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 tagged by  Benjamin Kaduk
        on  Sat Sep 19 10:56:29 2020 -0700

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
OpenAFS 1.9.0


Anders Kaseorg (1):
      vol: Fix two buffers being one char too short

Andrew Deason (231):
      LINUX: Avoid locking inode in check_dentry_race
      util: Add the AFS_STRINGIZE() macro
      Do not require AFS_SYSCALL
      Do not set default AFS_SYSCALL
      hcrypto: Avoid 'double' param in arm64 kernel code
      Add support for arm64_linux26
      rxdebug: NUL-terminate version before printing
      doc: Edits to the 'afsd -volume-ttl' manpage
      RHEL: Add aarch64/arm64 to spec file
      Avoid empty libtool -export-symbols-regex pattern
      ubik: Log sync site for SDISK_SendFile USYNC error
      Avoid libtool 'nm' errors
      hcrypto: Avoid arc4random in kernel
      SOLARIS: Check for map_addr() without 'vacalign'
      LINUX: Return NULL for afs_linux_raw_open error
      afs: Avoid afs_GetDCache panic on cache open error
      afs: WriteThroughDSlots: Avoid write error panic
      LINUX: Remove unused osi_fetchstore.c
      ubik: Remove 'mtime' from ubik_stat
      ubik: Make udisk_Log* functions static
      rxgk: Define some protocol constants
      afs: Avoid GetDCache panic on AllocDCache failure
      afs: Avoid GetDCache delays on screwy cache
      afs: Stop looking for dcaches on Get*DSlot errors
      afs: Make afs_AllocDCache static
      afs: Change afs_AllocDCache to return error codes
      LINUX: Detect NULL page during write_begin
      afs: Make afs_osi_Free(NULL) a no-op
      ubik: Save errno before logging
      libuafs: Stop clobbering CFLAGS
      afs: Return memcache allocation errors
      autoconf: Split out krb5/gss tests
      Remove DUX/OSF code
      ubik: Buffer log writes with stdio
      libafs: Remove .i Makefile rules
      Remove alpha_dux/alpha_osf references
      pthread.m4: Add missing 'test' to conditional
      Call rx_InitHost once during daemon startup
      Run ctfconvert/ctfmerge for all objects
      SOLARIS: Fix platforms for KOBJ definition
      SOLARIS: Fix libafs $(KOBJ) parallel make race
      rx: Convert rxinit_status to rx_IsRunning()
      Log binding ip address and port during startup
      vlserver: Remove 'register' argument
      Avoid format truncation warnings
      vlserver: Remove sascnvldb
      afs: Free 'addrs' array
      afs: Remove afs_xosi
      Remove automake autoconf vars
      Remove one more automake VERSION reference
      ubik: Remove version_cond
      budb: Remove db.lock
      ubik: calloc ubik_dbase
      afs: Reword "cache is full" messages
      Revert "rx: fix rx_atomic warnings under Solaris"
      rx: Statically check rx_statisticsAtomic size
      lwp: Avoid freeing 'stackmemory' on AIX32
      roken: Use srcdir for roken-post.h
      afs: Do not ignore errors in afs_CacheFetchProc
      volser: Remove unused VolRestore flags args
      afs: Throw EIO in DRead on empty dir blob
      Avoid calling krb5_free_context(NULL)
      ptserver: Fix AccessOK -restricted for addToGroup
      ptserver: Fix AccessOK -restricted for SYSADMINID
      ptserver: Check for -restricted in SPR_Delete
      LINUX: Propagate afs_linux_readdir BlobScan errors
      SOLARIS: Clean up some osi_vnodeops func defs
      SOLARIS: Reorder definitions for vnode callbacks
      SOLARIS: Accept vnodes in vnode ops
      SOLARIS: Fix vnode/vcache casts
      SOLARIS: Switch non-embedded vnodes for Solaris 11
      rx: Make rxi_Free(NULL, size) a no-op
      Remove references to SunOS 4
      afs: Cleanup state on rxfs_*Init errors
