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David Thompson thomas@cs.wisc.edu
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 13:29:53 -0500

"Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH" wrote:
>No idea what ssh.fi is up to, as nobody here wants to try to navigate their 
>!@#$%&* license so we use OpenSSH instead.

If you haven't read the license lately, is has changed from the early version 
2 days, to the point where we have concluded that it is usable for us 
(university setting, YMMV).  We're going to OpenSSH anyways, but for a 
different reason (gss patches to do krb5 ticket passing in the version 2 


>OpenSSH already has AFS support included.  This support does *not* use the 
>AFS libraries, but instead uses the kafs library from KTH Kerberos.  IIRC 
>the ssh 1.2.x patches also use that library.  (This is common because for 
>years Transarc refused to ship the AFS libraries outside the U.S.)  So you 
>want to install KTH Kerberos, then build openssh.
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