[OpenAFS] Contrib Area

Andrei Maslennikov Andrei Maslennikov <andrei@caspur.it>
Wed, 3 Jan 2001 16:43:59 +0000 ( )

Hi Mrs./Mr. Webmaster, 

I feel like I miss a contrib area on the www.openafs.org. Since the very
first days of the openAFS source availability, we are deploying the
extended AFS RPMs of our build and are quite eager to share them with
the other people. 

Please tell me if you could consider creating one such area on your site.
If this is not possible: could you at least foresee a "Contrib" section in
your "Links" area? (So that you could point to us and/or anyone else who
would like to share their AFS-related stuff).

Thanks - Andrei.

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