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Gerrit Code Review
Thu, 8 Sep 2022 08:42:18 -0400

The following commit has been merged in the openafs-stable-1_8_x branch:
commit beb1a8a16c946c5ffba9868ae33f20a719fca95f
Author: Cheyenne Wills <>
Date:   Fri Mar 6 10:00:25 2020 -0700

    afs: Clean up compiler warning casting ptr to int
    In osi_probe.c, the macro 'check_result' casts a pointer to an int which
    on older Linux kernels (e.g. 2.6.18) produces several lines with the C
    ... warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size
    Change the cast from int to long int.
    Linux 2.6.18 doesn't provide intptr_t or uintptr_t, and stdint.h is not
    available to kernel modules.  But the size of a pointer is the size of a
    long (see uintptr_t in linux/types.h - Linux 2.6.24+), so
    change the cast from int to long.
    Note that the this code by default only gets pulled in for older Linux
    kernels (e.g. 2.6.18).  For newer kernels, ENABLE_LINUX_SYSCALL_PROBING
    is not defined, and so most of osi_probe.c is not built.
    Reviewed-by: Benjamin Kaduk <>
    Tested-by: BuildBot <>
    Reviewed-by: Andrew Deason <>
    (cherry picked from commit 38d78e2496c3d242e44bad401ecffe15e3883388)
    Change-Id: I474ad10c8cda8c414154e20f739a2aba5ba890cf
    Tested-by: BuildBot <>
    Reviewed-by: Andrew Deason <>
    Reviewed-by: Stephan Wiesand <>

 src/afs/LINUX/osi_probe.c | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

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