[OpenAFS] build status/testing...

Neulinger, Nathan R. nneul@umr.edu
Wed, 1 Nov 2000 08:34:49 -0600

Just thought I'd pass this along - some things I needed to do,

i386_linux22 - Edited linux kernel version list in:
    works fine on 2.2.16 UP
    had problems with it on 2.2.17 SMP... afsd just starts sucking 99% cpu

sun4x_57 - built ok, not tested
sun4x_56 - build failed - gtx needed initscr32 and other curses symbols,
    which are not defined in libcurses. most of it built with make -k.

    Edited various Makefile.sun4x_56,Makefile.sun4x_57,
        */MakefileProto.SOLARIS files to point cc at our install of
        sunwspro cc (linked in afs)
    any reason not to just comment the CC lines in these?  they should
        inherit from src/config/Makefile.sun4x_5x

hp_ux102 - unsup, I'd imagine because of lack of pthreads

hp_ux110 - doesn't build yet, src/rx/HPUX directory missing, copied
    the contents of src/rx/UKERNEL/ as hpux, building so far, no idea
    if it will actually work though
    do not use recent binutils ranlib, it doesn't work right

sgi_65 - haven't tried yet

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