      rx: Do not ignore RXS_* op errors
      auth: Make afsconf_PutTypedKeyList idempotent
      rxgk: Do not require gss_pseudo_random
      rxgk: Avoid calling xdr_destroy on blank xdrs
      rxdebug: Add rxgk support
      Use rxgk in afsconf_BuildServerSecurityObjects
      LINUX: Avoid lookup ENOENT on fatal signals
      dir: Honor non-ENOENT lookup errors
      asetkey: Allow rxgk keys
      doc: Remove one lingering reference to src/mcas
      afs: Raise osidnlc NCSIZE
      asetkey: Add new 'delete' command variants
      asetkey: add 'add-random' command
      Do not define AFS_SYSCALL for ppc64le_linux26
      Use the ppc64le_linuxXX sysname for ppc64le builds
      Add --quiet option to lwptool
      ptserver: Check for superuser in WhoIsThisWithName
      rxkad: Update ticket5 from heimdal
      DARWIN: Use tb->code_raw for BOP_MOVE
      asetkey: Fix random_key for Heimdal
      libafs: Create $(DESTDIR)$(KMODDIR) on FBSD inst
      Move afs_pthread_setname_self to opr
      rx: Set listener pthread name
      aklog: Avoid misleading AFSCELL message
      LINUX: Run the 'sparse' checker if available
      afscp: Link against opr/roken/hcrypto
      afscp: Add -l option
      afs: Introduce afs_IsDCacheFresh
      LINUX: Unlock page on afs_linux_read_cache errors
      afs: Check dcache size when checking DVs
      afs: Add AFS_USPC_SHUTDOWN bkg request
      LINUX: Minor osi_vfsop.c cleanup
      afs: Avoid non-dir ENOENT errors in afs_lookup
      afs: Skip IsDCacheSizeOK for CDirty/VDIR
      LINUX: Disable kernel fortuna large frame errors
      afs: Remove useless afs_GetVCache arguments
      afs: Remove reference to nonexistent function
      LINUX: Turn on AFS_NEW_BKG
      afs: Check for invalid afs_fakestat_enable values
      afs: Fix a few ARCH/osi_vcache.c style errors
      FBSD: Give 0 'rootrefs' to vflush on unmount
      FBSD: Remove unnecessary explicit osi_fbsd_alloc
      afs: Introduce shutdown_dynroot()
      afs: Free afs_thiscell during shutdown
      LINUX: Honor --enable-checking for libafs
      LINUX: Make sysctl definitions more concise
      Remove dead code
      rx: Update style in rx_opaque.c
      afs: Update style in afs_tokens.c
      FBSD: Set KERNBUILDDIR for --with-bsd-kernel-build
      FBSD: Use ucontext for FreeBSD 10+ on amd64
      afs: Introduce afs_FreeFirstToken
      WINNT: Build bubasics before audit
      rx: Avoid leaking 'sq' in libafs rx_GetCall
      rxgk: Add NTMakefile to install headers
      kauth: Move COUNT_REQ to beginning of block
      rxkad: Improve ticket5 import from Heimdal
      WINNT: Make opr_threadname_set a no-op
      WINNT: Link butc against audit
      WINNT: Do not link ptclient.obj in libafsauthent
      rx: Export rx_GetCallStatus
      WINNT: Link tbutc against mtafsutil.lib
      xstat: Define AFS_PTHREAD_ENV on WINNT
      libafs: Create debug KMODDIR for FBSD debug inst
      rx: Convert rx_FreeSQEList to rx_freeServerQueue
      afs: Actually free resources during warm shutdown
      opr: Include procmgmt_softsig.h for WINNT
      LINUX: Check for -Wno-error=frame-larger-than=
      rx: Introduce rxi_NetSend
      afs: Avoid panics in afs_InvalidateAllSegments
      Pass -shared when linking some shared libraries
      rx: Fix test for end of call queue for LWP
      OPENAFS-SA-2019-001: Skip server OUT args on error
      OPENAFS-SA-2019-002: Zero all server RPC args
      OPENAFS-SA-2019-003: ubik: Avoid unlocked ubik_currentTrans deref
      doc: Fix realm capitalization
      afs: Avoid -1 error for vreadUIO/vwriteUIO
      afs: Avoid giving wrong 'tf' to afs_InitVolSlot
