noted.
      Added build of cscope index to Makefile
      Reconciliation of src/{afs,vol}/voldefs.h

Terry Long (1):
      Fix AFSPreference compile error on Mac OS 10.7

Thomas L. Kula (1):
      Add -usetokens option to libadmin test 'afscp'

Thorsten Alteholz (2):
      fix some typos in bos_setrestricted
      Beautify ubik_print()

Tim Creech (1):
      Make libuafs safe for parallel make

Toby Burress (1):
      FreeBSD: properly identify the rxk_Listener so that msleep() returns

Todd Lewis (1):
      RPM: Fix dkms support on Fedora 15

Tom Keiser (8):
      trailing commas make xlc a sad panda
      update fssync-debug to handle the VOL_LOCKED flag
      don't release Volume lightweight ref too early
      rx: fix typo in rx_atomic Solaris backend
      vol: make namei_ListAFSSubDirs deal with multiple/bad linktables
      provide more verbose logging when VGetVolumeByVp_r fails
      com_err: correctly deal with lack of libintl
      libafs: use kthread_run when available

Troy Benjegerdes (1):
      Add some basic tests to check out fuse

Vaibhav Kamra (1):
      Windows: Redirector opens must set a valid FsContext

Vincent Archer (1):
      Windows: MIT license applies to parsemode()

Will Maier (1):
      RedHat: Return status values from client init

Yadav Yadavendra (1):
      afs: afs_linux_write_end only commit copied

chas williams - CONTRACTOR (9):
      doc: prefer fop to generate pdf from docbook
      doc: fix dependencies
      doc: epub and mobi support
      doc: generate admin ref from the pod documentation
      pod: use /OPTIONS when referring to the local OPTIONS section
      doc: missing $DBTOEPUB variable in the Makefile
      ppc64_linux26: build binaries as 64-bit by default
      autoconf: use $XCFLAGS from OPENAFS_OSCONF when making tests
      rxgen: fix to use rx accessor routines

pete scott (11):
      Windows: RDR SymbolicLink create support
      Windows: Replace AFSDbgMsgLog func with macro
      Windows: LocateName skip DFS Link only last component
      Windows: Obtain File Attribs for DFS Link target
      Windows: !overwrite IOMgr populated FileInfo data
      Windows: FileInfo too small INFO_LENGTH_MISMATCH
      Windows: FilePhysicalNameInfo query AFS prefix
      Windows: Remove trailing slash on non-root directories
      Windows: Use the allocation size from the service
      Windows: Check for RO and Open Target in rename


OpenAFS Master Repository