[OpenAFS] Many questions

Patrick J. LoPresti patl@curl.com
12 Dec 2000 16:03:55 -0500

(If any of these are answered elsewhere, please feel free to flame me
and give a pointer.)

  What is the real status of Open AFS as far as IBM is concerned?  (I
  have read the FAQ, but I am curious about the reality.)  Will IBM be
  working to make fixes and improvements flow from IBM AFS to Open AFS
  and vice-versa, or is this a one-time code fork into two trees which
  will diverge from now on?

  IBM says that Open AFS is "unsupported", which is reasonable.  But
  what if, hypothetically, I wanted to license Windows clients but use
  OpenAFS servers?  Would I still be able to get support for the

  The Quick Beginnings guide makes no mention of a special "fsck"
  program for Linux.  Does this mean that the standard e2fsck is
  appropriate for checking Linux /viceXX partitions?  (It sounds like
  it, but I want to make sure.)

  Are the Linux OpenAFS modules compiled with symbol versioning?

  On a related note, is there any effort underway to get the Open AFS
  kernel modules integrated into the mainline Linux kernel sources?
  Would the license on Open AFS even allow it?

  The RPMs do not seem to include modified versions of the rsh suite
  (or any similar tools).  The source for rsh.c (OpenAFS 1.0.1
  distribution) defines a local "pass_tokens" variable but never uses
  it for anything; in other words, the source code itself seems to
  make no sense.  I understand that I can use PAM to allow various
  services to authenticate against the AFS Authentication Server, but
  what I want is to be able to pass authentication tokens *without*
  typing my password again...  Is that possible, even in principle?

Thanks in advance for any answers.

 - Pat