      afs: Ensure CDirty is set during afs_write loop
      afs: Skip checking chunkBytes sanity for RW files
      FBSD: Remove pre-8 code
      tests: Fix most tests for objdir builds
      tests: Fix manpage tests for objdir builds
      Build tests by default
      ptserver: Fix WhoIsThisWithName indentation
      rx: Make rx_opaque_free idempotent
      rx: Make rx_identity_free idempotent
      tests: Check if vlserver died during startup
      pts: Use cmd_AddParmAtOffset for common parms
      Do not build shared-only libs for --disable-shared
      doc: Document new rxgk options
      ubik: Introduce ugen_secproc_func
      libtool: Serialize building and libfoo.a
      tests: Introduce afstest_GetProgname
      tests: Stop vlserver on errors
      tests: Explicitly build target 'all' by default
      FBSD: Remove support for 8.x and 9.x
      FBSD: Declare vnops/vfsops static
      aklog: Make dummy write AIX-specific
      afs: Remove osi_VMDirty_p
      opr: Define opr_mutex_t in lockstub.h
      afs: Properly type afs_osi_suser cred arg
      opr: Introduce opr_cache
      LINUX: Avoid building rand-fortuna-kernel.o
      ubik: Introduce ubik_CallRock
      ubik: Log urecovery_CheckTid-aborted txes
      ubik: Clarify UBIK_VERSION_LOCK semantics
      ubik: Rename flags to dbFlags
      tests: Run more manpage tests by default
      LINUX: Properly revert creds in osi_UFSTruncate
      rxgen: Properly generate brief union default arm
      LINUX: Clear lock 'pid' fields with NULL
      tests: Wait for server start in auth/superuser-t
      afs: Detect VIOCPREFETCH special case properly
      LINUX: Introduce afs_d_path
      vos: Properly print volume transaction flags
      vos: Print "done" in non-verbose 'vos remsite'
      libafs: Serialize INSTDIRS/DESTDIRS and COMPDIRS
      opr: Allow non-2^x for n_buckets in opr_cache_init
      vlserver: Correctly pad nvlentry for "O" RPCs
      FBSD: Add support for FreeBSD 11.3
      FBSD: Remove unused 'wantparent' logic
      tests: Run perl via 'env'
      FBSD: Remove MA_* abstractions
      afs: Fix ifdef indenting in afs_vcache.c
      FBSD: Avoid holding AFS_GLOCK during vinvalbuf
      tests: Skip SIGBUS test on FreeBSD
      tests: Give more leeway in rx/event-t
      rx: Use _IsLast to check for last call in queue
      Add autoconf-archive to src/external
      Use autoconf-archive m4 from src/external
      ubik: Avoid unlinking garbage during recovery
      rx: Avoid osi_NetSend during rx shutdown
      afs: Drop GLOCK for RXAFS_GetCapabilities
      afs: Free rx/rxevent resources during shutdown
      auth: Close fd on SetExtendedCellInfo write error
      vlserver: Return error when growing beyond 2 GiB
      afs: Refactor osi_vnhold/AFS_FAST_HOLD
      FBSD: Ignore VI_DOOMED vnodes
      vol: Indent ifdef maze in devname.c
      vol: Avoid building devname.c on AFS_NAMEI_ENV
      afs: Remove osi_GetuTime
      tests: Modernize writekeyfile.c
      afs: Change VerifyVCache2 calls to VerifyVCache
      afs: Split out bulkstat conditions into a function
      afs: Avoid needless W-locks for afs_FindVCache
      afs: Bound afs_DoBulkStat dir scan
      LINUX: Close cacheFp if no ->readpage in fastpath
      afs: Log warning when we detect too many vcaches
      afs: Skip bulkstat if stat cache looks full
      afs: Let afs_ShakeLooseVCaches run longer
      auth: Avoid cellconfig.c stdio renaming
      volser: Don't NUL-pad failed pread()s in dumps
      vol: Blank opts in VOptDefaults
      afs: Move osi_GetTime out of param.h
      afs: Always define our own osi_timeval32_t
      UKERNEL: Build linktest with COMMON_CFLAGS

