[OpenAFS] Features great and small

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
31 Jul 2001 02:35:37 -0700

Charles Karney <ckarney@sarnoff.com> writes:

> * readline interface for kas and backup in interactive mode.  The benefits
>   should be obvious.

Due to annoying legal issues, I don't believe that one can link any AFS
code with libreadline, at least the GNU version.  (The code is covered by
the GPL, not the LGPL, and I don't believe that the license of AFS is
sufficiently compatible.)

There is a large ongoing debate about whether or not licenses cross link
barriers like that, but the position of the FSF has always been that they
do and they've been willing in the past to enforce that, and there's no
legal precedent saying they're wrong.

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