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Thu, 28 Jun 2018 23:03:04 -0400

The annotated tag, openafs-stable-1_8_1pre1 has been created
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  replaces  openafs-stable-1_8_0
 tagged by  Benjamin Kaduk
        on  Thu Jun 28 22:02:12 2018 -0500

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
OpenAFS 1.8.1pre1


Andrew Deason (19):
      Avoid empty libtool -export-symbols-regex pattern
      ubik: Log sync site for SDISK_SendFile USYNC error
      LINUX: Return NULL for afs_linux_raw_open error
      afs: Avoid afs_GetDCache panic on cache open error
      afs: WriteThroughDSlots: Avoid write error panic
      LINUX: Remove unused osi_fetchstore.c
      util: Add the AFS_STRINGIZE() macro
      Do not require AFS_SYSCALL
      Do not set default AFS_SYSCALL
      hcrypto: Avoid 'double' param in arm64 kernel code
      Add support for arm64_linux26
      RHEL: Add aarch64/arm64 to spec file
      hcrypto: Avoid arc4random in kernel
      SOLARIS: Check for map_addr() without 'vacalign'
      Avoid libtool 'nm' errors
      ubik: Remove 'mtime' from ubik_stat
      ubik: Make udisk_Log* functions static
      afs: Avoid GetDCache panic on AllocDCache failure
      afs: Avoid GetDCache delays on screwy cache

Ben Kaduk (3):
      auth: Let superuser identities be superusers
      Export a few krb5 routines for rxgk
      Export {Get,Set}ServiceSpecific from

Benjamin Kaduk (24):
      Make OpenAFS 1.8.0
      BSD: Work around panic in FlushVCache
      opr: install afs/opr.h and opr/lock.h
      Export comerr initialization functions from libafsauthent
      Export ubik_PR_ symbols from libafsauthent
      Remove duplicates from
      Rename getDirPath to afs_getDirPath in preparation for export
      Export afs_getDirPath from shared libraries
      Use afs_DestroyReq in afs_PrefetchNoCache()
      Synchronize libafsauthent afsconf_ exports with windows
      libafsauthent: export more afsconf_ functions
      libafsauthent: export ktc token 'Ex' routines for Unix
      libafsauthent: Export more token-manipulation functions
      libafsauthent: export ugen_ClientInit*
      libafsauthent: export additional xdr_ functions
      Export missing opr functions from libafsrpc
      libafsrpc: export some more rx functions
      libafsrpc: export more xdr functions
      Un-export opr_AssertFailU
      Comment out (again!) xdr_Capabilities from afsrpc.def
      Comment out opr_AssertionFailed from afsrpc.def
      Comment out missing comerr functions from afsauthent.def
      Update NEWS for 1.8.1pre1
      Make OpenAFS 1.8.1pre1

Ian Wienand (1):
      Remove warning "find_preferred_connection: no connection and !create"

Jeffrey Altman (3):
      rx: pass serial number to rxi_SendRawAbort
      rx: connection aborts send serial zero when no conn available
      viced: SRXAFS_InlineBulkStatus set InterfaceVersion on error

Marcio Barbosa (5):
      ubik: don't set database epoch to 0 if not needed
      rx: fix atomics on darwin
      autoconf: remove check for lorder
      afs: alloc openafs_lck_grp before osi_Init() on darwin
      ubik: clones should not request votes

Mark Vitale (6):
      ubik: death to orphaned signals
      afs: fix broken volume callbacks (e.g. vos release)
      ubik: remove redundant memset from udisk_write
      ptserver: improve PR_GetHostCPS logging
      xdr: avoid xdr_enum memory overrun
      xdr: remove dead code, whitespace from xdr_enum

Michael Meffie (16):
      afs: improve -volume-ttl error messages
      redhat: remove extra kernel version check
      redhat: remove the script
      butc: fix format overflow warning
      butc: convert butc/dump.c to safer string handling
      venus: fix format overflow warning
      venus: convert fs.c to safer string functions
      libafs: git ignore build artifacts on Solaris
      afs: squash empty declaration warning
      Suppress statement not reached warnings under Solaris Studio
      autoconf: remove more linux 2.4 references
      vol: check for bad partition names
      Windows: define AFS_IHANDLE_PIO_ENV for ihandle pio
      autoconf: remove uss from configure summary
      autoconf: add kernel module to the summary
      util: check for trailing characters in partition names

Pat Riehecky (4):
      Add missing va_end
      Convert extended character set to unicode
      Add braces to empty conditional blocks
      Remove pointless assignments

Stephan Wiesand (4):
      redhat: Create unique debuginfo packages for kmods
      FBSD: param.h consistency
      redhat: PACKAGE_VERSION macro no longer exists
      redhat: Make separate debuginfo for kmods work with recent rpm


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