[OpenAFS] NT access to servers

Karsten Thygesen karthy@SunSITE.dk
27 Dec 2000 12:15:44 +0100

>>>>> "Mitch" == Mitch Collinsworth <mitch@ccmr.cornell.edu> writes:

 Mitch> On 20 Dec 2000, Karsten Thygesen wrote:

 >> The NT box just claims, that the server is paused or not running.

 Mitch> This sounds suspiciously like the recently discussed NT client
 Mitch> problem.  What version of AFS are you running on your servers
 Mitch> and on the NT clients that think the server is paused?

I think I found the problem. My server is behind a NAT-firewall, and
it have several internal interfaces. _One_ of them is mapped
externally. The VOS server seems to report all of the interfaces as
available for fileserver access, and unix clients is intelligent
enough to only contact the external mapped interfaces when
communicating from outside the firewall. NT clients try to access one
of the internal adresses instead, which, of cause, is not available.

The solution is to use the NetRestrict file and disable the other
external-non-accessible interfaces - then it works with both unix and
nt clients.

However - I still wonder why there is a differnce in semantics...