Autoconf Archive Maintainers (1):
      Import of code from autoconf-archive

Ben Kaduk (13):
      auth: Let superuser identities be superusers
      Export a few krb5 routines for rxgk
      Add some time-related helpers
      Export {Get,Set}ServiceSpecific from
      Configure glue for rxgk
      Add rxgk_crypto_rfc3961.c
      Add rxgk_token.c
      Add rxgk_packet.c
      Add rxgk_util.c
      Implement the rxgk server security object routines
      Implement rxgk client security object routines
      Build rxgk support into libafsrpc
      Add rxgk support to userok

Benjamin Kaduk (75):
      Correct m4 conditionals in curses.m4
      Adjust rx-event test to exercise cancel/fire race
      Standardize rx_event usage
      Add event-related mutex assertions
      rx: fix mutex leak in error case
      Sprinkle rx_GetConnection() for concision
      rx: fix call refcount leak in error case
      afs: Fix bounds check in PNewCell
      OPENAFS-SA-2017-001: rx: Sanity-check received MTU and twind values
      Fix macro used to check kernel_read() argument order
      Replace <rpc/types.h> with <rx/xdr.h>
      libuafs: remove stale afs_nfsdisp.lo rule
      rx: remove trailing semicolons from FBSD mutex operations
      FBSD: catch up to missing sysnames
      Add param.h files for recent FreeBSD
      afs_pioctl: avoid -Wpointer-sign
      BSD: Work around panic in FlushVCache
      Use afs_DestroyReq in afs_PrefetchNoCache()
      opr: install afs/opr.h and opr/lock.h
      Export comerr initialization functions from libafsauthent
      Export ubik_PR_ symbols from libafsauthent
      Remove duplicates from
      Rename getDirPath to afs_getDirPath in preparation for export
      Export afs_getDirPath from shared libraries
      Synchronize libafsauthent afsconf_ exports with windows
      libafsauthent: export more afsconf_ functions
      libafsauthent: export ktc token 'Ex' routines for Unix
      libafsauthent: Export more token-manipulation functions
      libafsauthent: export ugen_ClientInit*
      libafsauthent: export additional xdr_ functions
      Export missing opr functions from libafsrpc
      libafsrpc: export some more rx functions
      libafsrpc: export more xdr functions
      Un-export opr_AssertFailU
      Remove the unused opr_AssertFailU() function
      Comment out (again!) xdr_Capabilities from afsrpc.def
      Comment out opr_AssertionFailed from afsrpc.def
      Comment out missing comerr functions from afsauthent.def
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-002 butc: Initialize OUT scalar value
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-001 butc: remove dummy osi_audit() routine
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-001 audit: support butc types
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-001 Add auditing to butc server RPC implementations
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-001 butc: require authenticated connections with -localauth
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-001 backup: use authenticated connection to butc
      Fix typos in audit format strings
      CellServDB update 14 May 2018
      vol: fix vutil format-truncation nit
      uss: Allocate buffer space for trailing NUL
      vol: avoid -Wformat-truncation issues in vol-salvage.c
      vlserver: fix vlentryread() for old vldb formats
      vlserver: use large enough buffer for rxinfo string
      butc: -Wformat-truncation fallout
      venus: appease gcc8's -Wformat-string
      dumpscan: appease gcc8 -Wformat-overflow
      Avoid incomplete function type in casts
      rework afs_random() yet again
      uss: signed/unsigned char fallout
      libadmin: appease clang -Wsometimes-uninitialized
      vol: check snprintf return values in namei_ops
      scout: band-aid -Wformat-truncation
      Add rxgk_GetServerInfo stub
      Implement afsconf_GetRXGKKey
      auth: Add afsconf_ClientAuthRXGK variants
      Remove src/mcas
      Add rxgk client options to vl and pt utilities
      afs: add a file-level comment to afs_osidnlc.c
      aklog: require opt-in to enable single-DES in libkrb5
      Remove a couple more uses of libafsauthent.a
      The interminable rework of afs_random()
      RedHat: support the ppc64le architecture
      Synchronize NEWS with 1.8.5
      Recode a couple files from ISO 8859-1 to UTF-8
      Update 1.9.0 NEWS for recent changes
      Import NEWS from OpenAFS 1.8.6
      Make OpenAFS 1.9.0

Caitlyn Marko (1):
      SOLARIS: save kernel module function arguments for debugging

