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Gerrit Code Review
Fri, 21 Aug 2020 12:40:38 -0400

The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit 13a49aaf0d5c43bce08135edaabb65587e1a8031
Author: Cheyenne Wills <>
Date:   Mon Aug 17 08:20:11 2020 -0600

    Linux-5.9-rc1 commit 'fs: remove the HAVE_UNLOCKED_IOCTL and
    HAVE_COMPAT_IOCTL defines' (4e24566a) removed the two referenced macros
    from the kernel.
    The support for unlocked_ioctl and compat_ioctl were introduced in
    Linux 2.6.11.
    Remove references to HAVE_UNLOCKED_IOCTL and HAVE_COMPAT_IOCTL using
    the assumption that they were always defined.
    With this change, building against kernels 2.6.10 and older will fail.
    RHEL4 (EOL in March 2017) used a 2.6.9 kernel.  RHEL5 uses a 2.6.18
    In linux-2.6.33-rc1 the commit messages for "staging: comedi:
    Remove check for HAVE_UNLOCKED_IOCTL" (00a1855c) and "Staging: comedi:
    remove check for HAVE_COMPAT_IOCTL" (5d7ae225) both state that all new
    kernels have support for unlocked_ioctl/compat_ioctl so the checks can
    be removed along with removing support for older kernels.
    Change-Id: Idd2716f3573ea455f8a5e1535bca584af0787717
    Reviewed-by: Benjamin Kaduk <>
    Tested-by: Benjamin Kaduk <>

 src/afs/LINUX/osi_ioctl.c    |   25 ++-----------------------
 src/afs/LINUX/osi_vnodeops.c |   14 --------------
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 37 deletions(-)

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