[OpenAFS-Doc] First cut of HTML reference manual

Russ Allbery openafs-doc@openafs.org
Tue, 24 Jan 2006 22:07:24 -0800

I've just finished the first cut of an HTML conversion of the OpenAFS
reference manual that's now maintained in POD.  There are still a few
rough edges (such as interpage navigation) to work out and the results
look rather sparse style-wise, but the content should be fairly

I've committed the script that does the HTML conversion to the trunk, and
will probably pull that into the release branch before 1.4.1 goes final.
You can see the results at:


right now.

I'm sorry it took me so long to finish this part.

Please look this over and mail openafs-doc@openafs.org with anything that
looks wrong.  Also, now that we have pages up in HTML, now is the time for
people to look them over and find any problems.  Ideally, patches against
the POD source are desired, but go ahead and send notes about any problems
that you find so that at least we can accumulate a problem list to start
working on.

Below are the already known problems that you don't have to report.  Any
help with fixing these would also be greatly appreciated.

   * The following installed commands have no man pages:

       fs getcalleraccess
       fs getcrypt
       fs listaliases
       fs newalias
       fs rxstatpeer
       fs rxstatproc
       fs setcbaddr
       fs setcrypt
       pts interactive
       pts quit
       pts sleep
       pts source
       vos changeloc
       vos clone
       vos convertROtoRW
       vos copy
       vos shadow
       vos size

   * The following configuration files have no man pages:


   * klog.krb, pagsh.krb, and tokens.krb need to be listed as alternative
     names in the NAME line of the non-.krb man pages, links should be
     installed on man page installation, and the behavior of pagsh.krb
     should be documented in the pagsh man page.

   * Some of the documentation in fs getserverprefs needs minor updates to
     reflect what happens in the dynroot case.

   * fs sysname documentation needs to include the possibility of setting
     multiple sysnames and the resulting behavior.

   * The afsd man page is horribly out of date.  It doesn't explain
     dynroot, many options are missing, and some of the options described
     are no longer valid.  It also still assumes that -settime is the
     default and says that the system must be rebooted after shutdown,
     which isn't the case at least on Linux.

   * All of the paths in the man pages are the Transarc paths.  I'm not
     sure how best to deal with the possibility of installing OpenAFS in
     multiple different paths, but it would be good to at least
     acknowledge the issue.

   * bos listkeys and the KeyFile man page assume that you're using the

   * I'm fairly sure that the fileserver man page no longer documents all
     of the fileserver options.

   * The package man page should probably mention the (pointless) package
     apropos and package help commands, or they could be removed.  There
     used to be separate man pages for them, but that seemed rather

   * There are lingering references to AFS Development or AFS Product
     Support in descriptions of options that one should generally not
     use.  Also, all of the manual references refer to the "IBM" manual.
     We should decide how to handle this terminology-wise.

   * The salvager actually creates a bunch of SalvageLog files and then
     combines them, but the SalvageLog man page doesn't reflect this.

   * The CellServDB documentation hasn't been updated for -dynroot.

   * The aklog man page isn't in POD.  (Neither is the mpp man page, but
     I don't think we care about it and it's not currently installed.)

Russ Allbery (rra@stanford.edu)             <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>