[OpenAFS] Features great and small

Jan Hrabe hrabe@balrog.aecom.yu.edu
Tue, 31 Jul 2001 12:41:17 -0400

>> Yes, this is reasonable, but having recursion be built into fs setacl would
>> seem to be a bit more natural.  Also it would be nice to build some
>> knowledge of volume crossing into tools like ws and find.
> On the contrary, the Unix philosophy is to build complex tasks out of
> small, general-purpose tools.  'find' is such a tool; it walks a directory
> tree, selects only files that match specified criteria, and then performs
> arbitrary actions.
> If a new feature is added to 'find' (like a switch to avoid crossing AFS
> mountpoints), then that feature can be used in combination with any
> action.  If we put the feature into a recursive mode of 'fs sa' instead,
> then it can only be used for that operation.

That's generally true but taken too far in this case, IMHO. 
E.g., chmod, chown, chgrp, ... also have recursion built in. It would be 
quite useful to have it in "fs sa" as well. It's used too often by ordinary 
users to require any more complicated construct than a simple switch 
added to what they already know. It is percieved as "lack of functionality
compared to chmod" by users.