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Tue, 12 Mar 2019 12:46:49 -0400

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 tagged by  Benjamin Kaduk
        on  Tue Mar 12 11:45:27 2019 -0500

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
OpenAFS 1.8.3pre1


Andrew Deason (7):
      ubik: Buffer log writes with stdio
      afs: Return memcache allocation errors
      rx: Convert rxinit_status to rx_IsRunning()
      afs: Reword "cache is full" messages
      lwp: Avoid freeing 'stackmemory' on AIX32
      afs: Do not ignore errors in afs_CacheFetchProc
      Avoid format truncation warnings

Benjamin Kaduk (1):
      CellServDB update 14 May 2018

Cheyenne Wills (5):
      Redhat: correct path to kernel module in dkms.config
      Linux_5.0: Use super_block flags instead of Mount flags when filling sb
      Linux_5.0: replace do_gettimeofday with ktime_get_real_ts64
      Linux_5.0: replaced current_kernel_time with ktime_get_coarse_real_ts64
      Redhat: 'clean build area' error message during dkms build/install

Jeffrey Altman (2):
      volser: DoVolDelete returning VNOVOL is success
      rx: reset packet header userStatus field on reuse

Marcio Barbosa (3):
      macos: add support for MacOS 10.14
      macos: packaging support for MacOS X 10.14
      auth: check if argument of afsconf_Close* is null

Mark Vitale (13):
      butc: repair build error
      ubik: disambiguate "Synchonize database with server" msgs
      ubik: remove unused ContactQuorum_DISK_Write
      ubik: make ContactQuorum_* routines static
      Linux 4.20: current_kernel_time is gone
      Linux 4.20: do_settimeofday is gone
      afs: remove dead code afs_osi_SetTime
      viced: fix typo in help for option -unsafe-nosalvage
      volser: combine GCTrans conditional clauses
      volser: ensure GCTrans transaction walk remains valid
      budb: SBUDB_FindLatestDump should check result of FillDumpEntry
      vos: restore status information to 'vos status'
      afs: avoid afs_GetDownDSlot panic on afs_WriteDCache failure

Michael Meffie (2):
      ubik: convert ubik_print to ViceLog
      ubik: do not assign variables in logging argument lists

Pat Riehecky (1):
      lwp: Fix possible memory leak from scan-build

Stephan Wiesand (2):
      Update NEWS for 1.8.3pre1
      Make OpenAFS 1.8.3pre1


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