Cheyenne Wills (54):
      Redhat: correct path to kernel module in dkms.config
      Linux_5.0: Use super_block flags instead of Mount flags when filling sb
      Linux_5.0: replace do_gettimeofday with ktime_get_real_ts64
      Linux_5.0: replaced current_kernel_time with ktime_get_coarse_real_ts64
      Redhat: 'clean build area' error message during dkms build/install
      bos: remove smail-notifier
      redhat: RHEL8 add elfutils-devel as build dependency for kernel module
      util: serverLog using memory after free
      libadmin: overlap warning in strcpy with gcc9
      rxkad: v5der.c format truncation warnings
      ptserver: Incorrect variable used to print error msg
      uss: uss_procs.c format-overflow warning
      ptserver: testpt.c format-overflow warning
      gtx: Avoid incomplete function type in casts
      restorevol: replace snprintf with asprintf
      rxkad: ticket5.c fix typo in #if statement
      LINUX 5.3.0: Check for 'recurse' arg in keyring_search
      LINUX 5.3.0: Use send_sig instead of force_sig
      vlserver: initialize nvlentry elements after read
      Retire the AFS_PTR_FMT macro
      RedHat: Update to use @PACKAGE_VERSION@ instead of @VERSION@
      LINUX 5.3: Add comments for fallthrough switch cases
      util: Use a struct for afsUUID_to_string
      afs: Fix EIO error when reading a 4G or larger file
      LINUX 5.6: use struct proc_ops for proc_create
      LINUX 5.6: define time_t and use timespec/timespec64
      LINUX: Include linux/time.h for linux/errqueue.h
      afs: Clean up compiler warning casting ptr to int
      tests: Add core to .gitignore in tests
      tests: Add cache-t to .gitignore in tests/opr
      Avoid duplicate definitions of globals
      butc: rename local var tapeblocks to numTapeblocks
      cf: Use common macro to test compiler flags
      Add more 'fall through' switch comments
      libafs: Abstract the Linux lru cache interface
      LINUX-5.7: replace __pagevec_lru_add with lru_cache_add_file
      vol: Fix format-truncation warning with gcc-10.1
      util: Fix segfault in the func ConstructLocalPath
      tests: Emulate mkdtemp when not available
      tests: Use usleep instead of nanosleep
      LINUX 5.8: Replace kernel_setsockopt with new funcs
      LINUX 5.8: do not set name field in backing_dev_info
      LINUX 5.8: use lru_cache_add
      afs: Avoid panics on failed return from afs_CFileOpen
      LINUX: Don't panic on some file open errors
      cf: Make local copy of ax_gcc_func_attribute.m4
      autoconf: fix detection for fallthrough attribute
      butc: fix int to float conversion warning
      clang-10: use AFS_FALLTHROUGH for case fallthrough
      clang-10: ignore fallthrough warning in generated code
      afs: Set AFS_VFSFSID to a numerical value
      afs: Avoid using logical OR when setting f_fsid
      INSTALL: document the minimum Linux kernel level

Christof Hanke (1):
      Avoid gcc warning

Damien Diederen (2):
      Linux: Test for __vfs_write rather than __vfs_read
      Linux: Use kernel_read/kernel_write when __vfs variants are unavailable

Ian Wienand (2):
      Add .gitreview
      Remove warning "find_preferred_connection: no connection and !create"

Jan Iven (1):
      ptserver: Remove duplicate ubik_SetLock in listSuperGroups

Jeffrey Altman (7):
      rx: Do not count RXGEN_OPCODE towards abort threshold
      rx: pass serial number to rxi_SendRawAbort
      rx: connection aborts send serial zero when no conn available
      viced: SRXAFS_InlineBulkStatus set InterfaceVersion on error
      volser: DoVolDelete returning VNOVOL is success
      rx: reset packet header userStatus field on reuse
      afs/viced: New UAE (unified_afs) error codes

Jeffrey Hutzelman (1):
      Linux: use override_creds when available

Joe Gorse (1):
      LINUX: Update to Linux struct iattr->ia_ctime to timespec64 with 4.18

Kailas Zadbuke (2):
      salvaged: Fix "-parallel all<number>" parsing
      util: Handle serverLogMutex lock across forks

Karl Behler (1):
      man-pages: create the man3 subdirectory in prep-noistall

Marcio Barbosa (42):
      ubik: avoid DISK_Begin on sites that didn't vote for sync
      afs: fix kernel_write / kernel_read arguments
      macos: add support for MacOS 10.13
      macos: packaging support for MacOS X 10.13
      macos: make the OpenAFS client aware of APFS
      ubik: update ubik_dbVersion during SDISK_SendFile
      ubik: check if epoch is sane before db relabel
      autoconf: detect ctf-tools and add ctf to libafs
      ubik: don't set database epoch to 0 if not needed
      autoconf: remove check for lorder
      rx: fix atomics on darwin
      afs: alloc openafs_lck_grp before osi_Init() on darwin
      ubik: clones should not request votes
      redhat: actually remove unused AFS::ukernel man page
      autoconf: do not reference the missing script
      venus: fix memory leak
      autoconf: Use `uname -p` instead of $HOST_CPU for ctf tools
      volser: warn if older version of volume is restored
      volser: add more logs for failures during restore
      DARWIN: replace macro exported by automake
      auth: check if argument of afsconf_Close* is null
      macos: add support for MacOS 10.14
      macos: packaging support for MacOS X 10.14
      vol: remove empty directories left by vos zap -force
      afs: avoid extra VL_GetEntryByName for .readonly's
      afs: afs_pag_wait() makes process unkillable
      sys: retry lsetpag if errno is EINTR
      viced: prevent writes on readonly fileservers
      viced: add opt to allow admin writes on RO servers
      macos: tell the compiler the system include path
      macos: upgrade *.xib files
      macos: add support for MacOS 10.15
      macos: packaging support for MacOS X 10.15
      macos: prepare for notarization
      macos: add script to notarize OpenAFS
      macos: add entry for afs into synthetic.conf
      macos: add anchors to synthetic.conf grep pattern
      vol: fix namei_ConvertROtoRWvolume return code
      vos: take RO volume offline during convertROtoRW
      ubik: death to SVOTE_GetSyncSite
      bos: suppress unnecessary warn if -noauth
      Revert "vos: take RO volume offline during convertROtoRW"

