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Fri, 23 Oct 2020 12:28:52 -0400

The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit 18c345a9f8ee9b2ff73f23dae68757b19d3283f5
Author: Mark Vitale <>
Date:   Mon Sep 28 15:40:34 2020 -0400

    rxstats: correctly distinguish client and server stats
    Commit d3eaa39da3693bba708fa2fa951568009e929550 'rx: Make the rx_call
    structure private' inadvertently caused all rxstats (aka rpcstats) to be
    recorded as client stats by hardcoding the value for isServer to 1.
    Therefore, when peer or process rxstats are enabled for a OpenAFS
    component, the rxstat_get_process and rxstat_get_peer utilities will
    erroneously report both client and server stats as "accessed as a client".
    This is particularly problematic for ubik VOTE_* and DISK_* RPC stats,
    for which a given ubik server may be both client and server over time.
    In this case, both client and server stats are conflated into the same
    "accessed as a client" counters.
    Instead, properly pass the value of isServer from
    rx_RecordCallStatistics through to rxi_IncrementTimeAndCount.
    Note to maintainers:
    This bug is only in master and all 1.8.x releases; no 1.6.x releases are
    Confusingly, isServer=1 indicates client stats and isServer=0 indicates
    server stats.  However, this is a quirk of the original implementation
    and wire format of the RXSTATS_* RPCs and cannot be changed.  isServer
    is actually shorthand for "remote is server"; thus all RPC client stubs
    record their rxstats with isServer == 1, and all RPC server stubs record
    their rxstats with isServer == 0.
    Change-Id: I2420f807e2c18ddfb9de7093a487825fa2d0a68e
    Tested-by: BuildBot <>
    Reviewed-by: Cheyenne Wills <>
    Reviewed-by: Benjamin Kaduk <>

 src/rx/rx_call.c |    2 +-
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

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