[OpenAFS] Multiple Resident AFS

Hartmut Reuter reuter@rzg.mpg.de
Wed, 27 Feb 2002 10:31:15 +0100

Multiple-Resident-AFS (MR-AFS) was developed at PSC (Pittsburgh
Supercomputer Center) in the early nineties. Our site was after short
the strongest user of MR-AFS and we took also the development over when
the original authors left PSC in 95. PSC still has the rights on MR-AFS,
therefore you need a license from them. Please contact


Today MR-AFS is built on the base of OpenAFS libraries and also all
client stuff needed for MR-AFS is integrated in the normal OpenAFS
source. Only the very fileserver stuff remained as separate source code
and some additional directories specific for the multiple residencies
files can have.

The main advantages of MR-AFS are 
	use of any HSM system for data migration onto tape
	large file support
Have a look on "http://www.rzg.mpg.de/projects/mr-afs"
The contents of this web page is rather old, but the references are
still valid.

Hartmut Reuter

Christopher Arnold schrieb:
> Recently I came across some promising, albeit, vague information
> regarding something called Multiple Resident AFS.
> Is there anywhere I can go to research this farther? Is it available for
> linux?  Is there any other near line solution that may
> be compatible with AFS?
> --
> Christopher Arnold
> System Administrator
> Pictage.com, Inc.
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