Mark Vitale (89):
      Revert "LINUX: eliminate unused variable warning"
      Revert "LINUX: do not use d_invalidate to evict dentries"
      LINUX: create afs_linux_dget() compat wrapper
      LINUX: add afs_d_alias_lock & _unlock compat wrappers
      LINUX: consolidate duplicate code in canonical_dentry
      LINUX: consolidate duplicate code in osi_TryEvictDentries
      LINUX: Avoid d_invalidate() during afs_ShakeLooseVCaches()
      SOLARIS: Avoid vcache locks when flushing pages for RO vnodes
      LINUX: fix RedHat 7.5 ENOTDIR issues
      ubik: death to orphaned signals
      ubik: remove redundant memset from udisk_write
      ptserver: improve PR_GetHostCPS logging
      afs: fix broken volume callbacks (e.g. vos release)
      xdr: avoid xdr_enum memory overrun
      xdr: remove dead code, whitespace from xdr_enum
      ubik: disambiguate "Synchonize database with server" msgs
      ubik: remove unused ContactQuorum_DISK_Write
      ubik: make ContactQuorum_* routines static
      vol: remove dead code
      afs: remove dead code
      ubik: log when a server is marked down, and why
      rxevent: prevent negative rx_connection refCount
      ubik: log important messages at default log level
      ubik: urecovery_AbortAll diagnostic msgs
      ubik: improve logging for database synchonizations
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-002 ptserver: prevent PR_IDToName information leak
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-002 volser: prevent AFSVolPartitionInfo(64) information leak
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-002 volser: prevent AFSVolMonitor information leak
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-002 ptserver: prevent PR_ListEntries information leak
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-002 afs: prevent RXAFSCB_GetLock information leak
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-002 afs: prevent RXAFSCB_TellMeAboutYourself information leak
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-002 budb: prevent BUDB_* information leaks
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-002 butc: prevent TC_ReadLabel information leak
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-002 butc: prevent TC_DumpStatus, TC_ScanStatus information leaks
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-002 kaserver: prevent KAM_ListEntry information leak
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-002 ubik: prevent VOTE_Debug, VOTE_XDebug information leak
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-003 vlserver: prevent unbounded input to VL_RegisterAddrs
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-003 budb: prevent unbounded input to BUDB_SaveText
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-003 volser: prevent unbounded input to AFSVolForwardMultiple
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-003 volser: prevent unbounded input to various AFSVol* RPCs
      OPENAFS-SA-2018-003 rxgen: prevent unbounded input arrays
      butc: repair build error
      budb: SBUDB_FindLatestDump should check result of FillDumpEntry
      volser: combine GCTrans conditional clauses
      volser: ensure GCTrans transaction walk remains valid
      ubik: remove unused code
      fsint: remove dead code
      viced: correct option parsing for -vlru*, -novbc
      viced: fix typo in help for option -unsafe-nosalvage
      Linux 4.20: current_kernel_time is gone
      Linux 4.20: do_settimeofday is gone
      afs: remove dead code afs_osi_SetTime
      vos: restore status information to 'vos status'
      afs: avoid afs_GetDownDSlot panic on afs_WriteDCache failure
      rx: remove rx_atomic bitops
      LINUX: correct include for ktime_get_coarse_real_ts64()
      auth: remove stale "magic number" comment
      ptclient: enable pthreaded support
      rxgk: fix typo in make dest rule
      pioctl: limit fruitless token searches
      ptclient: rxgk support
      afs: remove bogus comment from afs_IsTokenExpired
      auth: eliminate pointless retries in ktc_ListTokensEx
      auth: make PGetTokens2 work with 3-char cellnames
      rx: clear call_queue_lock after removing call from queue
      SOLARIS: add autoconfig support for Studio 12.6
      rx: add missing CLEAR_CALL_QUEUE_LOCK to LWP rx_GetCall
      viced: consistently enforce host thread quota for ICBS(3)
      uss: more gcc9 truncation warning appeasement
      afs: silence bogus warning about dcListCount uninitialized
      improve command-line help for --enable_peer_stats
      afs: fix afs_linux_mmap fstrace entry
      LINUX 5.6: define osi_timeval32_t for 32-bit Linux
      afs: remove stats dead code
      afs: remove commented xstats externs
      UKERNEL: remove redundant declaration of osi_GetTime
      UKERNEL: remove dead code osi_SetTime
      Convert all osi_timeval_t to osi_timeval32_t
      DARWIN: remove errant typedef for etap_event_t
      DARWIN: remove vestigial etap_event_t typedefs
      DARWIN: ensure PrefPane materials are properly signed
      DARWIN: ensure OpenAFS.pkg is signed
      LINUX: replace BUG() call with osi_Panic() in osi_linux_free
      viced: propagate return from CleanupTimedOutCallBacks_r
      rx: fix out-of-range value for RX_CONN_NAT_PING
      rx: prevent leakage of non-cached rx_connections (pthread)
      rxgen: remove dead code hndle_param_tail
      vos: avoid 'half-locked' volume after interrupted 'vos rename'
      DARWIN: disable kextutil check for versions requiring notarization

