[OpenAFS] Where is uss in the debian packages

Sam Hartman hartmans@mekinok.com
07 Nov 2001 17:38:38 -0500

>>>>> "m" ==   <Markus.Blatt@web.de> writes:

    m> Hi, I want to use uss for creating and deleting user accounts.
    m> I am using the Debian packages version 1.2.1 of OpenAFS.

It's not there.  Is uss really all that useful without kaserver which
also isn't there?

If you download the Debian source package and run 
dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -rfakeroot
you should find the uss binary under  openafs-1.2.1/dest

If you find after playing with it for a while that it is actually
useful on a Debian system, feel free to file a wishlist bug and I'll
include it in future packages.