[OpenAFS] AFS Client for Win NT, Error 0x0000042A

Daniel Clark Daniel_Clark@us.ibm.com
Fri, 07 Dec 2001 23:04:20 -0500

This problem has been mentioned in openafs-info and forus.software.afs:

After initial install of AFS on Windows, the following error message appears:
The AFS Client Service could not be started successfully. You might not
have authorization to perform this operation. Error 0x0000042A.

I opened PMR 07547 Branch 469 against this issue; below is the Analysis
from IBM/Transarc. There are (IBM AFS) binaries available with the fix at

ANALYSIS DONE : Through the debugger, Development searched out
the reason for the failure. The failure point was in a assert statement in which

pthread_once function was being asserted. The system was loading a
wrong copy of pthread.dll from c:\winnt\system32 rather than the
one that comes with AFS. This problem is similar to another PMR that
had been reported prior from another customer for which a fix has already
been made. We renamed the pthread.dll to afspthread.dll to avoid this problem.

Hopefully this is enough information for the problem to be fixed in OpenAFS as

Daniel Clark - Sys Admin & Assistant Release Engineer
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