[OpenAFS] AFS-Client behind masquerading firewall

Sascha Silbe sascha-ml-openafs-info@progbbs.staticky.com
Fri, 5 Jan 2001 00:08:33 +0100

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On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 05:20:46PM -0500, Derek Atkins [DA] wrote:

 DA> Well, happy new year. :)
Thanks, same to you and everyone else on this list.

 DA> All output from the client cache manager exits via UDP port 7001, and=
 DA> all responses to the cache manager (including callbacks) return via UDP
 DA> port 7001.
Fine. How about the source port of the callback packets? Is it the same as
the destination port of the original request?

 DA> Callbacks can pretty much occur at any time. HOWEVER, the client
 DA> cache manager 'pings' each server periodically to make sure it is
 DA> still there.
Wonderful. Does it use the same destination ports for both requests and pin=

 DA> Rebooting is always a good idea in such strange situations ;)
Though it should be rare on Linux machines. :)

 DA> Perhaps you should find a better ISP
It's not a technical or stability issue, but a policy one: The connection is
cut (and reopened by my firewall) after 24 hours. This is the only differen=
between a so-called "Flatrate" and a real leased line, besides the prices
(Flatrate: around 40$, leased line: around 150$). There is no ISP in Germany
that provides a static IP for less than 150$ per month which is more than I
am able to afford.

 DA> 	1) stop AFS
Did that.

 DA> 	2) remove the AFS module
/etc/init.d/afs seems to already do that for me.

 DA> 	3) restart AFS
Did that, but no effect. :(

 DA> Just keep in mind that AFS was not designed with NAT in mind=20
 DA> (NAT is an abomination).
I'm of the same opinion, but I have to live with it. IPv6 will take at least
several months.

CU/Lnx Sascha

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