[OpenAFS] Info on AFS

Srinivas, Mohan mohan.srinivas@digital.com
Tue, 11 Dec 2001 13:19:43 +0530

Hi everybody, 
Please help me in understanding these concepts.

*	what are the storage technologies  (about FCP, iSCSI, iSNS, FCIP)
supported by AFS?
*	How it coexist with CIFS, NFS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS?
*	What are the user interfaces or APIs available to monitor AFS
administration? any browser sort of thing is availbale to access the
*	How AFS behaves with respect to shared Drive?
*	How AFS supports compression?
*	what are the industry standard tools available for AFS?
*	What are the open protocols availble for AFS?
*	How you can rate AFS with respect to interoperatability?
*	disaster Recovery in AFS?
*	fault management in AFS?
*	How u can explain Routing, Bandwidth, with respect to AFS?
*	Howz device management, Device monitoiring in AFS?
*	Howz Media management, Media monitoring in AFS?
*	Faster retrieval and storage?
*	Performance?
*	searching capability?
*	Replication?
*	Automatic Data migration?
*	Migration to different media?
*	Virus protection?
*	Encryption?
*	Security?
*	Acess control?
*	Huge file support?

sorry for boring u wiht lots of quesitons.:-):-)

Thanks and regards,

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