[OpenAFS-devel] AFS limits in future releases

Franco senseiwa@mac.com
Wed, 17 Jan 2007 13:59:20 +0100

Dear all, as far as I remember, there are certain limits about  
openafs in the current implementation, like the following:

- block size 1 kb
- max database servers 5
- max clone database servers 20 - # of normal databases
- max file servers 254
- data encryption is with fcrypt
- max acl 20
- max file size 2 gb (on windows)
- max directory entries ~64K
- max partition size 4 tb
- max vice partitions 255
- max volume instances 13 (11 RO volumes)
- max volume name 22 bytes
- max volume size 2 tb

My question is simple: are they still valid with the 1.4 release, and  
what is the plan about them?

I see that in Q3 of 2007 there is the plan of integrating kerberos 5  
with multiple encryption types. Will it replace completely the fcrypt 
() and will it be back-compatible? On the site there is no mention  
about these issues with greater detail...

Thanks to anyone that can help my quest :)

Franco Milicchio <milicchio@mac.com>

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Oscar Wilde