[OpenAFS] Problem with klog

Anna Szczechura anias@mail.tpi.pl
Tue, 2 Jan 2001 07:49:13 +0100 (CET)

> It looks like your server's keyfile has only keyid 0,
> while the kdc has keyid 2.  Those need to be in sync.
Ehhh I think thats not a problem:
[root@pluskwa anias]# kas examine afs -noauth

User data for afs
  key (1) cksum is 2351075426, last cpw: Tue Jan  2 07:37:02 2001
  password will never expire.
  An unlimited number of unsuccessful authentications is permitted.
  entry never expires.  Max ticket lifetime 100.00 hours.
  last mod on Fri Dec 29 15:41:46 2000 by <none>
  permit password reuse
[root@pluskwa anias]# bos listkeys -server pluskwa -noauth
key 1 has cksum 2351075426
Keys last changed on Tue Jan  2 07:40:26 2001.
All done.

Thay're now the  same(I've just changed them) but after restarting .. I
got the same message..(user admin which I use for testing purposes in
authorization process is also available and doesn't have other uid in my 
/etc/passwd file - i don't have system admin user at all).


Anna Szczechura