[OpenAFS] Re:OpenAFS for x86 solaris 8 (new issues!)

Alan Meadows alan@sunwave.com
Thu, 04 Jul 2002 17:31:07 -0700

>pts examine admin

# ./pts examine admin
libprot: a pioctl failed Could not get afs tokens, running unauthenticated.
Name: admin, id: 101, owner: system:administrators, creator: anonymous,
   membership: 0, flags: S----, group quota: 20.
# cat /etc/passwd | grep admin


# ./kas examine admin -admin_user admin
Administrator's (admin) Password:
kas:examine: getting Authentication token for admin

User data for admin
   key (3) cksum is 2798521835, last cpw: Thu Jul  4 01:48:30 2002
   password will never expire.
   An unlimited number of unsuccessful authentications is permitted.
   entry never expires.  Max ticket lifetime 25.00 hours.
   last mod on Tue Jul  2 12:58:15 2002 by <none>
   permit password reuse

>you say:
> > I have made sure that the AFS "admin" user has the same UID (101) as the
> > user "admin" in the local password file.  According to the documentation,
> > AFS is most happy when users exist with the same UIDs in both places.
>which implies it does exist.

How do I get AFS to realize that. :-)

As I said in my previous e-mail, I do not have any client stuff configured 
on this machine.  Is it possible I need to do some client setup in order to 
use klog?  (i.e. creating /afs, etc).

Alan Meadows