Michael Laß (1):
      gtx: link against libtinfo if termlib is seperated

Michael Meffie (99):
      redhat: remove afsd.fuse man page
      redhat: specify man pages without wildcards
      redhat: move .krb variants to the kauth-client subpackage
      redhat: avoid rpmbuild exclude directives
      tests: fix out of bounds access in the rx-event test
      autoconf: refactor acinclude.m4
      autoconf: refactor ostype.m4
      autoconf: refactor linux-checks.m4
      redhat: fix conditional for kernel-debuginfo files directive
      CellServDB update 14 Mar 2017
      add rfc3961.h to kernel sources
      redhat: package libuafs perl bindings
      afs: improve -volume-ttl error messages
      butc: fix format overflow warning
      butc: convert butc/dump.c to safer string handling
      venus: fix format overflow warning
      venus: convert fs.c to safer string functions
      libafs: git ignore build artifacts on Solaris
      afs: squash empty declaration warning
      Suppress statement not reached warnings under Solaris Studio
      redhat: remove extra kernel version check
      redhat: remove the script
      autoconf: remove more linux 2.4 references
      autoconf: remove uss from configure summary
      autoconf: add kernel module to the summary
      vol: check for bad partition names
      util: check for trailing characters in partition names
      ubik: convert ubik_print to ViceLog
      Windows: define AFS_IHANDLE_PIO_ENV for ihandle pio
      ubik: do not assign variables in logging argument lists
      vldb_check: write mh entry header flags in network order
      autoconf: import gcc function attribute check macro
      autoconf: check for format __attribute__ to avoid warnings
      opr: avoid empty nonnull argument index lists
      autoconf: attribute type checks
      SOLARIS: suppress -xarch=amd64 is deprecated warnings
      autoconf: update pthread checks
      autoconf: update curses.m4
      autoconf: reformat long lines
      roken: do not clobber __attribute__
      afs: fix missing afs_nfs3_dispatcher return value
      afs: change afs_nfs{2,3}_dispatcher signature
      afs: use void * for generic pointers in the nfs translator dispatcher
      afs: declare nfs translator dispatch functions static
      rx: fix rx_atomic warnings under Solaris
      lwp: add missing lwp prototypes for solaris
      Suppress statement not reached warnings after noreturn functions
      tests: partition name to id function tests
      doc: the last partition name is /vicepiu
      util: add defines for ktime never and now values
      klog.krb5 -lifetime is not implemented
      ubik: remove unnecessary lseeks in uphys_open
      update: convert upserver and client from LWP to pthreads
      ubik: positional io for db reads and writes
      afsmonitor: remove unused LWP_WaitProcess
      xstat: add xstat_*_Wait functions
      fsprobe: add fsprobe_Wait function
      cmd: improve help for programs without subcommands
      ubik: do not reuse the offset variable for the sync site address
      afs: make sure to call afs_Analyze after afs_Conn
      vol: avoid query for parent id when deleting disk header
      autoconf: fix pio checks name
      autoconf: remove spurious no-op
      autoconf: remove unnecessary mkdir during configure
      auth: update the auth test programs
      build: declare test targets as phony
      Add the CellServDB pathname to the afsconf_dir
      auth: plug auth realms memory leaks
      auth: fix afsconf_GetExtendedCellInfo memory leak
      convert xstat and friends to pthreads
      viced: use calloc in SRXAFS_GetXStats
      scout: fix missing softsig header
      xstat: remove unused variable
      auth: refactor afsconf_Open
      build: fix --enable-rxgk help format
      RedHat: package rxstat_* programs
      tests: do not resolve addresses in vos/vl test
      tests: skip vos tests when a vlserver is already running
      vos: fix name availability check in vos rename
      warn when starting without keys
      auth: retire writeconfig.c
      auth: pass the directory name to _afsconf_CellServDBPath
      auth: accept a NULL afsconf_dir in afsconf_SetCellInfo again
      doc: Replace src/SOURCE-MAP with src/
      Cleanup vestiges of old shared library build directories
      build: remove unused LINUX_PKGREL from
      redhat: fix rpmbuild warnings
      redhat: add make to the build requirements
      Update NEWS for OpenAFS 1.9.0
      make-release: Clean up whitespace and spelling
      make-release: Remove unused optional version argument
      make-release: Create output directory if needed
      make-release: Run git describe once
      redhat: Add make to the dkms-openafs pre-requirements
      tests: Accommodate c-tap-harness 4.7
      vos: avoid CreateVolume when restoring over an existing volume
      vlserver: fix missing read-only entries from ListAttributesN2
      makesrpm: Support custom version strings
      build: Add rpm target

