[OpenAFS-Doc] klog vs. Kerberos v5 man page

Jeff Blaine jblaine@kickflop.net
Wed, 08 Jun 2011 14:49:55 -0400

    * There's no mention of the Kerberos v5 support.  At least, we need
      some disclaimers under klog and friends talking about sites without
      kaserver (and possibly without fakeka), and deprecation warnings
      on the .krb varient commands.

This is done, no?  If not deemed done based on klog.1 below,
what more is wanted?

The B<klog> command obtains an AFS token from the obsolete Authentication
Server or a Kerberos KDC that speaks the same protocol, such as B<fakeka>
or a Heimdal Kerberos KDC. The Cache Manager on the local machine stores
the token in a credential structure in kernel memory and uses it when
obtaining authenticated access to the AFS filespace. This command does not
affect the issuer's identity (UNIX UID) in the local file system.

The B<klog> command is obsolete and should not be used. Instead, use
B<kinit> followed by B<aklog> or B<klog.krb5>. See L<aklog(1)> and
L<klog.krb5(1)> for more information.