[OpenAFS] bosserver cron and signal 13

Nathan Neulinger nneul@umr.edu
Thu, 01 Nov 2001 15:58:18 -0600

> > I went to try this and see if I can reproduce the problem to track
> > down/come up with a fix, but have now been unable to reproduce it with
> > openafs cvs.
> >
> > Is it happened for you with ANY cron job? Can you come up with a way to
> > reproduce symptom with current openafs? If we can come up with a way to
> > reproduce symptom, I should be able to fix problem, even though transarc
> > didn't pass along the fix.
> We are running version 1.2.2.  I can only reproduce the problem with
> the vos backupsys ...  I tried several other cron instances that sent
> messages to standard out, standard error, and standard out and error
> combined but could not get it to fail.

I wonder if it has any connection to quantity of output. How many
volumes are in your backupsys output?

Every time I try it, I just get 

-- Nathan

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