[OpenAFS] afs and powerpc

Andrew Wettstein awettste@bent.cait.org
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 09:37:11 -0600

I'm trying to compile afs for powerpc and there seems to 
be a few problems.
First there is no Makefile.ppc_linux22, but there is a 
Does this mean that linux 2.2 doesn't work on ppc?
Second, I tried building with ppc_linux24 (i think i had 
to change a few things in the makefile) and that worked until
it got the des directory.
It's looking for a conf-ppc-linux.h but there is none, only a
conf-i386-linux.h, so I guess i need to know what that file
should contain.  

By the way, I'm also using debian potato, and the entries in 
sources.gz are pointing to the wrong directory.  It should 
be debian instead of releases.