[OpenAFS] Info on AFS

Paul Blackburn mpb@est.ibm.com
Tue, 11 Dec 2001 13:21:33 +0000

Srinivas, Mohan wrote:

>thanks for the guys who helped me in solving my certain doubts on AFS.
>I have some more doubts on AFS concepts, can anybody clear my doubts?
>1.	Howz device support in AFS? what sort of devices it supports? For
>example RAID, Optical support, Tape access?
Fine. What does the Operating system support?

I have run AIX AFS fileservers using external SSA raid disks. It works 
just fine
because AFS doesn't "care" if it is raid or not. It's handled by the 
Operating System.

Optical? It would be possible to configure, for example, backup to an 
optical jukebox
with CD-RW (but in practice this would be slow). Again, this is not 
really an AFS issue.
It's handled by the Operating System.

Tape access? It works just fine. Read more about the AFS backup system here:

>2.	Howz diagnostics (manual and self) and event logging and Accounting
>and usage statstics in AFS?
There is logging on servers and more diagnostic data than you would 
probably want.
For example, see the "afsmonitor" command:

There is also information about access to AFS volumes.

>3.	Device level versioning and File level versioning?
I would use RCS or SCCS for file versioning (available in all good Unix 
distributions :-)

>4.	Support for Data streaming for multimedia?
AFS is a distributed filesystem.
It's up to you what you put in AFS files.

> Thanks and Regards,

What's "behind" your questions?
Why are you asking these things?
What have you got in mind for AFS?
Perhaps if you provided some background and detail
more specific answers and help can be given you?

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