[OpenAFS] Feedback on 1.2.3 release

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
03 Feb 2002 13:36:06 -0500

"Steven N. Hirsch" <shirsch@adelphia.net> writes:

> There was not.  It occurs to me that I tried to install the (broken) 
> openafs-client-1.2.3-rh7.2.1 before the fixed version.  Could that have 
> been resonsible?

The change would (should) have occurred when you installed the broken
one.  I'm not sure what happens if you install an RPM and there is
already an rpmsave file there.

Regardless, the 7.2.1 RPM was set similarly (as a config file), so if
you had made local changed it shouldn't have screwed you.

> No need to apologize.  With the amount of work you, Derrick and all the
> others have put into this, it is we who are not worthy...



> Steve


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