[OpenAFS] mail spool on AFS

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
20 Nov 2001 11:32:08 -0500

Nathan Rawling <nrawling@firedrake.net> writes:

> How much code-modification was required to add this support to the
> mailreaders? I believe that Hesiod was added into Pine a while back, but
> I'm curious which other mailreaders would be ready to go.

I dont know offhand.  Most of this was done well before my time.
However, I know that mh, pine, mutt, emacs (rmail/gnus), netscape, and
eudora all work.

> I'll be honest Hesiod, scares me. It obviously works, but it just seems
> like a lot to build on DNS. =)

Why it is any worse that using LDAP?  You already need DNS to lookup
the ip address of the server, why not use the same service to
determine which server to use?

Anyways, this is getting way off-topic for openafs-info.  Replies
should be off-list.


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