[OpenAFS] NetBIOS on Win2K won't ReEnable

Randolph Welte Randolph Welte" <rwelte@sun2.ruf.uni-freiburg.de
Tue, 24 Jul 2001 11:25:28 +0200

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Hi James,

thanks a lot for your hint! After I had deinstalled the AFS Client -
followed by a deinstallation of the tcp/ip protocoll - I reinstalled tcp/ip
and the the AFS Client. Now all works very well ..........

.....and I can save my aspirin's for other affections  ;-)

Thanks, Randy

There is a problem with NetBios over TCP/IP and Un-Install AFS.

NetBios and AFS - It seems the un-installation of AFS does damage to
NetBios over TCP/IP.  As yet, the only solution is:

   Remove AFS (via Install/Remove Programs), optional
   Remove all network services and clients
   Remove TCP/IP protocol
   Reboot Win 2000
   Install network services, clients, and TCP/IP
   Install AFS

You can test the health of NetBios over TCP/IP by either doing nbtstat -n
or ipconfig  -all.

You can still install NetBEUI after all this if you want.   For example, if
you can't get SAMBA shares to work.

If this doesn't work take two aspirin and e-mail me in the morning.

James Peterson
"Integrity is the base of excellence."


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