[OpenAFS] data encryption

Thomas Vincent thomasv@apple.com
Thu, 04 Jan 2001 07:58:35 -0800

My only concern with encrypting all the day would be CPU. What kind of
performance hit would the server take?
I believe the strategy that Microsoft is pushing with AD enabled apps is
ipsec for data encryption, and keberos for authentication. Sounds good
on paper.

Has a road map been put out for OpenAFS development? Something like teir
1 priorities, teir 2, etc. I have looked at the changelogs, but have
aeneous@speakeasy.org wrote:

> > is there any full data encryption mode in afs?
> > if not, is there any plan to extend afs in this direction?
> There's half a one, but it uses fcrypt, which isn't really a great
> algorithm.  It would be useful, even so, if it were finished.
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