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Sat, 25 Mar 2017 15:57:08 -0400

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commit c666bfee8848183ccbc566c9e0fa019088e56505
Author: Jonathon Weiss <>
Date:   Thu Nov 10 17:06:18 2016 -0500

    Prevent double-starting client on RHEL7
    On RHEL7 if the AFS client is stopped with 'service openafs-client
    stop', but that fails for some reason (most commonly because some
    process has a file or directory in AFS open) systemd will decide that
    the openafs-client is in a failed state when it is actually running.
    If one then runs 'service openafs-client start' systemd will start a
    new AFS client.  At this point AFS access will continue to work until
    the functional AFS client is (successfully) stopped, at which point a
    reboot is required to recover.
    Have systemd check the status of 'fs sysname' before starting the
    AFS client, so we avoid getting into a state that requires a reboot.
    Change-Id: I28a5cca746823d69183ea5ce65c10e1725009c5c
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