[OpenAFS] NT access to servers

Karsten Thygesen karthy@SunSITE.dk
20 Dec 2000 13:09:36 -0000


I'm in the process of setting up a new cell, and I'm using afs on
Solaris as file/database server. The server is behind a PIX firewall,
which does NAT.

The cell is accessible by sun, linux and windows-2K clients from the
local network (behind the NAT), and everything works great.

>From outside the firewall, everything works great for Linux and Sun
clients, but the NT/2K clients barf. They can acquire a token, but not
access any files.

The firewall is open for:

UDP 7000-7008 (from the AFS FAQ)
UDP 750 <-- kerberos 4 - required to make NT get a token!!!
UDP 123 (ntp - is that required?)

UDP xlate timeout is 15 minuttes.

The NT box just claims, that the server is paused or not running.

Any ideas???? According to the firewall log, it does not seem, that it
is rejecting anything...

Best regards,