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Sat, 5 Aug 2017 19:09:51 -0400

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 tagged by  Benjamin Kaduk
        on  Sat Aug 5 18:08:57 2017 -0500

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
branch point for openafs-stable-1_8_x


Anders Kaseorg (7):
      tests/opr/softsig-t: Avoid hanging due to intermediate sh -c
      doc/man-pages/ mkdir man[158] in case we did -q
      opr: ExitHandler: re-raise the signal instead of exiting with that code
      opr: Make opr_jhash_opaque endian-independent
      opr: Make opr_jhash_opaque consistent with opr_jhash
      opr: Make opr_uuid_hash endian-independent
      AFS_component_version_number.c: Respect SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH if set

Andrew Deason (6):
      SOLARIS: Use AFS_PAG_ONEGROUP_ENV for Solaris 11
      PERLUAFS: Modernize lang-specific swig typemaps
      afs: Improve "Corrupt directory" warning
      LINUX: Rearrange afs_linux_lookup cleanup
      afs_linux_lookup: Avoid d_add on afs_lookup error
      LINUX: Workaround d_splice_alias/d_lookup race

Benjamin Kaduk (7):
      tests: use exec to call libwrap'd executables
      afsd_kernel: remove gratuitous OS dependence
      XBSD: do not claim AFS_VM_RDWR_ENV
      Put jhutz's ubik analysis in doc/txt
      Update NEWS for volume stats default change
      Add NEWS entry for recent ubik changes
      Default to crypt mode for unix clients

Christof Hanke (1):
      mkvers: fix potential buffer overflow

Jeffrey Altman (2):
      rx: wake up send after 'twind' has been updated
      vol: modify volume updateDate upon salvage change

Joe Gorse (6):
      LINUX: Bring debug symbols back to the Linux kernel module.
      Linux v4.11: getattr takes struct path
      LINUX: CURRENT_TIME macro goes away.
      LINUX: Switch to new bdi api for 4.12.
      afs: fix repeated BulkStatus calls for directories.
      LINUX: afs_create infinite fetchStatus loop

Jonathon Weiss (1):
      Prevent double-starting client on RHEL7

Marcio Barbosa (7):
      osx: let prefpane knows where binaries can be found
      osx: build afscell only for active architecture
      vol: detach offline volumes on dafs
      ubik: allow remote dbase relabel if up to date
      ubik: avoid early DISK_Begin calls we know will fail
      ubik: update epoch as soon as sync-site is elected
      ubik: remove useless signal call

Mark Vitale (8):
      afs: fs getcacheparms miscounts zero-length dcaches
      afs: fs getcacheparms miscounts dcaches for large files
      LINUX: eliminate unused variable warning
      Linux 4.10: have_submounts is gone
      DAFS: do not save or restore host state if CPS in progress
      SOLARIS: prevent BAD TRAP panic with Studio 12.5
      Linux v4.11: signal stuff moved to sched/signal.h
      Linux v4.11: cred.h is no longer included in sched.h

Michael Meffie (29):
      tests: fix signo to signame lookup in opr/softsig tests
      doc: add the PtLog man page
      vol: convert vnode macros to inline functions
      afsd: print syscalls on separate lines with afsd -debug
      cleanup afs_args.h
      SOLARIS: fix for AFS_PAG_ONEGROUP_ENV for Solaris 11
      redhat: move the klog.krb5 man page to openafs-krb5
      build: add --without-swig to override swig check
      build: update search paths for solaris cc
      SOLARIS: update convert from ancient _depends_on
      libafs: vldb cache timeout option (-volume-ttl)
      redhat: fix whitespace errors in the rpm spec file
      redhat: convert rpm spec file to make install
      redhat: update rpm spec file
      bozo: do not fail silently on unknown bosserver options
      redhat: fix rpmbuild command line option defaults
      afs: restore force_if_down check when getting connections
      afs: fix afs_xserver deadlock in afsdb refresh
      Import NEWS from openafs-stable-1_6_x
      Update NEWS for 1.8.0pre2
      Incorporate old release notes into NEWS
      relocate old afs docs to doc/txt
      volser: preserve volume stats by default
      doc: relocate notes from arch to txt
      doc: add kolya's rx-spec to doc/txt
      doc: add a document to describe rx debug packets
      redhat: do not package kauth by default
      redhat: kauth client and server sub-packages
      redhat: move bosserver and fssync-debug man pages

Neale Ferguson (1):
      s390: desupport 32-bit Linux kernels on s390/s390x

Sergio Gelato (1):
      LINUX: Debian/Ubuntu build regression on kernel 3.16.39

Stephan Wiesand (5):
      doc: clarify the fs wscell manpage
      Linux: only include cred.h if it exists
      doc: Add introduction and credits to ubik.txt
      Linux 4.13: use designated initializers where required
      Linux: fix whitespace in osi_sysctl.c

Tim Creech (1):
      FBSD: build fix for FreeBSD 11


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