[OpenAFS] Win9x + Krb5/aklog

James E. Flemer jflemer@acm.jhu.edu
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 17:24:07 -0400 (EDT)

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Is there a solution to using Kerberos 5 when using OpenAFS
on Win9x?

It seems that when using the 9x client, AFS is not
accessable at all until one has logged in thru the
WinAfsLoad. So before the (afs) login the cache manager is
not running, so aklog cannot set the token it gets. Aklog
says: "AFS service is unavailable". Once I've logged in
with WinAfsLoad, aklog works fine ... but that is
obviously not acceptable.

Using AFS Light, aklog bails saying "Cache Manager RPC
server is not responding", which makes sense since it is
mostly just a SMB client to the SMB-AFS gateway. Right?

Is there a way to start AFSD in Win9x without WinAfsLoad,
preferably as a service when windows starts so that afs is
accessable as anonymous without having to obtain

I am about to go through tho code .. but thought I'd check
before I get too deep into it. I'd rather not have to deal
too much with windows programming ... It's so dirty next to