[OpenAFS] Unacceptable 1.0.4a?

James Peterson jimpeter@us.ibm.com
Wed, 4 Jul 2001 12:26:27 -0700

In your older installation (pre-1.0.4a) you had set LANA number to one that
was active.   This required you to determine which Lana number would work.
The newer version (1.0.4a  same as will scan each for an active
useable LANA number.  This scanning feature will only work if the LANA
number is left in its default state.  Either LANadapeter=0xffffffff or
there is no LANadapeter number defined.   Of course if you had already
found a good LANA number; that will work as well.

For those who have set the LANA number in the past and wish to have the AFS
client find a LANA number, either delete the LANadapeter registry entry or
set it to FFFFFFFF.


James Peterson
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Shyh-Wei Luan
07/02/2001 08:32 AM

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No.  You should not need to change the LANA setting in the 1.0.4a Windows
2000 client.  Changing the LANA number in the "Configure AFS client"  area
may actually stop the client from working.   This will be fixed in a later
version of the client (to prevent manual setting of the LANA number from
becoming a problem).

I guess you are probably using a previous version of the W2K client, which
required manual LANA setting?

Shyh-Wei Luan

"Matthew X. Economou" <meconomou@earthlink.net>@openafs.org on 07/02/2001
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Christopher T. Day writes:

> I still can't get this to work on Windows 2000 Pro SP2

To get OpenAFS to work on Windows 2000, you have to change the LANA
number to something other than the default.  I think I used 6 and got
things working.