Nathaniel Filardo (1):
      Open ppc64le_linux sysname space

Pat Riehecky (12):
      redhat: separate debuginfo package for kmod rpm
      lwp: Fix possible memory leak from scan-build
      Add braces to empty conditional blocks
      Add missing va_end
      Convert extended character set to unicode
      Remove pointless assignments
      mcas: Make sure 'padding' is null-terminated
      Correct some redundant if() clauses
      cmd: bail if out of memory while printing syntax
      afsmonitor: avoid double free on exit
      Fix static expressions in conditionals
      afs: test condition mismatch resolved

Perry Ruiter (1):
      afsd: Improve syscall tracing

Peter Foley (3):
      autoconf: updates and cleanup
      autoconf: autoupdate macros
      Remove obsolete retsigtype

Russ Allbery (1):
      Import of code from c-tap-harness

Seth Forshee (1):
      Linux: Include linux/uaccess.h rather than asm/uaccess.h if present

Stephan Wiesand (12):
      Linux: use plain page_cache_alloc
      Linux 4.15: check for 2nd argument to pagevec_init
      redhat: Create unique debuginfo packages for kmods
      FBSD: param.h consistency
      redhat: Make separate debuginfo for kmods work with recent rpm
      redhat: PACKAGE_VERSION macro no longer exists
      redhat: package new file include/opr/lock.h
      redhat: speed up userland-only rpm builds
      redhat: parallel builds
      Add param.h files and sysnames for FreeBSD 11.2
      ptserver: Increase length limit of namelist, idlist, prlist, prentries
      Correct our contributor's code of conduct

Thomas L. Kula (1):
      dumpscan: Don't call cb_dirent twice

Tim Creech (5):
      FBSD: Remove LOCKPARENT/ISLASTCN lookup logic
      FBSD: Build vnode_if.h before libafs objs
      FBSD: Add support for FreeBSD 12.1

Yadavendra Yadav (13):
      LINUX: Avoid re-taking global lock in afs_dentry_iput
      aklog: free kbr5_creds before returning from rxkad_get_token
      aklog: Free client/server princs in get_credv5
      aklog: Use HAVE_ENCODE_KRB5_ENC_TKT_PART for aklog impersonate
      aklog: retry getting tokens for KRB5_KT_NOTFOUND error
      aklog: use any enctype in get_credv5
      aklog: avoid infinite lifetime tokens by default
      afs: Add ppc64le changes in osconf.m4 file.
      LINUX: Initialize CellLRU during osi_Init
      LINUX: Copy session keys to parent in SetToken
      LINUX: Always crref after _settok_setParentPag
      rxkad: Use krb5_enctype_keysize in tkt_DecodeTicket5
      afs: Avoid NatPing event on all connection

khm (1):
      add dkms dependency in Red Hat unit file


OpenAFS Master Repository