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Fri, 21 Feb 2020 12:24:04 -0500

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  replaces  openafs-stable-1_8_5
 tagged by  Benjamin Kaduk
        on  Fri Feb 21 09:22:05 2020 -0800

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
OpenAFS 1.8.6pre1


Andrew Deason (14):
      afs: Avoid panics in afs_InvalidateAllSegments
      WINNT: Build bubasics before audit
      kauth: Move COUNT_REQ to beginning of block
      afs: Avoid giving wrong 'tf' to afs_InitVolSlot
      WINNT: Link butc against audit
      rx: Export rx_GetCallStatus
      WINNT: Link tbutc against mtafsutil.lib
      Avoid calling krb5_free_context(NULL)
      rx: Fix test for end of call queue for LWP
      afs: Free 'addrs' array
      LINUX: Unlock page on afs_linux_read_cache errors
      ubik: Save errno before logging
      afs: Avoid -1 error for vreadUIO/vwriteUIO
      afs: Ensure CDirty is set during afs_write loop

Benjamin Kaduk (16):
      vol: avoid -Wformat-truncation issues in vol-salvage.c
      vlserver: use large enough buffer for rxinfo string
      butc: -Wformat-truncation fallout
      scout: band-aid -Wformat-truncation
      dumpscan: appease gcc8 -Wformat-overflow
      uss: signed/unsigned char fallout
      libadmin: appease clang -Wsometimes-uninitialized
      aklog: require opt-in to enable single-DES in libkrb5
      uss: Allocate buffer space for trailing NUL
      vlserver: fix vlentryread() for old vldb formats
      Avoid incomplete function type in casts
      rework afs_random() yet again
      The interminable rework of afs_random()
      vol: fix vutil format-truncation nit
      venus: appease gcc8's -Wformat-string
      vol: check snprintf return values in namei_ops

Cheyenne Wills (12):
      gtx: Avoid incomplete function type in casts
      rxkad: v5der.c format truncation warnings
      rxkad: ticket5.c fix typo in #if statement
      ptserver: Incorrect variable used to print error msg
      ptserver: testpt.c format-overflow warning
      uss: uss_procs.c format-overflow warning
      vlserver: initialize nvlentry elements after read
      LINUX 5.3: Add comments for fallthrough switch cases
      bos: remove smail-notifier
      restorevol: replace snprintf with asprintf
      RedHat: Update to use @PACKAGE_VERSION@ instead of @VERSION@
      LINUX 5.6: use struct proc_ops for proc_create

Marcio Barbosa (15):
      afs: avoid extra VL_GetEntryByName for .readonly's
      afs: afs_pag_wait() makes process unkillable
      sys: retry lsetpag if errno is EINTR
      venus: fix memory leak
      vol: remove empty directories left by vos zap -force
      viced: prevent writes on readonly fileservers
      viced: add opt to allow admin writes on RO servers
      macos: tell the compiler the system include path
      macos: upgrade *.xib files
      macos: add support for MacOS 10.15
      macos: packaging support for MacOS X 10.15
      macos: prepare for notarization
      macos: add script to notarize OpenAFS
      macos: add entry for afs into synthetic.conf
      macos: add anchors to synthetic.conf grep pattern

Mark Vitale (4):
      viced: consistently enforce host thread quota for ICBS(3)
      ubik: log important messages at default log level
      ubik: urecovery_AbortAll diagnostic msgs
      ubik: improve logging for database synchonizations

Michael Meffie (4):
      cmd: improve help for programs without subcommands
      auth: plug auth realms memory leaks
      vol: avoid query for parent id when deleting disk header
      vos: fix name availability check in vos rename

Stephan Wiesand (3):
      ptserver: Increase length limit of namelist, idlist, prlist, prentries
      Update NEWS for OpenAFS 1.8.6pre1
      Make OpenAFS 1.8.6pre1

Yadavendra Yadav (1):
      LINUX: Avoid re-taking global lock in afs_dentry_iput


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